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    Chapter 5

    “What about?”

    “She’s got some big group outing to the dance planned, something about all getting ready at her place, to be honest, I wasn’t taking much notice,” I smiled.

    “Of course, she does,” Dana laughed, “I’ll catch her after class, see you later?”

    “Yeah, later,” I replied as we headed off to class.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    “Miss Kennard why aren’t you in class”, I hear her voice float out from the classroom I’d just passed. Backtracking I poke my head around the doorframe. There she is, sitting back in her chair, feet propped up on her desk, glasses perched on the top of her head, and a pile of assignments waiting to be marked in her lap.

    “Oh, hey Miss Porter, I’m playing hooky, gonna tell on me?” I cheekily replied as I entered the empty classroom, shutting the door behind me.

    “Hmm, I should but you seem in a much better mood than earlier, so maybe this time I let it slide,” she said smiling “So where should you be?”

    “Math,” I replied bluntly “If it helps sweeten the deal and keep your silence, I have a gift for you,” I said cocking an eyebrow

    “A gift, for me?” she said intrigued, she kicked her legs off the desk, and leant over her desk towards me, her chin balanced on her hand. “Now what could you have to give me Miss Kennard?” she purred at me.

    “Well,” I replied, leaning on her desk knowing that the position would pull her eye-line straight down my shirt, “I have chocolate, would that be sweet enough to keep your silence?” I asked coyly

    Her eyes flicked back and forth between my eyes and my shirt, “Hmm, I’m not really a chocolate fan so…” she trailed off

    “I’m not sure I have anything sweeter on me. You may just have to punish me instead,” I said raising an eyebrow.

    “That’s a shame, I usually only punish those that are really naughty,” she said, “And if memory serves me correctly at least one other thing about you is sweet,” she said her eyes drifting to my lips.

    Memories of our kiss at the club flooded my head, I had never been as turned on as I was right now, and before either of us had a chance to bottle it I moved. Not allowing any thought of time, place, being caught, or legality to ruin the moment I leant forward and brushed my lips against hers. Pulling back only enough to see her face, I said “Sweet enough?”

    “It’s a start,” she replied and before I knew it, she pulled me round the desk and planted another kiss on my lips. This time neither of us held back, tongues fighting for dominance, we were pressed together so tightly I doubt any onlooker would have been able to distinguish where she ended, and I began.

    Eventually, we pulled back to get some much-needed air, still holding on to each other for dear life, “What are we doing?” she whispered

    “Shush,” I replied, “don’t think,” Running my hands through her hair and breathing in the moment I knew couldn’t last forever, I gently laid my head on her shoulder, I could stay here forever.

    “Tina,” she whispered softly

    “Tina,” she tried again


    I shot up on my bed, confused, my arms and legs tangled in the duvet, not knowing where I was or when it was, just knowing that I was incredibly turned on and had just been dragged from the best dream of my life by…my eyes narrowed finally focusing on the bain of my existence.

    “What do you want Drew?” I snapped

    “Good morning, sister. Mom says you have 5 minutes to get downstairs or breakfasts in the trash.”

    With that, he turned and walked out of the room, I wanted to scream, I wanted to kill my annoying little brother, instead, I settled for chucking my shoe at his retreating form and then lying back in bed.

    “Fuck my life,” I muttered to myself, not knowing that today would be the day, everything, changed.


    1. Oh, wow…. I didn’t realize Tina was in a dream until she was awakened… Even though I understand Tina’s attraction to Bette… the story is making me nervous in that Tina may get Bette into some serious legal trouble which was what the introduction indicated in the first chapters of this story. Personal relationship between faculty and students is nothing but trouble. And with the super straight family and community which they live in, well…. the most innocent of relationships can result in loss of jobs, being ostracized by the community, and even legal difficulties. But I am holding my breath and hoping for the best….. thanks for the chapter update.

    2. My biggest fear at this precise moment in the fic is the announcement by Tina’s parents of any engagement with Eric during the event . The discussion with Jenny “the snitch” and her mother does not bode well …

      Excellent story, just wish you’d post more often !

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