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    Chapter 38 – Last Week at Redondo Beach

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 38 – Last Week at Redondo Beach

     The next morning, Tina woke up at 6:00 am. She got up with a jerk as she knew that Bette had overslept. She shook Bette and abruptly woke her up.

    Tina:  Bette? It’s 6 o’clock and you have one hour to get out that door to get Daniel to school on time. I’m going down and start the breakfast. You get ready for school…You up?

    Bette:  Yeah. Yeah.  I’m up. Check and make sure Daniel is up.

    Tina:  I will…

    Tina pulled on a jogging suit and some slip-on sneakers. And was out the door. She stopped at Daniel’s door and knocked and peeked in. She heard the shower going so she knew he was up. She went downstairs to the powder room and peed and washed her hands and face and then headed for the kitchen.

    Tina quickly put on the bacon and started preparing the toast as it cooked. She got out some oranges and began to peel them and ready them for serving. She decided to fix some grits since they took less time to prepare. She then started to break a half dozen eggs in a bowl and add a little milk and cheese and ready them to cook.  She then pulled the chicken tetrazzini casserole out of the freezer for tonight’s dinner. She quickly turned on the coffee and started to set the table and put water out for her family. She then put out the butter and the jellies and jams for the toast. Then she took a deep breath and slowed down a tad. Everything was going as she planned and breakfast would be ready withing ten minutes. She stirred the eggs in the skillet and then got out 3 plates. She began to think about what she could take to fix for her own lunch. She decided to take a bag of chicken tenders and some bag salad mix, a tomato, some cheese, some walnuts and a vinaigrette to prepare her lunch with. Water and coffee were already at the studio. So, she quickly bagged what she needed up and set it in the fridge.  She then saw some apples that she had purchased and added 4 of those to her bag.

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