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    chapter 3

    Tina pulled into the drive behind Bette’s Saad. The few things she had taken with her when she had left filled her trunk. She closed her eyes, she hadn’t slept well last night, she really wanted to sleep in a comfortable bed, her back was sore.

    She also wanted to get back on the right track, she missed that feeling of love that Bette surrounded her with. She missed her touch, her kiss, her closeness. She’d never thought that Bette would cheat on her.

    She rested an overprotective hand onto her stomach. Last night had started to feel her baby move for the first time, it was like little butterflies flying around her stomach. She’d lay on the sofa and all she had wanted to do, was take Bette’s hand and rest it on her stomach. She wanted to share these moments with Bette. This was there baby, she wanted her involved.

    Tina could feel Bette’s presence she turned her hand and saw Bette was walking towards her, wearing a tank top and Levi’s.

    Tina slowly got out of car, popping the trunk.

    “Hey,” Tina smiled.

    “Hey, Alice called,” Bette smiled. “She told me you were on your way. She said not to let you eat too much, she says you’ve already eaten too much today.” Bette had been very confused by the comments.

    “Erm, I’ve not told anyone else,” Tina admitted, picking up her bag out of the back of the car,

    “What?” Bette looked shocked, last time, when they had found out about their son Bette had been the last person to know.

    Tina closed the trunk and they went into the house, Tina dropping her bag into onto the sofa she looked at Bette, who was standing nervously. It was rare that Bette got nervous.

    “You were very upset last time.”

    “Honey, this time you’re showing, surely they aren’t that blind.” Bette moved and sat in the arm chair, leaning on her knees.

    “Thy think I’m eating my pain,” Tina smiled. “They have made so many comments about me getting fat, I’m fine with it. really.” Tina wanted to cry. “I really wasn’t ready to share the joy with everyone when I felt like shit because…cause of what has happened lately.”

    “I can understand that,” Bette looked down before looking up at the woman she loved beyond belief. “I’ve move some of your books and things into the guest room. I want you to be as comfortable as possible.”

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