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    Chapter 3

    “So you’re not going to the awards,”

    “I would rather not,” Tina admitted. Shaking her head.

    “I will see if they will let you film a video,”

    “That’s fine, if you’re expecting details on my relationship you and the world are not getting them,” Tina said firmly.

    “You’re always so firm.”

    Tina wanted to laugh,

    “Yvonne, I’m me. This is who I am. I get what I want, I know where I stand. You should know that by now.”

    “I should.” Yvonne admitted.

    “I’ll call you back once I’ve heard from HRC.”

    “Thank you,”

    Tina hung up the phone shaking her head. She decided she was going to take a shower. she had had a long day on set and Yvonne’s call had broken her usual come home routine. She wished that Bette was there with her. she missed her when she wasn’t here. Bette was the first person in a while that Tina wanted near her, needed near her. she’d gotten used to Bette being around.

    Tina stripped and got into the shower, letting the hot water run over her naked body. she washed herself. Making sure she used the expensive products she treated herself too. Once she was done, she dried herself and got dressed in baggy yoga pants and a t-shirt that was a couple of sizes to big, not bothering to put underwear on as she wasn’t going anywhere.

    She walked back into the kitchen and started to prepare her evening meal. A simple salad. The doorbell rang out. Tina wasn’t expecting anyone. She knew that Bette was away showing her latest set of photographs.

    Tina looked through the spy hole and grinned. She couldn’t help it. She opened the door and there was Bette, leaning heavily on her cane grinning. Holding a rose in her free hand. A rucksack on her back.

    “Bette.” Tina grinned before kissing her and ushering her inside.

    “This is for you,”

    “Thank you, I wasn’t expecting you,” Tina took the rose, smelling it as Bette took off her rucksack,

    “I’ve just flown back in, I just needed to see you.”

    Tina laughed as she put the rose back on the coffee table. she pulled Bette too her. Bette dropped he cane to wrap her arms around Tina. Just taking in that smell.

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    1. Wow, another chapter so soon!

      I love this story and how Bette & Tina are in this new relationship.

      They support each other and i liked that Bette is willing to support Tina and told her if she wanted it she would be going with her to the award ceronomy. Loved Tina’s speech as well!

    2. UK. I enjoy your stories and this one has potential. However I wish that your would step back into the past and complete some of your stories that left me and others at the cliff. This Is Us and Shot In The Dark are two that immediately come to mind. Thank you for doing that and it would be much appreciated

      • Hi Jane, This is Us is complete and has been for years so is Shot in the dark. I don’t have the files for Shot in the Dark anymore or a lot of my other stories after my laptop and back up got damaged. I’ve lost nearly all my older stories because of this. i can’t revisit them

    3. This is a sweet story. Love that Tina puts Bette first in all ways, every time and that Bette is open about what she needs with her disability. Looking forward to seeing how they continue to navigate a new relationship and health concerns as they grow. Thanks

    4. Hey UK, I’m a little late to the party. I am loving this fic so far. I feel like I might need to get my heart ready just in case the end is a little sad, but I shouldn’t jump too far ahead with where I think things might go for Bette. She seems to be a very strong fighter as far as her disability is concerned, and Tina seems ready to do whatever it takes to be with and take care of her woman. So I will just ride along with you and see where this one takes us. Post soon please.

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