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    Chapter 49 – Take Me To Your Bedroom

    Bette’s House 

    Bette led Tina down the hallway. Just past the bathroom on the right was an open door to what appeared to be the master bedroom. The open door allowed Tina to get a sneak peek as they walked by. She couldn’t help but feel a slight tinge of disappointment when they passed it up in favor of the last door on the left.

    As she entered, the blonde music executive gasped at the site. An entire wall was made up of custom built-in shelves which held 1000s of vinyl albums, cassette tapes, and compact discs. On the opposite wall was a state of the art home stereo system with two large speakers on either side. Just above the stereo hung framed black and white photos of Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and, from what Tina gathered, “Little Vinny” Porter in each photo with them.

    The most interesting item that caught Tina’s attention, though, was the shiny piano that sat in the corner of the room beneath two windows that overlooked the side and front yards.

    “A 1923 Steinway O-180 Mini Grand?” she asked as stroked the ebonized wood over the fall.

    The brunette’s surprise at Tina’s knowledge of the year and model of her most valuable possession was written all over her face. She stood frozen at the doorway as she watched Tina lower herself onto the stool and slide open the fall to reveal the ivory keys.

    “You play?” Bette asked in response, heart racing to be able to share just one more thing with this gorgeous woman.

    “Nope.” Tina answered without looking at her.

    Bette crossed her arms with a smirk after flipping on the lights and dimming them to compliment the dusk light beaming in through the windows.

    “Then how can you possibly know that?” she asked as she slowly made her way closer to the instrument.

    This time Tina looked back up at the big brown eyes she lost herself in each and every time.

    “Umm, helllllloooo,” she raised her hand. “Sucker for piano rock right here, remember? Come on, we talked about this.” Tina was smiling as Bette was reminded of the reason she brought her into the media room.

    “Yeah, yeah we did.” Bette conceded with a small laugh.

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    1. MeLL! More pent up energy?! That isn’t the bedroom tour, only the tour *to* the bedroom ;-)
      Love it! You really capture the tension between T + B. The scene at the piano is very intimate and sexy. I would melt away if a lover would play the piano like that for me .
      Do you remember Pillow Talk? Doris Day, Rock Hudson? The other kind of seductive 😜

      I’d like to have Bette’s media room. Added to the house on the beach from your previous chapters.

      Thanks for the Elton John reference. That reminded me that I wanted to give me a Best Of CD of Elton for Christmas. As for Piano rock … I’d add Billy Joel to the list :-)

      Great lyrics btw. Sold that song already?

      Anxiously waiting for the weekend. I’m planning to have little sleep Sunday night to be able to read the next chapters before I start the new week :-)

    2. I’m literally writing what I want my future forever person to do for me…or with me, rather, If I can find a musically brilliant partner, I can die a happy woman.

      Apologies, I have not seen Pillow Talk. I will seek it out though so I can better understand your reference.

      I’d love to catch Elton when his tour stops in my city, but I am pretty sure it is already sold out and tickets would be obscenely expensive. And Billy Joel is so fun. Love the Piano Man!

      Yes, those are original lyrics, no I have not sold the song. And thank you for your praise. You are too kind. 😇

      I will be hung over again Sunday, so you may want to just expect a Monday read since I will be coming back from out of town. Maybe I’ll get it posted Friday. No promises again lol.

      • Yes, I was thinking about Elton as well. I’m willing to pay a lot for a ticket but that is at my pain barrier (I hope this is an actual English expression).

        If you like screw ball comedy, it’s fun to watch Pillow Talk. Maybe more so “Lover come back” with a brilliant Tony Randall as Rock Hudson’s boss. If not…. Hudson and Day share a telefon line; she often overhears him playing the piano to his weekly girlfriend to seduce them; always the same song (“’re my inspiration, Joanne,…”) only changes the name of the girl. That’s about it ;-)

        Please, no pressure to post, MeLL. We’re all happy to read your next chapters whenever you’re ready to post :-) Enjoy your weekend, it’s still birthmonth after all.

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