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    Chapter 6

    Sunday afternoon, Bette’s doorbell rings and she makes her way to the front entrance. She opens the door to Tina and they both look at each other for a moment before Bette steps back, and Tina walks past her into the house. Bette closes the door behind them and they turn to face each other.

    (Tina) The others are here?

    (Bette nods) They’re out the back, did you want to say hello?

    Tina shakes her head.

    (Tina) No that’s ok, I should keep moving, I need to pick up Angie from a friend’s house

    Bette nods as she gestures towards the stairs.

    (Bette) OK well, come up, I assume everything you need will be in Angelica’s room

    They make their way upstairs together to Angelica’s bedroom and step inside, both looking around the room.

    (Tina) I’m kind of glad to see you have as much success as I do with her keeping things tidy

    Bette raises her eyebrows and smiles as she glances around the messy room.

    (Bette) So what is it she needs?

    Tina pulls a sheet of paper out of her handbag and hands it to Bette.

    (Tina) She gave me a list, I’m under strict instructions

    Bette smiles as she casts her eyes over the detailed list.

    (Bette) Very organised

    (Tina smiles) Well, the messiness is more me I guess, but yes, she’s certainly your daughter in this regard

    They smile at each other and Tina then begins to move around the room, gathering various items. She glances to Bette as she retrieves a jacket from the closet.

    (Tina) And neither of us are allowed to snoop, I’m supposed to tell you

    (Bette smiles) OK

    Tina packs the items into a suitcase she has placed on the bed, zipping it up and then standing upright and looking to Bette.

    (Bette) You have everything?

    (Tina) Yes, that’s everything

    Tina looks at her for a moment before continuing.

    (Tina) Would you feel comfortable to see her once she’s back from camp? Or meet her, I guess? That’s probably a better description. If this is still going on then I mean

    (Bette) I’d love to meet her. I didn’t want to put any pressure on you though, I just want to follow your lead. Whatever you think is best

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    1. Great to see a new chapter!

      So, it’s Bette who didn’t want to be friends all these years. What happened that they were barely civil? Do you follow the OG line of story, the one where Tina broke Bette’s heart by leaving her for Henry or did something else happen?

      Maybe it’s a positive thing Bette lost her memory temporarily, they can discover each other again, be friends again and when Bette regains her memory they will have not a big fall out about it, at least i hope.

      Looking forward to read the next chapter!

    2. Okay… so what does Bette now know? She knows that in the current time she is not interested in being friends with Tina. They are civil in handling Angie, but that is about it. But she has no idea how this came about and she is really reluctant to get any more of the story than what was told to them by the gang. What an impossible situation? How can people make reasonable decisions without knowing the background which put them where they are at? Bette’s determination not to be friends with Tina has to have some impact on Tina’s choices. This is going to take a while to work out… even if Bette’s memory suddenly comes back. So let’s see what happens next.

      Thanks for the chapter…

    3. Agree with Martha, Bette should have asked questions, especially since Tina stated that Bette doesn’t want to be friends in the present.

      I hope they can solve their issues and reconnect in a positive way.

    4. Love this take to your story so much! With a girlfriend and a fiancée in the mix. Will we learn more about Tina while they are on their own? I hope that Tina’s status isn’t very engaged anymore without anyone knowing yet. And “Jules”? She will return sooner or later, right?
      Looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for posting!

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