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    Chapter 3

    “I wanted you in my arms.” Bette whispered.

    “I’ve missed you,”

    “It’s been three days,”

    “I know but I’ve missed you.” Tina said softly before kissing Bette again.

    Tina took in her woman and could see that Bette was in pain.

    “Come on you sit down, where are you meds?”

    “In the car,” Bette admitted. “With my suitcase,”

    “I will get it, are you staying here tonight?”

    “Well. I was hoping but didn’t have plans too,”

    “Well you are now. I’ll order take out for us,”

    Tina said, forgetting her salad. She wanted some junk food.

    Bette shook her head. Tina took Bette’s car keys and headed outside, she got Bette’s case and her medication bag and brought them both in, passing Bette her medication before she put the case in her room. she walked back out smiling.

    She walked over to Bette and gently pushed her hair out of her face and kissed her passionately.

    “I’ve missed you,” Tina whispered.

    “I’ve missed you too,” Bette admitted as she pulled Tina onto her lap.

    “I don’t want to hurt you,” Tina said as Bette wrapped her arms around her.

    “You’re not,” Bette grinned as she pulled Tina into a kiss.

    Their tongues dualling. Bette’s hands finding Tina’s tight ass, she slipped her hands down the lose yoga pants Tina was wearing finding her bare ass. Bette pulled back and smiled at her,

    “Are you commando?”

    “I wasn’t going anywhere,” Tina replied, her forehead resting against Bette’s. she was panting slightly.

    “You’re such a home body,”

    “I am.” Tina grinned. “I just wanted to curl up and read my book,”

    “Am I stopping you,” Bette grinned.

    “You’re a very nice distraction.” Tina admitted grinning.

    “Agh you see me as a distraction?”

    “I see you as my girlfriend,”

    Tina slowly got up removing herself before they got out of control.

    “I love you,” Bette said reach out and playing with Tina’s fingers.

    “I love you too,” Tina smiled, “Would you like some food?”

    “yeah I could eat.”

    “I’ll order for us, what would you like?”

    “Chinese would be good,”

    “I can arrange that.”

    Tina went into the kitchen and got the menu,

    “I’ve won an award,” Tina said as she flicked through the leaflets in her draw.

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    1. Wow, another chapter so soon!

      I love this story and how Bette & Tina are in this new relationship.

      They support each other and i liked that Bette is willing to support Tina and told her if she wanted it she would be going with her to the award ceronomy. Loved Tina’s speech as well!

    2. UK. I enjoy your stories and this one has potential. However I wish that your would step back into the past and complete some of your stories that left me and others at the cliff. This Is Us and Shot In The Dark are two that immediately come to mind. Thank you for doing that and it would be much appreciated

      • Hi Jane, This is Us is complete and has been for years so is Shot in the dark. I don’t have the files for Shot in the Dark anymore or a lot of my other stories after my laptop and back up got damaged. I’ve lost nearly all my older stories because of this. i can’t revisit them

    3. This is a sweet story. Love that Tina puts Bette first in all ways, every time and that Bette is open about what she needs with her disability. Looking forward to seeing how they continue to navigate a new relationship and health concerns as they grow. Thanks

    4. Hey UK, I’m a little late to the party. I am loving this fic so far. I feel like I might need to get my heart ready just in case the end is a little sad, but I shouldn’t jump too far ahead with where I think things might go for Bette. She seems to be a very strong fighter as far as her disability is concerned, and Tina seems ready to do whatever it takes to be with and take care of her woman. So I will just ride along with you and see where this one takes us. Post soon please.

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