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    Chapter 36 – First Week of School

    Bette:  Oh, and this is Rush Weekend at Yale.  I wonder how Boo is doing with that.

    Tina: I think we will soon find out. She has been rather busy this week. We have only talked to her a couple of times. And we were good in that we did not question her as to what all was going on. We are going to let her tell us what she wants us to know.

    Bette:  Well, she does need to let us in on if she is going to join a sorority or not. That is going to determine our to do list for her.

    Tina:  Daniel, tell us about your week?

    Daniel began talking about his various classes, teachers, his music lessons, his day on the golf course and meeting John David and this girl named Siri. She was cute in his opinion and smart. Reminded him of Hermione Grainger. Bette and Tina could not help but exchange knowing glances.  Daniel was discovering girls.

    The family finished their dinner and then went to the Cineplex Theatre. Daniel had picked out a super hero movie with all the comic book characters teaming up to defeat the latest invasion by some alien force.  Bette and Tina enjoyed the movie as it was full of action and the heroes were guaranteed to win. Bette commented to Tina that Wonder Woman had a nice body but not quite up to the standards of her beautiful wife. Tina reminded Bette that Wonder Woman was ageless and unlike her. Some of those physical characteristics of her wife were subject to change as time progressed. Bette then assured her: “Not to me my love. Not to me.” Tina smiled and giggled.

    Bette and Tina decided to go to a café and have some dessert after the movie and then headed home. Daniel had a great evening with his moms and promised not to disturb them then next morning. He would get his own breakfast. He was ready for a little extra sleep. And once he was up, he was going to work on his homework since they would be out all-day Sunday.

    Bette and Tina retired to their bedroom and decided to shower.  Tina began to be amorous with Bette and made sure she had an orgasm before the shower was over. Bette and Tina retired and cuddled and indulged in a slow love making session which gave them both a mutual orgasm which put them both in a sleepy after-glow. They were both beginning to realize that the all-night love making sessions were a thing of the past. They simply needed more recovery time. But one thing was for certain: the desire was still there and the response was still strong and the connection was as solid as ever.

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