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    Chapter 3 – Philadelphia – Day 2

    Ten Years After – Volume 3 – Home Sweet Home

    Chapter 3 – Philadelphia – Day 2

    Tina woke up and began to finger Bette’s hair. Now that it was short, if seem to stay out of her face. She then began to run her finger over her forehead and down her cheek bones. She then kissed her on the cheek and Bette began to wake up and looked at Tina with a smile. The smile was filled with content and peace and sleepiness.

    Bette: Good morning, T. What time is it?

    Tina: It’s fairly early. We have time to have a leisurely breakfast and possibly review some of those documents we got from Wescott and Porter before we need to get on the road to see Ms. Harriet Myers. Or we could do something else.

    Bette:  Woman, I would love to do something else, however, I am going to ask for a raincheck. Last night was wonderful and I do not want to go into this meeting with Harriet with a shit eating grin on my face which tells the world that I just got laid. I need some energy reserve to face whatever it is we face today.

    Tina: I will accept a raincheck. Valid for only 24 hours. After all, we are celebrating our anniversary this weekend. And I intend on making a few memories.

    Bette: Well, last night was a good start for me. Did I not do enough for you? Am I falling down on the job?

    Tina:  Oh, you did wonderful. And yes, it was a fantastic start. I just want to make sure that when it comes to sex and this weekend, that your desires are met in a timely manner. I love making love to you and I love you making love to me. So why don’t we order a breakfast for here in the room and have our shower and start our day?

    Bette:  Sounds good. Maybe we can have a little quickie in the shower? If necessary, we’ll have a power nap after breakfast. I think we need to be at our appointment at 10:30. I think we will be finished about 1:00 and then the rest of the weekend is all ours. And this is only Friday.

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    1. Martha,

      I’m so glad you are continuing this story.
      These chapters have been so informative and interesting about Melvin and how he thought and carried on his life.
      How sad he never found the right way to be a loving father and show his feelings. I guess it his day, that was the norm, for men being the head of a family and being more a provider and the mother the more loving parent. Thank goodness those days have gone and family life is so much more open and caring.
      I love how supportive Tina is, never far from Bette with a kiss or hug. I’m only half way through ch 2 but just wanted to jot something down. Will reply again at the end! Thoroughly enjoying it , so please you’ve explained this about Melvin ! So well written and informative.

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