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    Chapter 38 – Last Week at Redondo Beach

    Tina: Yes, and we need to start to get organized for our trip to Philadelphia as well.

    Bette: I need to call Kit, Paris, Mary, and Angie. I haven’t talked to them in a week or so. Have you heard from Daniel?

    Tina:  I got a text that he was on his way to the game. Today had been a good day at school.

    Bette:  We need to send Barbara a text that Daniel needs to be brought home to our Santa Monica home on Sunday morning. You know this move is going to cut our commute time by a half hour each way? Oh, and I need to set up a routine to review Daniel’s records at school. We can review not only his grades but his sports activities, his music lessons and practice and what he’s buying in the cafeteria. And I want to incorporate that into a financial review of his accounts and of Angie’s accounts. I don’t want to be surprised by something I should be aware of.

    Tina: Well, we have given them a lot of freedom with their money and some bills which they are responsible to take care of. However, that does not mean we can’t or shouldn’t keep tabs on what is going on.

    Bette: Is my hair dry yet?

    Tina:  Yeah, I think it’s dry enough for you to go to bed. Do you want some water or something? I’ll get us a couple of bottles. Why don’t you go ahead and get in the bed?

    Bette: I’m on the right, right?

    Tina: You are always on the right.

    Tina went to the kitchen and got a couple of bottles of water and then came back and turned out some of the lights, put on the night light in the bathroom. Bette was lying comfortably in the bed and watching something on television. Tina put a bottle of water on her night stand and went and got a couple of towels and put them on the head board and then took off her robe and crawled into bed. Bette cuddled into her and kissed her and was watching some television. Tina was talking to her about Daniel and looked at Bette. Bette’s eyes were closed and her facial expression was relaxed.  Bette was sound asleep. Tina had the remote on her nightstand so she turned off the television, and turned out the lights over the bed and went to sleep herself.

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