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    Chapter 3

    Bette got out of bed, grabbed her robe (Pippa’s really, but she’d been using it long enough) and padded through to the kitchen. It was early September, the air in Topanga dry and still. The bifold door that led to the yard, that led to the studio, was open. She wished Pippa wouldn’t do that, not while Bette was still asleep, but old habits died hard it seemed.

    Bette poured coffee from the ever-full filter jug and took herself to the step. Pippa’s cat, a pale orange tabby called Ray, trotted across the yard to say hi. Bette stroked him, marvelling as she always did at the loudness of his purring as he closed his eyes, his scrunched up whiskers glinting in the honeygold sun. A memory: Tina’s hair splayed across her shoulder as she lay sleeping on their bed in the old house. Silken waves that smelled of that apple-y coconut stuff she used back then . . .

    She inhaled slowly.

    She always smelled so fresh, so sweet . . .

    Ray dropped suddenly onto his back, curling his spine and giving Bette a ‘come hither’ look that she knew better than to trust.

    ‘Uh uh,’ she said, patting his paws lightly, ‘I know you . . .’

    His favourite move was to let you rub his tummy for about three seconds and then grab your hand and try and shred it to pieces.

    ‘But you’re so pretty,’ Bette murmured, sipping her coffee; admired his slow-blinking amber eyes and the thick white tufts of his soft belly fur; listened for the knock of a woodpecker, caught the scent of warm earth, the occasional susurration in the trees. How quickly she’d fallen in love with this place, so gentle, so full.

    The cat grew sleepy. The coffee worked its magic. Bette ran her hand through her hair and thought about last night. Dinner in the studio while Pippa talked about her latest pieces. Bette was interested, but she’d also had a bear of a day and would’ve been fine with an episode of Grand Designs and early bed. As it was, Pippa wanted to work late so Bette went to bed alone and watched it on her phone.

    She looked up at the trees; their delicate silhouettes against the cerulean sky. This whole week was blocked out for following up leads from her European trip, but one day in and she’d already had enough.

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    1. Hey Friend,

      Had to check this out ASAP!!!!

      You leave us wanting for MORE!!!!!! AND RIGHT NOW!!!!

      But you are killing me with PP! Glad Bette is finally seeing her true self & not loving what she sees.

      And Tina – what the he’ll!!!!! ?????!!!!!!

      Ok, I get that the road won’t be EASY in your story too, BUT you do keep hope alive!!!
      Hopefully TK broke up with C & it’s DONE. No need for any further appearance of that witch.

      Ok, so Bette’s revealed herse6, what oh what will TK do?????

      Loved Bette’s little revelations of her feelings & her undying love for Tina.

      So now TK, follow it up with some home truths of your own.

      Great chapter update & waiting impatiently for the next update.

      Thanks so much.

      And yes, it has been a fantastic Tibette week!!! Totally happening!!!

      • Hey pal o mine!

        Thanks for reading this and commenting. Really appreciate it. :-) I feel like I owe you an apology in advance for how long it’s taking to dispatch PP….

        It’s fun seeing you on Twitter too.

        More soon, but meanwhile hope you’re getting your own story done. I am still reading!


        • Hey lady,

          Will always read whatever you post – you know you have my support & Tibette heart!!!!

          Yes, please get PP gone like yesterday! Thanks for taking care of C quickly. See ya – NEVER!!!

          Just started with the Twitter thing – it’s still a bit sporadic for me as I learn more about it. Funny though to read some of the crazy TLW comments.

          Yes, I had hoped to get the next chapter of DOH poisted before I left on my east coast vaca/ family reunion, but it didn’t happen, I ran out of time.
          May have a bit oif time later this week to post an update. Will bge surrounded by enthusiastic bunch of kids & adult kids carving pumpkins – I’ll watch from afar & get the update posted!!!

          Stay well & keep dreaming Tibette is Endgame!!!

      • Hi Angel1981! Thanks so much for reading this and commenting. :-)

        I’m following quite a long arc with this story. Hope you come along for the ride, but in any case I hope you enjoy the next chapter which I just posted.

        Thanks and best wishes

    2. Hey Largo,

      It took me a while but i finally found the time to catch up.

      This story, it’s a joy to read, the humor you use, love it!

      So C… Is out of the picture, can’t wait for PP to be out of it too.

      Dave, such a character, love her

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