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    Chapter 36 – First Week of School

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 36 – First Week of School

     Bette and Tina were up and, in the shower, early. They decided that they would put off beginning their exercise program another day. Tina took the laundry down stairs while Bette finished getting ready. She began the breakfast preparation. She could hear Daniel scurrying around upstairs. Daniel had asked if he could go to school early so that he could get his sports locker and his music locker. He wanted to get his golf clubs and violin stored on campus so they would be ready for after school. He would take his guitar in the following day. Bette said sure in that since she had eaten, she could assist him. She was technically not scheduled to be on campus until 9:00 am. She talked Daniel into taking his acoustical guitar as well as his violin so it would be there ready for his lessons.

    Tina could tell they were both excited about this day. This would not only be Daniel’s first day of school but also the first day in which Professor Porter would be in the classroom. She too had a full day planned. Both the contractor and Jim would be by the studio. She also wanted to organize her photos on her computer and think about her first creations.

    Bette and Daniel left about 6:45. Tina cleaned the kitchen and proceeded with the laundry. She then got out what she wanted to prepare for dinner and then looked in the freezer for some left overs which she could take to the studio for her own lunch. She loaded a case of water and took some coffee and creamer from her. She would go to the grocery store sometime in the afternoon and stock up so that she would have what she needed. Living in Redondo Beach caused her to plan her life a little different than it would be when she moved to Santa Monica.

    Tina sent text to both Daniel and Bette for them to have a great first day. She later suggested that the family go by the house before going home to see how things were going.

    Bette texted back that she and Dan would meet her there at between 4:30 and 4:45.

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