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    Chapter 4 – Angie Comes Home


    “Oh Christ Tina, don’t remind me that Angie will be getting all touchy feely with Jordi.” Bette scowls, thinking of all these possibilities that Tina had just alluded to. She drops her arms by her side. ”I told you I’m not ready for her to be dating.”

    “Well, get used to it Porter.” Tina brushes a stray curl from Bette’s forehead and tucks it behind her left ear. Her hand is shaking a little as she touches Bette.  “Dating 101 is about to happen for your daughter.”

    Bette looks Tina in the eye and can see a swirl of emotions here. The same emotions that were in Bette eyes whenever Tina was near.

    “So glad we had that facts of life talk with Ang a few years back.”

    “Yeah, me too,” Tina says, momentarily lost in Bette’s piercing dark eyes. The soft timber of her voice soothing to Tina’s soul. “But a little reminder about safe sex and knowing when you’re ready for sex would probably be helpful.”

    “Oh god Tina. No.” Bette shakes her hands out in front of Tina, not wanting any part of that conversation. “It was hard enough the first time with that talk.”

    “Come on Bette,” Tina teases her, “you’re the Queen of lesbian sex. You should be able to handle a little chit chat with your daughter.”

    “Not funny Kennard.” Bette shakes her head no. “I am not talking to our daughter about techniques.”

    “Who said anything about techniques?” Tina chuckles and pats Bette on the cheek. “You are such a baby about some things.”

    “Am not.”

    “Are too.” Tina laughs and shakes her head. “Don’t worry; I’ll have a chat with her.”

    “Thanks. Well…um…we…um…”Bette is stumbling over her words as she desperately tries to hold in her rising emotions towards Tina. Inwardly, she wants to take Tina in her arms and ravish her right there. All this talk about sex and Tina’s close proximity is driving her crazy with desire. She slides her hands in her slack pockets stopping herself from reaching out to Tina.

    “We should get downstairs.  Ang will be back soon.”

    “Yeah, you’re right.” Tina straightens her stance, strong desire as well right there at the surface and reaches to retrieve her carry bag. “Lead the way.”

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    1. This is a very good chapter….family time. Tina reconnecting with Angie and realizing how much she misses by not living in the same house with her daughter. Everything is going well. Why do I get the feeling this is the calm before the storm?

      The explanation of why Tina left that she gave her daughter was just the superficial story. It seems a shallow, but perhaps that is all that Tina wanted her daughter to know. The part about “I wanted you to have two whole parents and not one and half.” That to me says that once Tina was whole, she would reunite with her family, but she got a divorce instead. We have a lot more to go to find out what happened that made Tina decide that the best path for her life was away from Bette. And does Bette know what happened to break them up?

      Tina appears to be in the same mindset as she announced upon arrival. She is here to support her family in their time of need, and then she is off to her new life. But, hey, its only been a day. There is still another two weeks to find out what is going on with Tina and what her future intentions are. Perhaps we will find out why she left and why she felt like only a half of a person.

      Great writing….nice flashback with the car scene. And no way is Angie ever getting that car. She has had that car for what 20 years? Why would she give it up now?

      I am liking this story….look forward to knowing more about what is going on with Tina and with Bette. And is there hope for them to be reunited in the future?


      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks for your continued support for this story!

        Yes, Tina’s simple explanation for her departure from her marriage and family is just the surface of the underlining issue. We’ll get to all that as the chapters unfold. Hey, like any story, it;s got to be told in stages, Lots more to come.

        And you’re right – it’s only still the first day. It might be fun to think that Tina & Bette would solve their problems instantly, but that would be way too soon.

        I thought the flashback scenes would provide some interesting situations for our fav couple & bring a little romance into the story because right now there’s just thinking and analyzing going on.

        The car scene was a way to have them connect in happier times.

        Stay tuned for more fun stuff to happen!!!

        Thanks so much.
        Stay safe!

    2. Thank you for the chapter!
      I like Bette’s trip down memory line about her Saab (by the way good that this car still existed in your story, because like I remember last we see it in s3 TLW).
      And of course great family time between three of them – love it. But about next hangout Tina with Angie and Jordie – I don’t remember – does Tina know about Jordie influence – skip classes, smoking a pot?

      • Happy Monday Zhenya,

        Thanks as always for reading.

        Although Bette can be very progressive & up to date on many things, she has a sense of history & she cherishes those things for her family. As I have noted, that car has a lot of memories for her & she won’t let it go, not even to her daughter.

        Tina will explore the issues with Jordi’s behavior in the next few chapters. Remember, she’s Mama Bear, so she’ll be looking out for her baby cub – Angie!!

        Thanks again for your support.

        See ya next chapter!!!!!

    3. Wonderful chapter!

      I miss them as a family! Gen Q crushed my heart and i hope you will heal it.

      The memory of the Saab was so sweet and romantic.

      There are still feelings between them and the explanation Tina gave was to simple but maybe that is what Angie needed to hear. Tina. To be whole again didn’t meant she had to divorce Bette.

      I am looking forward to the whole explanations about Tina’s reason to leave her family. They still love each other so much. It must be so hard for Bette to hold in her feelings while Tina is there.

      I love the funny parts in your story, keep Them coming!

      Thank you!

      • Hi Bibi,

        Hope your week ahead is great.

        Another chapter in!!!!!

        Tina is a slow burn at the moment, but things will heat up for her soon!

        Yes there are definitely still deep & strong feelings on both sides for them. But Tina needs to work through that & get to a happy place for both herself & her family. She has a lot to make amends for.

        With this story, I wanted to offer some sweet moments & HOPE!!!!

        We are all experiencing traumatic situations world wide with this Covid 19 pandemic & the mess that was season 1 on Gen Q. I thought a little lighter storyline would be appreciated.

        At this time, we all need to believe that happy endings do still exist if we work for them.

        Yes, Bette is having a hard time, but is also super cautious about getting her heart broken again.

        One more chapter for this timeline day & then we move forward to the next two weeks of action.

        Glad you are enjoying the humor I try to instill in the story.

        Will post again soon.

        Keep safe!


    4. I love the way you are unfolding this. There are so many options for how these two ended apart. I think the one consistent thing is that they still love each other. Angie is definitely the bond for both, but once she is grown the bond will have to be sustainable for Bette and Tina. I guess we will find out if they have done enough work on themselves.

      Ya got me intrigued…


      • Hi SuperK,

        Thanks so very much for your comments & interest.

        I love your stories too!!!!!!

        Yeah, its a bit of that slow burn right now as we establish some ground work for them. There are many chapters to come & much more togetherness for them.

        We get little hints from Angie as to how Bette has changed & a few thoughts from Tina as well. Through Bette’s actions we will see if she really has changed for the better. This goes for Tina as well.
        We all know that actions speak so much louder than words.

        I wanted this Tina to be stronger and have a voice in her destiny & not be pushed around like she was in OG & now in Gen Q.

        Yes, Angie is their glue at the moment & will always be their link to each other. Since the pilot episode of OG, Bette & Tina have wanted a family. We will discover if they have the fortitude to bring that family back together for the future.

        Thanks so much!!!!!!

    5. Still playing catch up and enjoying it!

      Love the family connection and obvious love the three of them have for each other.

      Flashbacks are a great addition to the story.

      Why though. Is Tina staying in an Hotel? That does not seem right.

      Waiting for you to take me further on this great ride but have to sleep now. Be back catching up tomorrow.

      Stay safe

    6. Update for SassyGran,

      About Tina & the hotel – she won’t presume that she would stay at Bette’s house when she returned to LA – would she?

      Chapter 5 reveals a little more about this & then Chapter 6 answers your question for sure!

      Glad that you are enjoying the adventure.

      Lots more to tell & explore.

      Thanks so much for your kind words.

      Sleep well & stay safe!

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