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    Chapter 26

    Once the dinner dishes were cleared away coffee and dessert was served then the program resumed. The chatter quieted and the urge to gossip was suppressed. The audience gave their full attention to Bette Porter as she stood at the podium to introduce Leo Herrera and Donna Kramer.

    “Ladies and gentlemen thank you very much for coming tonight to share in honoring our esteemed grant recipients as well as to celebrate the collaboration between two great ladies; and two great institutions. Before I introduce our next speaker please give yourselves a round of applause in appreciation of all you do to keep the arts alive and the life blood flowing in the art community. It is your interest, your love, your support, and your contributions that makes this all possible and worthwhile.”

    Once the audience quieted down Bette continued with the introductions.

    “You will hear from two distinguished representatives speaking on behalf of the CAC and the Hammer Museum. First it is my honor to introduce Leo Herrera, the Director of the CAC. Leo’s outstanding reputation as one of the most successful fundraising specialist in the country precedes him. It was a coup for the CAC when Leo agreed to move to Los Angeles from New York. For the past two years he has been responsible for bringing an influx of new funding to the CAC. Our success is attributed to a great team of dedicated professionals of which Leo Herrera is a shining example. He’s proven himself beyond expectations and we’re lucky to have him. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Leo Herrera.”

    Leo made his way to the podium. He kissed Bette on the cheek and helped her off the stage before taking his place in front of the microphone. Leo talked briefly about the CAC’s financial struggles and recovery plan; the success of Provocations and the many exhibits that followed which now allowed the CAC to operate in the black. He talked in more depth about the Allyn Barnes Retrospective and the fall and winter shows, then he turned the microphone back over to Bette so she could introduce Donna Kramer, the Director of the Hammer Museum.

    “One of the best things that came out of this teaming up between the CAC and the Hammer is the privilege of working hand in hand with Donna Kramer. She’s distinguished herself in various positions as she worked her way up the ranks to the leadership position as Director of the Hammer Museum. She shares the CAC’s vision of presenting groundbreaking exhibitions in every medium. Her commitment to foster new art, artists, and audiences is legendary in the art society. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Ms. Donna Kramer.”

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    1. Goodness, helena is evil personified. Happy that Peggy and Martha found out about their nefarious plans and put a stop to it. They shoild all be banished to some distant planet and left there and let them anihilate each other or just let them die on their on their own, neither of them would be smart enough to survive. People like them don’t deserve to live among polite society because they would never understand that their deviousness, abject meaness, low thinking was not the right thing to do to get what they want without hurting someone else. Happy that Bette and Peggy will be running things in the future and that Winnies’children will not have permanent emotional scars from helenas’ nonsense. More than happy that Tina is not harmed by these women as well, hope she can find another love and happiness in her future with a woman hopefully. Great update. Thanks for posting.

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