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    Chapter 4

    Well its been a month, four whole weeks since Bette left for New York and six weeks since she told me she was leaving. We’ve talked every day and fallen more in love but I’ve been so scared and holding back. Then I woke in the middle of the night the other night and decided I had to take a chance. A massive chance. I’ve not told her what’s happening. I wanted to surprise her.

    So here we are, I’m in the back of a New York cab with Noah, both of us watching the city pass by the window, my house is packed and most of the stuff is being moved by road to a storage unit in New York. Noah is sleepy, he didn’t have the best time on the plane, he was fine till his ears popped and all he wanted to do was hold me. He knows we are moving here. I’m just hoping that Bette wants us here.

    We pull up outside the apartment complex that I know Bette lives in as I checked it out on google street view before we left. I paid the driver put got our suitcases. I put Noah’s rucksack on his bad before taking his hand and pulling our suitcases into the building. A man in a very smart suit sat behind a desk.

    “Hi Can I help you?”

    “Can you buzz Bette Porter please,”

    “Sure, who can I say is here?”

    “Tina Kennard,”

    Noah gently leans on me. I think like me travelling takes it out of him. I try not to yawn but we have been on the go since yesterday when we left LA on a red eye and I’d barely slept because of the worry and Noah’s reaction to flying. I could hear the man talking to Bette but Noah and I stepped away from the counter.

    “You okay buddy?” I ask, rubbing his head.

    “Hug mommy,”

    “Yah buddy once we can put these suitcases to one side I will hug you okay?” I can see he isn’t happy.

    “Yeah, mommy?”


    “I love you, sorry I cried.”

    “It’s always okay to cry buddy,” I’m trying to teach him it’s okay to be himself. He is a sensitive kid.

    I look up as the bell on the elevator bings and there she is, dressed casually in a shirt and jeans, her hair up which is rare for her. she looks stunning and I feel my heart beat quicken. She’s grinning. I think she’d lost hope of us ever coming.

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