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    Chapter 4

    For the rest of the day Tina wondered about texting Bette, but she couldn’t find the words for what she wanted to say. How to explain that she was just so tired. That what she wanted more than anything was a little peace. And that the surest way to get her life straightened out was to stay the hell away from . . .

    Well, what? The word that popped into her head, now, as she lay half-submerged in a warm bathtub filled with wildly expensive bubbles, was ‘romance’.

    But come on, she thought as she played her fingertips on the surface of the silky, fragrant water, that’s such a silly word for it. To Tina, at this point in her life, ‘romance’ conjured up grade-school crushes and desperate lonely hearts ads and the huge stack of tatty old Harlequins in her Aunt Peg’s house in Pinehurst.

    ‘Who needs it?’ she said as she reached for her glass of wine.

    She sipped. Just because Bette felt compelled to announce that Pippa was not her ‘person’ – so what?

    ‘That’s just information,’ she said to the taps at the end of the bath.

    She raised her right thigh and watched her hand as it glided over her skin. Hmm. The scent of oud and rose and sandalwood wafted into the air. The Maybourne always had lovely toiletries. One of the reasons Tina had chosen it when her company wanted to keep a hotel suite on retainer. That, and the fact that she’d never stayed here with Bette. Part of what she called Operation Clean Slate when she moved back to LA. Restaurants, hotels, cafes, theatres – as far as she could, she made these memory-free. And it worked.

    ‘Of course, now I have a bunch of other ones I can’t go to because of Carrie,’ she muttered . . . but then she wondered. The truth was, Carrie had never gotten under her skin the way Bette had. How could she? Bette was her first love. Angelica’s other mother. The woman she’d married.

    ‘I really thought we’d make it,’ she said as the tears pricked her nose. Tears of sorrow, yes, and regret, of course, but also bewilderment.

    Why did I ever leave?


    The weekend came. Tina took Angie clothes shopping and told her over lunch that she and Carrie had decided, with the help of their therapist, to go their separate ways. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. She hoped Angie wasn’t too upset.

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      • Hi majicspider60! *waves* Good to see you here. :-)

        Glad you ‘enjoyed’ Joyce, haha. I love writing her. She actually writes herself, she’s so vivid.

        Will try and do another chapter or two at the weekend. :-) Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. Hey my Scottish pal,

      Wow, another chapter so quickly – loving that. And I can imagine that Joyce does write herself!! Love Jane Lynch!!

      But T & B – well, emotions do run deep, down to their very souls. Angie can see it, C saw it, now PP. Surely they can to. They ju st have to admit it & have the strength to face the inevitable- they belong together.

      Great chapter & certainly hope you can compose many more soon.

      BTW – did you happen to give Showtime your story outline???? I would worship you forever if you did & they took your advice!!!

      Thanks for this little slice of heaven today!

      • Hiya pal! Thanks for reading this and commenting. They will wake up eventually, as you know, but not until the time is right ;-)

        Not that I would, but I wonder if anyone has actually sent ff to Showtime?? I suspect they’d ignore it, not least for legal reasons. But yeah, you have to wonder by what route they are going to reach endgame…. I hope it’s not left till the very end. I would love to have at least a few episodes where they are actually coupled up, so we can get what we never got – happy, domestic, family Tibette!!

        Anyway, take care – and enjoy your trip when it comes! Wishing you a lovely lovely time <3

    2. LOVE LOVE LOVE This story. I meant to comment on the last chapter – Bette with the receptionist was classic and so well written. I love the slow draw, the long wait, the almost palatable foregone conclusion. SIGH. I could read your writing over and over. PLEASE for the love continue


      • aw thank you, BK – you are the queen of Tibette and your encouragement and enjoyment of my writing means so much

        I will definitely finish this story bc I don’t like leaving readers hanging! :-)

        Take care

    3. Joyce, still at the age of 70th is flirting away and Tina is so adorable when she gets shy and flushed.

      It’s surely a slow path you have for our Tibette but the beginning is there, there is no way PP can’t see how Bette looks at Tina. Like Angie already saw, PP is on the way out.

      I would love to see Tibette happy and domestic for a few episodes on GQ but knowing Marja she will string along the Tibetters only to get more viewers.

      Look forward to read the next chapter!

      • I know, I could SO easily see how Laurel would act being flustered by Joyce. Those scenes where she’s flustered by Bette are *seared* on our eyeballs, aren’t they? When she’s composing the text to Jodie and when Bette is leaving for the airport and the kiss is a little more than Tina expected…. gah, so cute.

        Thanks so much for reading and commenting. It encourages me to keep going! And yes, let’s hope we don’t have to wait the whole of S3 to see them together!

        Have a great week, Bibi

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