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    Chapter 4 – About doubt

    Bette spent the morning in the office. The morning was fast, with a lot of questions that needed to be addressed immediately. It actually took her mind off her personal problems and was her salvation for the day. The election will be held the day after tomorrow, work is currently in full swing, we had to focus on this.

    At 8 p.m., Bette met Tina at her hotel. Tina wanted to talk about something serious, and Bette found it annoying. She had a strange feeling about this conversation. Besides, she didn’t really want to be alone with Tina right now. Her words last night had sounded pretty harsh, and Bette felt bad about it.

    It was about 5 p.m. and Bette was meeting Shane at her house. Shane took the initiative because she hadn’t seen her friend in a long time. She was worried about her. After her divorce from Tina, Bette was very depressed. Shane still feels it sometimes. Bette has been very sad all this year. A lot of things came to her in one moment. Her friends supported her, but it wasn’t enough, of course.

    Shane and Bette always understood each other well. Shane was probably the only person in Bette’s life who never judged her. Bette had made different choices in the past, made many mistakes, but she knew that her best friend would be there for her.

    They were sitting on the terrace of Shane’s house. Bette sipped her coffee, and Shane poured herself some whiskey.

    ”How are you feeling? The situation is heating up, now more than ever a lot of work?”

    ”Yes, actually, there is a lot of work, but we are coping. How are you? Looks like things are going well at the bar, I’m really happy for you. ” Bette patted Shane on the shoulder and smiled

    ”More than good. It’s a nice place, I think”

    ”So it is. It’s beautiful there”

    ”Has Tina left yet?» Shane abruptly changed the subject when she saw that Bette was thinking about something and was tense

    ”No, she stayed for a couple of days to spend time with Angie. She’s leaving tomorrow morning, as I recall,” Bette said, leaning back in her chair and looking down. She had never been able to hide her emotions, and her body language gave her away.

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    1. Wow…. Tina is between a rock and a hard place. She definitely does not know what she wants. She beginning to see that she possibly made a mistake saying yes to Carrie and she still feels she made a mistake with a night of passion with Bette.

      Bette acted perfectly with her visit to Tina’s hotel room. All business…. why am I here? No I do not want to talk about a car for Angie. Anything else? I’m going home. How much more perfect was Bette’s behavior under the circumstances.

      Now… let’s see if Tina gets on the plane and goes back to Toronto or New York. Since she is really deep into work problems, I bet she does. She is in a place where work is the only thing that makes sense. Her personal life is a complete mess.

      Wonder what is going to happen next. Will Tina get the nerve up to tell Bette about her engagement? Will she get the guts up to tell Carrie about her infidelity? If she does, how will Carrie respond? In the meantime, Bette and Angie proceed with their life without Tina. Lot’s to think about for Tina… what a mess.

      Thank you for this chapter… thank you.. looking forward to more.

      • She certainly did, And what bothers me is that Tina takes Bette’s love for her so much for granted – as an absolute given. She knows Bette loves her unconditionally and dumps on that love. Tina says jump and all that remains for Bette is how high. Glad Bette showed some righteous indignation. Tina doesn’t want to give Bette hope because Bette is such a sure thing. So selfish. Bette deserves to be respected. Not used and abused.

    2. Tina doesn’t seem to know how to manage her emotional needs and emotions. She doesn’t know what she wants. Tina needs to seek out a psychiatrist or psychologist. Everyone around Tina is collateral damage. Tina has told Bette and Angie about the engagement because she has doubts. I feel Carrie is nothing more that a rebound from Bette.

      At the hotel, Tina wanted to be around Bette and not with her. Bette behaved perfectly appropriate. Bette is under immense pressure and Tina spewed out discussion about a car. I’d be pissed and short too. Poor Bette. I suspect she is shoving her emotions about Tina down.

    3. Tina Tina, make up your mind and don’t string along the people around you.

      Seek the help from a profeesional, work out the issues you have and in the meantime leave Bette alone. You hurt her enough and doesn’t deserve your shit. Really talking about a car for Angie so you have her around you. Tina is one mixed up woman and as long she doesn’t fix her problems, emotions she should Stay away from Bette.

      Nice touch about Kit! Shane is such a good friend for Bette. I love her.

      Carrie seems to be a rebound and Tina certainly is not in love with her. Carrie deserve better than this and my god she sound to good to be true. To much of understanding. She let Tina dictate everthing, not a good thing in a relationship.

      Bette was right in her behavior towards Tina in the hotel room. She doesn’t have time for this and clearly is trying not to show her real feelings.

      I loved to read about Tina’s memories of her and Bette in NY. Both so busy but making time to show each other their love. What went wrong so bad that Tina divorced Bette?

      Looking forward to read more.

    4. So Tina fucks Bette then tells her it was a mistake THEN asks her to come visit her in her hotel room under the pretense of needing to talk to her, only because she wanted to be around her. UGH. Tina, pull yourself together. Listen to the message your heart is telling you, that you need to explore your feelings for Bette before jumping into a marriage with Carrie. I wonder how Carrie will react? Will she fight for Tina or let her go?
      I echo Bibi’s question – what went wrong in NY?

    5. Confused is an understatement. I find it interesting that all the stories about Tibette at this time acknowledge that these two when in the same vicinity are drawn together like a magnet. Easy to forget when in another country.

      Tina def has found herself in a pickle. Clearly she has unresolved feels. And what about this Carrie. Really, figure it out. Pretty easy to tell Tina is waffling.

      Anxious to see what you say about NY.


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