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    Chapter 3 – Dinner and conversations

    Tina arrived at Bette’s house around 7 p.m. Dinner was not fully ready and the ex-wives decided to have a сup of coffee while sitting at the table.

    ”What are we going to tell Angie? I mean, it’s not something that would be easy to talk about right now.” Bette looked at Tina expectantly, raising her coffee сup to her mouth.

    ”Maybe we should tell the truth” Tina thought about it all day

    ”What’s the truth? What do you think?»

    ”I think we’re divorced. Let’s be honest, we’ve had a shitty relationship the last couple of years and what happened last night, well … it just happened»


    ”What do you think, Bette? Let’s talk»

    ”Well, that’s pretty cruel, Tina. What you say. I loved our relationship»

    ”Of course you did. It made you feel good. Your wishes have always been above all else. Your career was what our family revolved around. Yes, you loved it»

    ”I loved you and our life»

    ”I’m not saying our life was bad, Bette. There was a lot of happiness, a lot of love. But there was also an unnecessary, unhealthy amount of trouble. Remember why we decided to divorce»

    ”I don’t really know. I mean, you said you needed some space and I gave it to you. But then you probably needed more, I don’t know. I never thought that divorce would be the right decision for us»

    ”Bette, we’ve talked about this many times, I needed …” Tina had no time to finish when they heard the front door close and Angie appeared in front of them.

    ”Hello, everyone. I’m a little late, sorry»

    ”Hi, honey. Nothing wrong. Dinner is just ready»

    ”I’ll join you in a minute»

    Tina helped Bette put the food on the plates and put them on the table.

    Bette poured Tina a glass of white wine, red wine for herself, and berry juice for Angie.

    ”Mom, this is delicious»

    ”Yes, Bette, dinner is beautiful. I remember a time when you didn’t cook so convincingly.”

    ”Well, I’ve learned a few things since then.” Bette tried to put on a smile, but it didn’t work out very well, she was too tense right now.

    ”You two wanted to talk to me?”

    ”Yes, Ange.” Bette was about to say something else, but she hesitated, and her daughter interrupted her

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    1. Wow….So Tina really is engaged to Carrie and she slept with Bette last night. And she basically told Bette and Angie that her night of pleasure was a mistake. Tina…Tina.. Tina. You are in a whole lot of trouble right now! You do not seem to know what it is you want in this life – Carrie? or Bette? And everyone is being treated badly in the process. Tina needs to do some soul searching. She needs to decide what her life is going to be. A life with the Carrie (female version of Henry) who is steady, non-intruding, calm and boring OR the volatile, exciting, deeply loving and charismatic Bette. And she cannot say she doesn’t want Bette – she was the one that started the night of bliss by kissing and licking Bette’s neck. She made the first move on the night she terms a mistake.

      Fascinating story…. love to see more…

      • Ditto Martha. Shades of Henry. Good God please say it isn’t so. No. No. No. Also pretty terrible the way Tina has treated Bette. Ouch x100. Talk about a kick to the gut! Poor Bette. At least she has Angie. And the engagement announcement is coming. Wow. Knife right to the heart. Really Tina? Really? Her behavior is beyond cruel.

    2. So much craziness taking place in the world. The stories posted here are a much needed escape. Desperately seeking some happy endings. No idea where you are headed with your story but sure am hoping Bette doesn’t get torn apart and hurt more than she already has been. Cannot believe that Tina considers her night with Bette a mistake. As I replied to Martha – so very cruel. How can Tina behave this way?

      • Yes, sometimes we deliberately hurt each other and do it with extreme cruelty, and it upsets me, but life is complicated and it’s not always smooth. Thank you for your opinion! :)

    3. I agree ???? with Martha and Billy!!!

      Tina is beyond cruel to Bette, a mistake, really Tina!!!! You are the one who started the whole thing and she even hasn’t dig the knife in to Bette’s heart about being engaged.

      I really don’t like Tina now. She needs to do some soul searching and work her own shit out before she hurt and drag other people with her.

      Poor Bette, i volunteer to give her the care and loving she needs. Thank god she has Angie, the have a incredible bond.

      I am not sure where you are headed with this story but i am still haunted by the bullshit Gen Q has thrown us. Still having nightmares. It sounds silly but i am a diehard Tibette fan and can’t handle this pain.

      If you can promise us that there is a happy Tibette ending i will continu to read.

    4. Seems that all previous who crying how Bette hurt easily forgot s5 and Shebar kiss, initiated by Bette, and what happened after that. Forgot Bette’s words about mistake and how she in love in Jodie. Now it’s Tina’s turn.
      So Bette now feeling what Tina feeling after that moment, but of course Bette as usual not remember it and only thinking about her feelings.

      • Oh my word Zhenya – Tina’s turn? Really? Tina’s turn to do what exactly? Tina’s turn to be totally terrible and intentionally kick a broken Bette when she is already down? Bette deserves this emotional abuse? Equating 20 years complete with two marriages in that time period and a child together to one Shebar kiss? Tina divorced Bette. Tina had sex with a vulnerable Bette. Tina is engaged!!! Bette doesn’t even know. Tina destroyed Bette with the divorce and will soon do it again with the announcement of the engagement. Bette was never engaged to Jodie. Far from it. But here we go again. Punish Bette time. Tina cheated with Henry. She just likes to think she didn’t. Their relationship was in trouble (due to Tina) so it was okay. She hid her second pregnancy. They were not together then so it was okay. Just Bette’s dream to have a child but so what. Tina flaunted Helena. Bette and Tina not together so the emotional abuse was fine. Tina had cyber sex. Hmmmm. Hard to reconcile that one. Oh wait – Tina was confused. Tina was ready and eager to have sex with Josh. But wait – she didn’t actually do the deed. Some folks are very good at rationalizing Tina’s poor choices and bad behavior. So easy for some to make Bette the heavy. Probably due to Candace. Agree 100 percent with Bibi. Between those who continue to brow beat Bette for actions 15-20 years ago to the mess that GQ created…it is just too much to take. TiBette forever!

    5. Tina is a cruel bitch. By Tina’s conflicting emotions, Tina needs to be alone and get her act together. Tina’s attitude towards her night with Bette as a mistake is abhorrent. I wouldn’t blame Bette if she closed the door on Tina forever. Tina cheated on Carrie too. Neither Bette nor Carrie deserve the actions of Tina. Tina’s behavior is awful and right in front of her bright child. Angie sees right through Tina. Bette was trying to talk to Tina but she shut the conversation down. Then there is Carrie…Tina made her bed now she must dig herself out of a huge hole.

      This story ripped my heart out, Ada. Way to get the emotions flowing. I hope there is something to salvage. I’m afraid I’d never be the same though.

      • Well said. Ripped my heart out as well. Love might be complicated but this Tina is a downright repellent character. Here’s a revelation Tina: You cannot get out of this without hurting someone who does not deserve it. This is on you. Sadly this is the first story I have read where I just might believe Bette and this Tina are better off apart. Tina’s last night was a mistake comment is beyond awful and lamenting all of it in front of Angie is unforgivable. She totally blindsided Bette and is about to do it again.

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