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    Chapter 31 – Turn Around

    The Stouts’ Front Porch – Bette’s Point of View

    After my salubrious run, I bent over on the sidewalk in front of the neighbors’ house and rested my hands on my knees as I caught my breath. My AirPods began playing the synth-pop melody of Pete Townshend’s “Let My Love Open the Door,” as I felt beads of sweat run down my neck that started at my hairline.

    I stood upright again and laced my fingers to the back of my head slowly walking off the burning in my leg muscles so as to cool down. By this time, the keyboards of the song had kicked in followed closely by the cymbals, then the drums.

    I made my way up the walkway towards the girls’ door. By the time I reached the front step and lifted my fist to knock, Pete was already pleading in my ear:

    Let my love open the door,  
    Let my love open the door,
    Let my love open the door to your heart.

    When nobody answered after a few seconds, I knocked a couple more times. Plucking one of the Pods from my ear by the stem, I could faintly hear a set of footsteps coming closer to the door.

    Rather than pay attention to who may have been approaching through the three glass slits on the wooden door, I looked out across the street waiting for my greeter to open it. As soon as I heard the deadbolt unlatch, I turned around with a smile.

    Who I found on the other side of the door was such an unexpected albeit pleasant surprise that I couldn’t muster up the ability to speak when I saw her check me out from head to toe. My smile was replaced by a slightly gaping mouth.

    Tina was standing in the same outfit she had worn the night before in a more disheveled form. Her face was slightly swollen from waking up just moments before, I’m sure. Her left cheek was imprinted with the cross-stitch pattern from Alice’s couch cushion. And that blonde mess of hair tousled from the previous night’s alcohol-induced slumber topped off the most adorable sight I could ever remember seeing. I could easily wake up to this every morning.

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