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    Chapter 3: Dinner with Peggy

    Chapter 3: Dinner with Peggy 

    Bette grabbed the mail and came into the house carrying an armload of college brochures and catalogs. “How is this even possible?” Bette wondered aloud. “It’s too soon.” Shane was at Dana’s Bar until closing and Angie was at Jordi’s. Buddy greeted Bette and barked as she read the note from her daughter. Angie always enjoyed teasing her mother for insisting on handwritten notes instead of relying on text messages but she also happily complied. “That’s just not going to work tonight, my furry friend. According to Angie, you’ve had your dinner and some major yard time. I better not find any new holes.” Buddy barked again. “Okay, okay.” Bette happily relented. “You want to go for a walk, pal?” Buddy barked again. A little louder. “Got it. Give me a few minutes.” Bette went into her office to grab her sweater and check for any telephone messages.

    Bette was one of the few people she knew who still preferred a landline. It seemed more businesslike to her. The only other person she knew who felt that way was … yes indeed she had in fact received a much welcome call back from her beloved friend and mentor Peggy Peabody. Peggy had recently returned from traveling abroad and Bette wanted her to call when she had a moment. The message indicated Peggy was in town for a few days and wanted to get together. “Well, well, well. Speak of the devil. That’s even better.”

    Bette sat at her desk and called the number that connected her to Peggy’s beach house as she knew her friend despised cell phones. Realizing the time and Peggy’s travel schedule, Bette suddenly wondered if she should have waited until the morning. She did not have to wonder for long. “Well, hello, my lovely. Seems we’ve been doing a little bit of telephone tag. How are you my dear? I have been worried.” Bette sighed. That was a very loaded question. “I’m much better, Peggy. Doing quite well actually. Thank you for the lovely letters. And you? How are you doing.” There was a brief silence on the phone before Peggy responded. “Good days and bad days, dear girl. You know. All the better I must say for hearing your lovely voice.”

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    1. I loooove your Peggy!!

      Any way you turn her, she is regal, sober of mind, and absolutely a scream!!! I love how she can speak of the loss of her beloved Marilyn so explicitly not diminishing the fact that Marilyn is missed.

      You seemed to have dropped a hint that the passing of Marilyn and Tina’s INability to process that loss, may have been some of the reason for some of the irrational behavior in Tina . . . Maybe it reminded her of the relationship she had with Kit . . . That Kit was taken B4 her time just as Marilyn was.

      But yet, Peggy still feels like things will work out for Tibette. Hmmmmm . . . The Pegster has means, connections, and a stone cold will to find out a lot of background info on ANYBODY. Wonder what she knows about ‘oL Carrie that has yet to be revealed . . .

      • DT,

        It warms my heart that you have taken to Peggy. It should not surprise you to learn that I am strange and that I write out of order. Not sequentially. I knew I wanted Peggy as a central character in my story and this chapter was the first one I took from outline to fruition. Expect a lot more of Peggy. She is so much fun to write. And it was a joy to envision Marilyn and Tina fiddling with their flowers. They were indeed a happy foursome for many years. Marilyn’s death was very rough for Tina. So know that the Pegster is in their corner. Thanks again DT!!

    2. Your Author’s Note is very succinct but in no way covers the wonders of this Chapter!

      Twenty-seven pages of varying emotions ending with tears dripping off my chin!

      I always loved Peggy in the Show but I adore her here.
      I love Bette but. I adore this Bette.

      Loved the storyline of the time in New York from Bette’s angle and look forward to your take on Tina’s side which I know will come.

      Thank you does not seem enough no matter if you repeat it numerous times but – Thank you
      Look forward to more

      • Oh SG. You have nailed it. So we now have a lot of Bette’s backstory. And the time in nearing to check in on Tina. I look forward to your comments. I do not believe I would be giving away too much to let you know that this Bette is a version who is desperately trying to get it together and do the right things. She is older and although she has indeed been on the ropes she is fighting her way back in a healthy way. Yes, Bette still has some things to get done. This was an emotional chapter for me because Peggy is so there for Bette. For both Bette and Tina. But Bette is her darling girl. And I really wanted to dispense with Kelly and also get some retribution for the behavior of both Jodi and Phyllis. Allowing Miss Peggy to do her thing seemed right to me. Shane is Bette’s sister, no doubt. Peggy is Bette’s mother / advisor / confidante. I am so glad you liked this chapter. Settle in. Almost time for Angie’s trip to Toronto. Thanks for reading my friend.

      • SG!
        Concerning Peggy; Your statement of “I always loved Peggy in the show, but I adore her here” sums it up for me. U nailed the landing kiddo!

        Gosh arent we in for some excitement from the PegMiser!! WhooHoo!!

        Ta boot, wonder what will be revealed from Angie’s POV.

        Seems to me that BILLY has a clean canvas for capturing Angie’s personality just as she did Lady Peg right?!!

    3. Pass me a hankie, please. I’ve cried so .many times reading this story, but now I have HOPE! Peggy Peabody is in the house, and no surprise that the New York house never went to market – perhaps Peggy bought it for when the Porter-Kennard family reunites. As I said, hoping! Wonderful story.

    4. For me this was an emotional chapter. Bette declaring that she is still in love with Tina but is moving on with her life and is making the changes in her financial matters, her powers of attorney and in her professional life are all signs that she recognizes that Tina is forging a new life with Carrie. It is also clear to me that Bette’s financial well being is no longer dependent on Porter Gallery of LA nor any other particular job she may wish to pursue. She is free to pursue her the professional life because it makes her happy and is something she desires to accomplish. That is an amazing place to be in your work life. The completion of her Doctorate seems to be perfectly time for her to take on the phase three of her life.

      Peggy is Bette’s adopted mother, her trusted friend, and her advisor. In this story, Bette not only talks about her professional life but personal life and relationship with Tina. Bette’s reluctance to go to Tina’s wedding is confirmed by Peggy to an appropriate response. And we definitely get the feeling that Peggy loves Tina for who Tina is but is baffled by Tina’s choices. Peggy believes Tina and Bette belong together and still holds out hope that they will get back together in the future.

      It is nice to see that Bette has cultivated a friendship with Helena and Dylan….it is not surprising that Bette still remembers Tina and Helena had their relationship at one of the worst periods of her life. Bette has decided to put that aside and be civil with Helena since they are bound to be in each others lives for years to come. She may have forgiven Helena, but she cannot forget. But it is also obvious that Bette does not perceive Helena as threat to her relationship with Peggy or anyone else. This shows Bette ability to forgive and move on.

      This was a chapter of mutual commiseration over the losses for both Bette and Peggy. Marilyn was the love of Peggy’s life – no doubt about it. Marilyn became Tina’s surrogate mother and her death effected everyone but may have effected Tina more than Peggy and Bette may realize. Perhaps someday, someone will write the story about Peggy and Marilyn….

      This is a wonderful chapter…. gives us a wonderful picture of Peggy and her role in Bette’s life. The quotes from works of William Shakespeare are well placed and used well. Love the “Double, double, toil and trouble..” quote – certainly gives new meaning to the Jodi and Phyllis fiasco. And Peggy working behind the scenes to make sure that Jodi paid a price for her “Core Values”.

      Thanks for writing this….. hope to see more…

      • Martha,

        Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I thought it was important to show what happens when two intertwined lives are truly separated. Besides the emotional kick to the gut there is real life and things like finances and wills and making plans to move on. Part of Bette cannot begin to imagine this. As long as Carrie was just a girlfriend Bette held out hope. The engagement changed everything. And here we are. But Peggy still has that hope. There is an assumption that their time in NYC must have been bad. No. Not in my story. It was mostly wonderful. And Peggy and Marilyn contributed to that contentment.

        I am so glad you picked up on Peggy setting things right with Jodi and Phyllis. Peggy is very protective of Bette. As I have said, she is a central figure in the story. Bette needs a mother figure a lot right now. She feels totally safe and protected with Peggy.

        The Bette I envision is in part based upon Jennifer. As such she is incredibly well read. Look for more literary references. And she is just a touch quieter. She’s older and tired of drama. She’s ready for a peaceful life. Thank you so much for your comment. Your support means a great deal to me.

        Chapter four? I will be needing that support. As you will laugh with me or I will be in need of witness protection. You can read for yourself my friend.

        P.S. A Peggy and Marilyn one off. Oh I would love to.

    5. I got a message from BK that she is having trouble posting and Bibi is as well. BK sent this as a message for me to post. BK, I appreciate you taking the time and effort to get your comment to me. It means a lot:

      BK sent you a new message: “Comment on your latest chapter”


      I have been thinking and thinking of another story that does such a great job fleshing out Peggy Peabody. The myth, the legend, the matriarch, the diva. And you know what? There isn’t one that I can find. She appears in other stories but they all pale in comparison to this masterpiece. This Peggy… your Peggy… is simply… divine. She is everything we all want in an adopted mother – part guardian angel, part sassy boss, and all love. When she pledges her heart to her family, it is given with every piece of it. It is quite lovely. And the way she talks about Shane’s dog? I was dead. Too funny. Not afraid to give tough advice, Peggy is Bette’s anchor, her touching point, her sounding board. I want to be Peggy Peabody when I grow up.

      I also love the story of Marilyn and Tina and I think there is more brewing there. A lot more. We don’t know much about Tina’s upbringing or relationship with her own mother but clearly Marilyn played a huge role in the life of one Tina Kennard. And this is a very good beginning as we unravel why Tina checked out of the marriage. Having someone die that was very close to me, I know how grief plays a very daunting role in someone’s life and can create rippling effects that impact decision making, self worth, and outlook on life. Of course there is more to it but this begins to paint a picture of Tina in pain, Tina confused, Tina struggling in ways she probably could not define. And that could manifest itself in her needing space – space to process her world without Marilyn in it, space to heal. And for some reason she could not share this with Bette.

      Excellent read Billy. I will read again and again as your story unfolds because I have a hunch you have placed Easter eggs throughout the chapter that will tie together at the end. We are almost in the home stretch for what may be a very difficult premiere of GQ. This story provides an alternate option. Thanks”

      • BK,

        Thank you for the humbling comment. I love Peggy so very much. And I desperately wanted her to be a central character. Shane is Bette’s person but Peggy is Bette’s lifeline. Bette cannot imagine a world without her beloved Peggy. And of course Peggy loves Buddy. And has lots of advice. So much more of Peggy to come. She and Bette are partners in this upcoming undertaking.

        Tina. Tina. Tina. I love Tina. But I made a pledge. Stick with the terrible, awful series and use it all. I don’t like being hard on Tina. There are some rough chapters to come. As I told Dumplin, I skipped past those and wrote the easy chapters first. I do have a reason for why Tina did what she did. It will be up to the readers as to whether or not it is plausible. It takes time to come back but then again it took time to get to this point. Right? I want to rebuild them one time, so this never happens again. And yes, Tina loved Marilyn a great deal. Her death had a major impact.

        After chapter five there will be a bit of a break. I wanted chapters four and five out there before the series aired. If I did my job you will understand why. And can I just say, Tina is a mess!!! She can pretend all she wants but….. we will chat after the next chapter.

        Thanks again,


    6. Billy,

      What a great chapter!
      I totally agree with the comments of the other readers!

      I love Peggy, a unique woman, straight forward and a surrogate mother for Bette. She loves Bette like her own daughter and whatever Bette does or has accomplished, she will always be proud of her. And Peggy doesn’t understand Tina either, maybe Marilyn’s death has something to do with it since Tina and her also had a special bond.

      Thanks for the background on what Bette has done and achieved, she was a busy bee but never forgot how important her family was to her and made time for Angie and Tina. She was really happy and in my view rightly doesn’t understand Tina and why she decided to leave Bette and Angie, just like Peggy and the rest of their friends don’t understand Tina’s decision to leave.

      Peggy quietly hopes for them and that eventually they will get back together. She was right to say that Bette shouldn’t go to Tina’s wedding day and I’m glad Bette decided not to go.

      Bette tries to move on with her life and has now arranged everything, her will, who (Shane) decides over her if something happens to her, she has arranged everything in detail and it hurts to see that Tina is out of her papers disappeared except as guardian of the trust fund for Angie.

      Bette but also Peggy are very happy with their dear friendship. I look forward to reading more about Peggy.

    7. Billy,
      I LOVE your story.,…madly! All the amazing background info has truly “fleshed out” the characters, so that we can better understand their ways of thinking, reactions and behaviors. Like Peggy, whom I adore, I still have high hopes that we will indeed get our Tibette back together in a secure, loving and permanent situation. My heart aches for Bette, while simultaneously feeling so proud of her for all she has achieved. At the present time, I am. baffled at Tina”s thinking and actions. This is a point never clarified on either show as to why the divorce seemed to be the way to get around the unavailability of .Laurel to continue the series. I can’t even imagine anyone else playing that role. We have been promised her return (she is my favorite); so I would be ecstatic if she does return to Bette and Angie. Any other woman with Bette just doesn’t “feel” right! Anyway, it is your wonderful story, and I am sticking with you to the end!!!! I promise! All the best to you! Keep up this good work! Dr. A

      • Dr. A,

        Well you have certainly nailed my motivation. I love Laurel as well and was broken hearted when season one began with a divorced Bette and Tina and a deceased Kit? Then to have portrayed Tina as having pretty much having walked away? I am not a writer. But I was determined to try to figure out a way to fix this. And I wanted to give them a happy life in NYC. It would have been so easy to ignore season one and most likely season two. But I wanted to try to show that – you know what – go ahead – no matter what you awful series writers do, our couple will find a way every single time. Right?

        As I told another commenter I wrote this story out of order. The happy chapters were a breeze. Getting into the authentic weeds of putting them together again in a permanent way? Not so much. So my beginning of putting Bette back together again with Peggy and Shane by her side was a joy because I love Bette and my second half is finished because happy is so much better. Still, using the Gen Q timeline means a few years have passed since the divorce. I have a couple of tough why chapters still to complete and then the entire story is good to go. I am detail driven to a fault. I look forward to your thoughts on the next chapter. Its Tina’s turn. And as a pretend writer? It’s sink or swim time.

        Thank you for reading. So glad you are willing to hang in there.


    8. Good stuff, Billy. :-)

      Two things I really enjoyed with this chapter. One, your touching on the Hammer debacle and the fallout from that. In fact the way you’re drilling into the real complexities of Bette’s professional networks is great, and something I really enjoy mulling myself. The other aspect that’s really working (for me) is the realisation that a healthy relationship always needs both people to have whole lives. Now, this is a little like Tina’s ‘half a person’ thing that she said to Angie in GenQ, and although I have massive issues with the justification for that, the point remains true: Bette can be in love with Tina but she mustn’t NEED her, and vice versa. So it’s great to see you showing this.

      Peggy is fantastic fun to write, isn’t she? You’ve done her well here. And I’m sorry to see Marilyn has passed away.

      Nice job! Thank you for writing this & take care,

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