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    Chapter 3

    I was dead on my feet. Mom had been dragging me all over town to help her prepare for some function she’s running next week, and apparently, I was her chosen lackey.

    “Mom, can we please stop for a drink?”

    “Not now, Christina. I am on a deadline; this list needs to be finished today.”

    Huffing I followed behind her, hoping that the rest of this list would be short.

    “Can I stop and get something for Alice’s birthday at least? I don’t want to have to come out again after school this week”.

    Turning to me with a frown on her face, I knew I was pushing my luck.

    “Fine Christina. If you must. Although why you still insist on spending time with that girl I’ll never understand.”

    “Alice is a good friend mom.”

    Huffing, she moved back to her list. Mom’s problem wasn’t really with Alice, it was with Lenore, Al’s mom. They’d grown up together, mom her usual stilted self, Lenore, the complete opposite.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Three hours later and it was finally looking like mom was done, sensing an opportunity I offered to take mom and her shopping back to the car and I would stay and shop for Alice.

    “Don’t be late for dinner Christina.”

    “I won’t mom, I promise.”

    Sighing with relief as I watched her drive away, I turned back to the mall.  Alice was easy to shop for, in fact, it didn’t require buying her anything. My gift to Al was the same as always, me.                           Dana and I would allow Alice to choose the activity for the day, without complaint. This year Alice has chosen a girly day of shopping and pampering, followed by the traditional sleep-over where she would regale us with all the gossip of the week.


    I needed this time alone, the last couple of weeks at home and school had been hell. Apparently, Jenny had spotted Miss Porter getting out of my car the morning I gave her a ride, naturally Jenny being the pain in the ass she is let it slip to my mom that evening after school.                                                           The rumour mill had gone into overdrive when Miss Porter arrived in town, how this attractive young woman had not been snapped up by any eligible young man was too incomprehensible for the small minds around here. Then add the fact that she was only really seen out and about in the company of women, and rumours were rife. It had taken days of repeating just how I’d ended up giving the new teacher a ride to school for mom to finally relent, although, with the very annoying addition of Jenny on my daily drive to school, you know for her piece of mind.

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    1. Awesome Chapter !.. I felt ashamed for some reason i was like Kate.. Kate who? took me a bit to remember her from the show. Nice twist at the end . Poor dana. don’t feel uncomfortable around your friends !!!

    2. WoW what a twist U put at the end of this chptr!!! Hmmm wonder if Kate is watching this scene???

      It seems that Bette has crossed a line. The Teacher to student one. VanityFan, what have U planned clever One???

    3. Love this story!

      Poor Dana, so in the closet and not knowing it and upset, hope she calms down and won’t say anything.

      Tina kissing Bette like this and Bette is or will be in deep trouble if it comes out she kissed Tina although it was Tina who thought she was kissing Kate.

      I think we know how this will end, Bette in prison for having a relationship with a student and my guess Jenny have something to do with that.

      Looking forward to read more!

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