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    Chapter 3

    Chapter 3

    They leave the hotel in Valldemossa the following afternoon and set off to take in some of the sites around the area, with the intention of ending up in one of the nearby towns before dark to investigate accommodation options.

    (Bette) You don’t think we should call ahead and book?

    (Tina) Well apparently the two towns are really quaint and different and the receptionist at our first hotel said it was best just to see for ourselves where we’d rather stay

    She looks over at Bette and shrugs. Bette looks a little apprehensive but smiles back at her.

    (Bette) OK

    They spend the next couple of hours touring around, visiting some of the places that Bette has read about in researching her trip, and others that Tina has discovered through her regular chats with people they come across along the way.

    They eventually make their way back to the car for the final time, and head off to find accommodation.

    (Bette) How are we going for time?

    (Tina) I think ok. We should still have time to make it to both towns by dark

    They drive on, falling into a comfortable silence as they listen to some music and enjoy the passing scenery.

    On long stretches of road they hold hands, and casually play with one another’s fingers. As they approach a more winding section Tina withdraws her hand with an apologetic glance to Bette, and places both on the steering wheel while Bette casually repositions her hand to rest on Tina’s thigh.

    (Tina) Mmmm, I don’t know about that

    (Bette) What?

    (Tina) I think if you keep your hand where it is there is a very high likelihood we’ll end up over a cliff

    Bette laughs and raises her hands.

    (Bette) OK

    They make it through the winding section and hit another stretch of straight road, and Bette reaches over and returns her hand to Tina’s thigh.

    Tina smiles as she continues looking ahead, and Bette looks over at her with a smile as she starts to play with the hem of Tina’s skirt.

    (Tina) Bette

    (Bette) There are no cliffs nearby

    Tina shakes get head and glances over at her.

    Bette continues smiling at her as her hand makes its way to Tina’s knee before slowly drawing back along her inner thigh.

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    1. Enjoying your story. What a great time they are having with each other. Love their sense of humor. The tent at the hotel was hysterical. Neither one of them will ever forget this trip.

    2. I enjoyed this chapter, and am loving this story.

      My favorite parts of this chapter –

      the tent, I laughed out loud – Tina let Bette drive – and them talking about Tina calling Bette baby Love it!

    3. Loving this story! Tina has a great sense of humour and is obviously ‘breaking’ Bette down. Who would have though Bette would spend the night in a tent, although it seems Tina made it worth while !
      Loving it, More soon, please

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