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    Chapter 46 – Strike Two

    The Planet – Bette’s Point of View 

    I could feel my body temperature rise when she leaned into me. She was rubbing the inside of my jean clad leg, moving dangerously closer to the crux of my arousal. I was anticipating a kiss from her until she stopped just short of my lips.

    “And what will I be eating?” I swallowed. Hard. The deepened tone of her voice was erotic and wanting. This woman could turn me on just by the way she asked a question! I knew it was her objective. She was testing the elasticity of my self control, and for a moment, I was tempted to give into it by clearing the table of our used dishware with one sweep of my arm to slam her down on top of it before ripping that cute denim skirt from her body and having my way with the newly exposed parts.

    Once I came back from the stimulating image my mind concocted, I focused my attention on the lips in front of me. My own lips parted as I inhaled a slow deep breath.

    “Well, wha-what, ahem, do you typically order?” I stammered. Dammit, I didn’t want to show my unnerving. The lips I have been entranced by curled upward in measured response.

    “Typically, I’ve been known to order the, uh, pork sausage…but lately, that hasn’t been as satisfying as it was in the past.” I watched as her luscious looking pink tongue made an appearance to moisten the lips she knew I was studying. “I think maybe it’s time to break free from typicality. Is there any other dish you would…recommend tasting?”

    I swallowed again. I know I laced the conversation with double entendre first, but she was using it to her own advantage. For someone who had allegedly never swam in the lesbian pool before, Tina Kennard was certainly ready to jump in the deep end head first from the high dive. She moved closer to me and licked my bottom lip with a swift vertical stroke of the tip of her tongue.

    I could feel the quickening of my pulse and I swore she could hear my pounding heart. A deep cleansing breath later, I rediscovered my own sexual forwardness.

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    1. Hi MeLL,

      So good to see you had time to update!!!

      I hope you are enjoying your birthweekend!!!

      Bette & Tina, they are both so funny and naughty and yet interrupted before they lost control.

      I really enjoy the story!!!

    2. Happy Birthday MeLL! :-) All the best to you, enjoy another wonderful year in life.
      Thanks for posting in the middle of your celebrations.

      Nice insight to Bette’s thoughts again. A little thrown off course by Tina’s flirting and touching, eh Porter? 😎
      Well, let’s start this bedroom tour!

    3. Happy birthday!!
      I hope this year will bring you some hot moments like Bette & Tina’s and some witty yet caring friends like Marina! 😉

      Thank you for posting, I really enjoyed this chapter!

      Edit: I made a mess! I wanted to rate this chapter five stars, but I’m reading from my iPhone and somehow I managed to rate it three stars. Forgive my clumsiness: I’ll make it up to you.

      • Thanks for the birthday wishes!

        I, too, hope to find some hot moments with a special someone. Seems unlikely when you’re still hung up on someone who doesn’t feel the same. There is light at the end of the tunnel though. And I have the witty, caring friends down for sure!

        Don’t worry about the rating. I don’t pay much attention to those anyway.

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