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    Chapter 4 – Philadelphia – Day 3

    Ten Years After – Volume 3 – Home Sweet Home

    Chapter 4 – Philadelphia – Day 3

    Saturday morning came.  Bette and Tina were sleeping in. They had made love a couple of times during the night and were enjoying a lazy morning in bed. Bette awakened first with a heat wave that roared across her body in a most unexpected manner. She quickly pulled away from Tina as if she were the source of the heat. Sweat was rolling off her temples and down her face. Her chest, abdomen and back were now damp with moisture. She headed for the bath room and found a towel and began to mop her brow.  She went to the room fridge to find cold water. Cold anything at this point. She was hot. She then found a room service menu and began to fan herself and the wave began to subside. But she wasn’t comfortable yet. And to make things worse, she was cursing as her father would say as “a sailor on shore leave with no money.”

    Bette: God damn son of a bitch. What fucking shithead created this? I love being a woman but I sure as fuck don’t love this. I do not like this even a little bit.  This is somebody’s idea of a fucking tradeoff for sex, well, thanks a lot. But you can have this part of this shitass bargain. I didn’t sign up for this shit. No way in hell…. Son of a bitch!

    Tina got up immediately and could see that Bette was distressed with a rather nasty hot flash. And just as Dr Wilson predicted she proceeded right into one herself.

    Tina: Mutha Fucker.  Who turned on the furnace? Son of bitch! Fuck!

    She got up and headed to the bathroom to pee while the wave began. She didn’t even bother to find her robe. She peed and used a face towel to get catch the sweat beads on her chest and abdomen. And then she too had her own litany.  Bette could tell she too was having her own bout with mother nature and quickly retrieved a bottle of water and took it to her.

    Tina: Thanks. You would think that through evolution, our bodies would have figured out a better way to tell us that there would be no more babies than this. This is no fucking fun. Give that menu… I need a fan too.

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    1. Hi Martha, what an amazing trip to Philadelphia. There was so much information regarding Melvin and what they learnt if him and his life. Poor Bette, I think it’s going to be pretty difficult to explain this all to Mary and her sister as it has obviously hit her hearing all this. Tina is such a tower of strength to her, I love how they are so besotted with each other and hold each other up! I love hearing about their plans for Angie and Daniel, they are so attentive to their children and want only the best for them. The way they talk through everything with them making sure they understand .
      Finally the love they have for each other, is incredibly. They way they do everything for each other, they just want to be together, all the time. Enjoying being out shopping, visiting museums, enjoying meals or just cuddling up on the sofa. They are, as you said, the other half of each other !

      Loving this so much, will continue on….o hope you are also continuing on, with this story….
      Take care and Thankyou, for this amazing piece of writing!

    2. Thanks… I have always thought that the relationship between Bette and her father was the most important relationship of her life prior to Tina. I could see that she struggled to love and admire the man who always seemed to believe she never quite measured up to his standards. But in my mind, I always knew that Melvin loved his children with all of his heart. He just didn’t have the ability to show this to them. His thought was to just leave them all his worldly possessions and they would know. But the truth is that until Bette talked to Gabriel Scott and to Harriett Myers, she would never know how much Melvin loved Bette, Kit, Mary, Paris and even Tina.

      When Tina points out that if Melvin had told Bette on his death bed that Mary was alive and that she had another sister, Bette would be in shock. But if he told her that he had known for 15 years or more, Bette might have taken a pillow and smothered him on the spot. The truth was there was never going to be an ideal time to tell Bette or Kit about Mary Southerland. And Bette knows this deep in her heart. She also knows that all of this is a part of the past. A past which is done and dusted. And all the what ifs and if onlys are a waste of energy. Melvin and his relationship with Bette, Kit and Tina is what it was and had its impact on their lives. For Bette and for Tina, it explains so much. It explains why Tina is a part of his will. It explains why the final distribution was 18 years after his death. It explains how he found out about Mary Southerland and her daughter Paris. It explains how Paris was educated in England during her teen years and college years. And it gives another dimension to the personality of Melvin William Porter.

      Bette is going to explain most of this to Kit, Paris and Mary in a future chapter. And in their own way, they will reconcile the Melvin they knew to the Melvin to the man they found in Philadelphia.

      This for me is the most emotional chapter I have ever written… deep in my soul, I feel the loss Bette feels for the relationship she never had with her father and that is more painful than the fact that she had all those years of loss in not knowing her mother and sister. The reason is because Mary and Paris are still around and there is opportunity to have a good relationship with them. But Melvin is gone and there is no opportunity to mend that relationship with him. Such as life. But as Bette Porter and Tina Kennard always do – they learn from the mistakes including the mistakes of others around them. They have learned a lot from Melvin and much of it is what not to do in life.

      Thank you for reading this and commenting…. it is rather gratifying to see that someone sees this story as a gratifying piece of entertainment. There are several more chapters to this Volume and it will continue.

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