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    Chapter 30 – Let’s Go Skinny Dipping!

    Bette’s House

    Bette’s eyelids began getting heavy. It was nearly 1:30 in the morning and she had to meet with the band, the agent, and go in to the office later today. She was able to complete two new compositions and try out some lyrics that seemed to be complete for each, though being the perfectionist she was, she would need more time to finalize the lyrical content before letting anyone hear or see what she was working on.

    She gently pulled down the fall and covered the keys. Inhaling deeply she stretched and rotated her neck to loosen up the muscles.

    She picked up her phone, wine glass, and tea cup and exited the media room. Padding into the kitchen, a gentle breeze kissed Bette’s exposed arms and she realized she had left the French doors open.

    After rinsing out her glasses, she stepped over to the doors, and saw that the girls’ lights were still on and heard music coming from inside their house.

    I’m so going to have to wake them up later this morning, Bette thought as she shut the French doors.



    The Girls’ House

    Once another round of beers had been opened and margaritas had been blended, all the ladies were gathered around the dining table to play a few hands of Texas Hold ‘Em. Tina had decided to switch to Pellegrino because her stomach started to get upset shortly after finding out who the next door neighbor was.

    The Postal Service was blaring through the wireless speakers set up on the bookshelf. Dana was singing “Sleeping In” along with Ben Gibbard, and horribly so, as she dealt the cards.

    Now we can swim any day in November
    Don’t wake me I plan on sleeping
    Now we can swim any day in November
    Don’t wake me I plan on sleeping
    Don’t wake me I plan on sleeping in.”

    Despite her tone-deaf singing ability, or non-ability, Alice found it cute and just smiled at Dana the entire time she was serenading the table.

    Helena, Tina, Tayo, Carmen and Shane were trying to control their giggles, knowing that Dana was extraordinarily drunk at this point.

    Carmen was sitting on Shane’s lap. Occasionally, Shane would peek at her cards without attempting to conceal her actions. When Carmen would catch her she would hide her cards to her chest and lean off to the side smiling at Shane and whine at her to stop. Shane smiled at Carmen and leaned in for a kiss before tossing her cards to the middle of the table.

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    1. Thanks for the Christmas present, MeLL. I love this story!
      I’ll continue reading tomorrow. A bad cold knocked me out since Christmas Eve and I can’t keep my eyes open for more than a few pages.

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