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    Chapter 5

    The next morning, Bette wakes and with her eyes still closed she moves her hand across the bed, searching for a familiar body lying alongside her. She opens her eyes as her hand touches the cool sheets and she takes a breath, closing them once more and furrowing her brow. She lies still for a moment before rolling onto her back and sighing as she looks to the ceiling.

    Her attention is then drawn to the sound of the spare room door quietly closing and soft footsteps moving down the hallway and continuing on to the stairs. She throws on a robe and makes her way downstairs.

    Tina stands by the bench, arranging ingredients for breakfast, and looks up at Bette when she hears her enter.

    (Tina smiles) Good morning

    (Bette smiles) Good morning

    (Tina) Are you hungry? I thought I’d cook us up something if you feel like it

    (Bette smiles) Yes, that sounds great, thank you. I’ll make us coffees

    Bette fetches the coffee and makes her way to a cupboard and reaches up for the mugs. As she turns back around she sees Tina’s eyes quickly dart away from the hem of her short robe, and Bette stops and leans her head to one side, looking at her for a moment. Tina fixes her attention on the bench surface as she continues to organise their breakfast, and Bette smiles as she watches her profile.

    (Bette) Should I get dressed?

    Tina smiles but remains focused on the bench, and Bette’s smile widens.

    (Bette) I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable, I didn’t even think about it, considering it’s just us here

    Tina glances over at her and then returns her attention to the bench, still smiling.

    (Tina) I’m not uncomfortable

    Bette smiles and then shrugs as she places the mugs on the bench and moves to the stovetop.

    (Bette) OK then

    They prepare breakfast together and then settle at the island bench, sitting diagonally opposite each other.

    (Tina) What time is your appointment this morning?

    (Bette) 9.30

    (Tina nods) Well I’ll drive you, I can just get a coffee nearby while you’re there

    Bette looks at her for a moment, considering asking Tina to come with her but deciding against it.

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    1. Great to see a chapter!

      Team Bette or Team Tina, love the banter between Alice and Shane. Okay Bette sort of knows what happened but her reaction to the news is surprising me a bit, so calm and putting the blame on herself, as if she is the one who is responsible for all she and Tina did to each other and actually thinks she deserves it and maybe more.
      Still don’t understand why they basically don’t speak to each other for fifteen years aside anything regarding Angie.

      Look forward to the next chapter.

    2. The way I see this conversation went, they just touched the tips of the waves when there is an ocean of feelings, responses and reasoning underneath each decision and action. That is the part that the gang simply cannot describe to Bette in telling the story to make her understand her own behavior and Tina’s responses. “You were spiraling” simply is not adequate for Bette to understand the deep trauma she experienced in losing the baby and feeling the push away by Tina in sharing their grief. Nor can the simple statement that they lost the baby describe the severe grief that Tina went through. And it never has been explain why Tina decided to try for a second pregnancy without discussing it with Bette first. Tina made the presumption that Bette was ready for parenthood and that a child would fix their problems? Then to find out that Bette had turned to someone else for comfort has to be as traumatic as it gets…. And then after Angie was born, when Tina turns to Henry?? That was a major factor in Bette deciding to kidnap Angie. Yes, they both hurt each other dramatically and this explanation barely touches the trauma of the period. And as I recall, they were not exactly communicating at much of any level at the time. There is so much that Bette needs to know before she could possibly “fix it” between her and Tina.

      This is going to be a some story…. when Bette does regain her memory and regains the specific memories of why her relationship is what it is with Tina, that too is going to be a mind jolt… And there has been so much time which has passed, and the early indications of their current relationship is that Bette really just wants a co-parenting relationship… not a friendship and certainly not romance. Tina looks to be interested in a friendship for Angie’s sake and for her own but her romantic interest are elsewhere. It is obvious that Tina still cares for Bette and that she is attracted to Bette probably always will be. But Tina has moved on and made a life for herself without Bette. So let’s see what happens.

      Thanks for the chapter. Very interesting point of view… Look forward to more.

    3. I can understand Bette not wanting to have any relationship with Tina in current day if she feels deeply about never hurting Tina again. But in 2002 Bette hasn’t hurt Tina so all she can think of is wanting them together.

    4. I am hoping when Bette talks to Tina, that Tina let’s her know she regrets her part in the breakup. It is obvious Tina missed Bette and wanted to be more than just co-parenting with her. I don’t think either of them are madly in love with their current partners. You can’t get hurt when you are not that invested in someone. Even though Tina is engaged, it doesn’t seem like it is a soul mate kind of relationship. More like a companionship. At least I hope that is what it is. Don’t let go Bette.

    5. Ok, I’m not sure which story I like more. I’m leaning more toward this one. I wasn’t too happy with the retelling of what broke them up though. All the details were there but, Alice was leaning heavily on it was all your fault Bette. There is never a good reason to cheat, but there was a lot going on between the two of them that their friends did not even know about. Right now, Bette is on the outside looking in, so of course she is blaming things on herself because she is not the Bette they are describing. Hopefully after she talks to Tina, she will accept blame for the things she did to help their relationship spiral out of control. I am looking forward to the next chapter, please post soon.

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