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    Chapter 3 – Getting Things Done


    “Dani.” Tina directs her next comments back to her. ”You handled several scandalous situations for your father over the last year. Some more successful than others and some handled behind the scenes instead of in front of the cameras. One situation with a former employee threatening to expose a senior VP for sexual harassment didn’t work out as I suspect you would have liked. Your father’s company paid a huge out of court settlement.  But, this campaign is on a bigger scale. There’s more at risk – the governing of this city. And your role is to protect Bette and subsequently Angie from anything. Bette needs your A game every day. So, if Bette asks me to offer any advice, I will.”

     “I understand.” Dani replies, understanding that she will have to work with Tina. “In the end, we all want Bette to win.”

    “Awesome.” Bette smiles her winning smile. “Let’s recap. Pierce – you will follow up with those latest campaign contributions and recap the staff activities.  Dani – you work on the speech and press release and let me know when you have a final draft so I can review.  I’m going to return some phone calls that need my attention today. Tina?”

    “I’m going to check in with Shane and Angie and see what their plans are.” Tina explains. “I want to get out of these travel clothes and freshen up a bit.”

    “Of course. You can use the guest room upstairs.” Bette offers. “It should have everything that you would need.”

    “Great, thanks Bette. Oh, one more thing,” Tina turns her attention back to Dani,” If for any reason you would need to mention me in any press release for Bette, please make sure you refer to me by my full name, Tina Porter Kennard, same last name as Angie. Bette, you okay with all of these suggestions?”

    “More than okay.” Bette swings her head in Tina’s direction. She lovingly gazes at Tina with a curl of a smile on her lips. She had always thought Tina in action mode was such a turn on. These next two weeks with Tina would be a huge challenge, but one she unexpectedly was starting to savor. “Let’s get started.”
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    Afternoon Activities

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    1. Well, Bette is still interested in Tina. But is Tina interested in Bette? Does not appear so thus far. Tina has booked a hotel room not too far away. Bette has evidently informed everyone she is still interested in Tina. But with Tina, its all business.

      Keep it coming. Thanks for this chapter.

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks for your comments.

        Rest assured that the affection and profound love that our fav couple have for one another has not faded,
        It still burns bright & will become more of the story as additional chapters are posted.

        The time line for this story is the two weeks prior to Election Day – so its a bit of a slower process than all at once.

        Lots more to come.

        Thanks for reading & please enjoy the rest of the story!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Great chapter!

      It isn’t often that i disagree with Martha’s comment but i think Tina still has deep feelings for Bette. And i have hope they will talk and are able to rekindle their relationship.

      I like Pierce, he is a good assistent to Bette and that he pointed out to her that Dani has feelings for her.

      The talk Bette had with Dani was honest and to the point. Let’s hope Dani does something with it. She knows now for sure that Bette will never see her as something other than her PR manager. Dani should be open and learn from Tina.

      Granny Porter, so funny ☺️ I like the banter between Bette and Tina!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

      • Hey Bibi,

        Happy Monday!!!!!!!!

        Thanks so much for the comments & insight. I truly appreciate it.

        B&T relationship is still there – but like Jennifer & Laurel said, they have to earn it!!!!

        They will both recall some saucy memories of their relationship over the next few chapters & explore their past & present connection.

        Pierce – I thought how the writers just had him walk away from the campaign & not even talk to Bette about it was very poor writing. So I utilized his character for a better purpose & to be the guide that Bette needs in this campaign. To me, Dani was over her head with just the PR stuff as she really wasn’t a team player & seemed to keep both Bette & Pierce in the dark with a good deal of her campaign activities. So I didn’t feel comfortable with her “taking over” the campaign if Pierce left.

        As I mentioned before, I wasn’t impressed with Dani’s character or the actress who portrays her. Too one dimensional & lacks emotion & empathy. Yes, very much like the Bette of OG season 1, but lacking the charisma & depth of character to pull it off.

        Yes, hopefully Dani does pay attention to the wake up call.

        Yes, Bette turned the table on Tina with the “Granny” comment!! Great fun.

        Thanks again & will post soon!!!!!!

    3. Thank you for the update!

      But still don’t see clear the reason why they divorced. If the only reason that Tina needed the space – why divorced& Why not try lived separately but still be in the marriage? Or Bette already had her eyes on Felicity?

      • Hi Zhenya,

        You welcome for the update!!!!

        I think most of us would not have had Bette & Tina divorce if we were writers on the show. But they did & I chose to follow that story line for this book.

        I will have Tina talk about her reasons in the next few chapters as the time line moves forward. Remember, in this story, we are still on the day that Tina has arrived back in LA. So a lot more to come.

        I don’t believe that Bette was involved with Felicity before she & Tina divorced. Bette herself has said that Tina was & still is the love of her life.

        I am thinking about writing another story where Bette & Tina don’t divorce & they separate instead. We’ll see.

        Thanks for your interest.

        Take care & stay safe!!!

      • Hi Trecelovinit,

        You are absolutely right – the love is still there, but guarded at the moment.

        Tina has a lot of explaining to do & forgiveness to ask for from Bette & Angie.

        There is a sweet memory from Bette on the horizon for Chapter 4 that I hope you will like that provides some direct connection between our fav couple.

        Patience is key.

        Thanks for reading!!!!

    4. Still catching up!

      I feel the love Bette and Tina have for each other coming from the page but am pleased you’re not rushing them back into a relationship.

      Glad you sorted Dani out!

      Enjoying it, thanks

      • Hi SassyGran,

        Thank you so much for reading & following this story.

        I was motivated to write it based on what we saw on Gen Q & how disappointing that was.

        Our fav couple has a lot to work out yet & that can’t be rushed – lots of feelings, emotions & actions to explore & resolve.

        Dani is too big for her britches & needs to learn from others who have far more experience than she does. I thought it was such poor writing by the writers to allow Pierce to walk off the campaign for Bette. That wouldn’t happen in real life. Just crazy. So I reworked the situation & had him remain in his position = you’ll see that in later chapter.

        Thanks again & stay safe. Saw that you were isolated from your family & friends – we are here in the states as well..

        Until the next chapter!!!!!!!!!!

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