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    Chapter 48 – Trying to Seduce Me

    Bette’s House – Bette’s Point of View

    My eyes shot open when I felt the slightest movement of Tina’s hips on my left thigh. Oh my God, she’s going to drive me crazy, I remembered thinking to myself as she applied pressure where I knew she needed it the most.

    It took all of my will power not to grab her ass and pull her harder into me. I knew I had to let her dictate the course and tempo of our physical activities with one another since it was so new to her. 

    Once I was sure that I could prevent myself from ravishing her sapphically-virginal body, I closed my eyes again. Her fingernails gently scraped my scalp as I felt her breathing hard through her nose.

     Suddenly, I felt a soft pulsating between my right leg and the back of the couch. When she abruptly stopped kissing me and pulled her head back with a bewildered look on her face, I knew she felt it too.

    “What’s that?” She asked breathlessly.

    Her answer came immediately after her question when a muffled version of “Who Are You” accompanied the third vibration.

    The ringtone elicited a small expression of amusement from the sexy blonde laying on top of me.

    “Sounds like it’s the Who.” I said with a half smile.

    Letting go of the back of her head, I reached for my purse that was caught between my leg and the back of the couch only to be caught at the wrist by her hand.

    “No, don’t answer it.” She tempted with her own smile.

    “I’m sorry, I have to. Besides, I think you won that round.” I replied with a wink, referring to the recent round of making out she initiated. Finding my cell phone quickly, I looked at the display.

    “Hmm, not a number my phone recognizes.” I said out loud which was enough for her to grab it out of my hand and sit up, straddling my waist.

    “Bette Porter’s answering service, how may I direct your call.” She answered in a sexy phone operator’s voice while she teasingly wiggled her eyebrows up and down. My jaw dropped as I shook my head, and mouthed ‘you’re so bad.’

    I watched as her smile almost instantaneously disappeared when she heard the voice on the other end.

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    1. Thank you for this chapter: music is such a huge part of my life. Sometimes, in the summer, when my days aren’t busy I find myself being nervous and I know instantly that I haven’t listened to music all day: I’m literally a music addict!
      I agree with you, if you want to know someone, check their music library.

      Best band of all times definitely The Beatles 😎 I believe there’s a Beatles’ song for every moment and every emotion in life. That said, a quiet voice is whispering in my ear “what about Queen?”.

      • Same!

        And I think since Queen has made a huge resurgence over the last few months, they are on everyone’s mind.

        Unpopular opinion: I enjoyed the movie [Bohemian Rhapsody], it was very entertaining…But it wasn’t great. I know I’ll get shit from someone for that, but that’s my opinion from a writer’s perspective.

        • I agree with your unpopular opinion. The screenplay could have been way better, but the movie is still enjoyable due to Rami Malek and his colleagues that managed some outstanding performances. Bohemian Rhapsody, “you don’t fool me” 😉

          Oh, “Something”. First song I’ve ever sung in karaoke and dedicated wholeheartedly to my first love. Great song indeed, very intimate.

    2. Another great chapter, MeLL. I like how they never seem to run out of a topic to talk about.
      Music is such a fantastic topic to talk about.

      Where can I book Tina as my answering service, too? ;-P

      Best band? The Beatles. I have an interesting book called “The Beatles – Recording sessions – The offical Abbey Road Studio Session Notes”. Really interesting what all happend in the studio during ’62 and ’70.

      • Easy conversation means you’ve made a connection, whether platonic or romantic. Music is my favorite topic of conversation. I could chat for hours given my eclectic catalog.

        I would love to read that book you got. I was listening to some Paul McCartney and Wings this morning. Let Me Roll It was in my head all day. 😎

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