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    Chapter 47 – Heteroflexible

    The Planet Parking Lot – Tina’s Point of View

    I have to admit, my faux confidence came from seeing Bette so tongue-tied at my forwardness. It was kind of getting me off knowing that I could undo her just by teasing mercilessly. At the same time, I knew my attraction to her was real. I knew this because she had the same effect on me when she exuded her own sexual self-confidence and poise.

    I could tell that she’s quite used to being desired. Hell, she was dancing with TWO women when I first laid eyes on her. Knowing that Bette Porter was probably a professional heartbreaker only intensified my fascination with her.   

    “The bedroom tour?”I asked with one lifted brow. “Is that what the Stouts are calling their multi-city show schedule?” I knew exactly what she was referring to, but my pride got in the way of acknowledging yesterday’s half-asleep, half-sober, all-nonsensical ramblings of a girl with her first girl-crush. My question was only answered with a sultry chuckle that made me tingle all over.

    As we walked out of the Planet hand-in-hand with our fingers laced as though we had been lovers for quite some time, I couldn’t help but steal glances at her as she strutted with purpose to her sexy muscle car. I parked a few spots away, and the lunch rush appeared to have thinned as there was only one car in between ours.

    We got closer to her car and she pulled the keys from her jeans pocket, disengaging the alarm. They must have been uncomfortable, stuffed so deeply into such a tight space. Bette’s ass looked phenomenal in the jeans she wore. She was in such great shape, no doubt due to her morning runs.

    Before she could open her car door, I twisted her around by the hand I was holding and pushed her up against it. I pressed my body to hers, before I dropped her hand and ran both of mine through the thick mane of brown waves. I smiled at her, intoxicated by our proximity. 

    It wasn’t long before we resumed our make out session right there in the parking lot. I felt her strong hands slide around my waist and pull me tighter into her. She felt incredible and was an amazing kisser.

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