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    Chapter 5

    “You’re behind on your assignments,” she said without so much as a glance at me.


    “The supply teacher has left quite a few memos on your behaviour and standards of work over the last few weeks,” she carried on.

    “My work?” I said baffled “You want to discuss my work?”

    “Yes, I want to discuss the fact that you’ve fallen behind with your work, and your attitude towards a teacher”

    “I’ve been distracted,” I said hoping to get a rise out of her. I’m not sure why I felt a fit of anger towards Miss Porter at the situation, however, now it was flowing I couldn’t hold back. Stuffing my hand into my bag I pulled out a stack of loose papers, “Here, that should cover any essays I’ve missed,” I said chucking them at her.

    “That’s enough Tina,” she said, trying to reign in my outburst.  “Sit down,” she said coming around her desk to stand in front of me.

    Rolling my eyes, I did my best to ignore her

    “Please Tina,” she gently put her hand on my arm. At that simple touch, my anger fizzled out, and memories of that kiss shot through me, the energy around us suddenly becoming charged. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one being affected by this moment as Miss Porter looked almost in pain at the situation. Finding her composure she shook her head, cleared her throat and stepped back all in one seamless motion.

    “Please Tina, sit down so we can sort this out.” She said, retreating to the safety of the other side of her desk.

    Complying I sat on top of the nearest desk, “Better?” I asked.

    Rolling her eyes, she just continued with the topic at hand, “Do you have any explanation for your behaviour over the last couple of weeks?”

    Shrugging my shoulders, I just sat and waited for her next question

    Sighing she tried again, “Okay, let’s start with the late assignments, your work is usually on-time and of a high standard, however this, she said while grabbing the papers I threw at her earlier, is not, what’s going on?”

    “I don’t have my computer,”


    “Part of my assigned punishment for my little night out is no phone or computer, which makes researching that bit more difficult.”

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    1. Oh, wow…. I didn’t realize Tina was in a dream until she was awakened… Even though I understand Tina’s attraction to Bette… the story is making me nervous in that Tina may get Bette into some serious legal trouble which was what the introduction indicated in the first chapters of this story. Personal relationship between faculty and students is nothing but trouble. And with the super straight family and community which they live in, well…. the most innocent of relationships can result in loss of jobs, being ostracized by the community, and even legal difficulties. But I am holding my breath and hoping for the best….. thanks for the chapter update.

    2. My biggest fear at this precise moment in the fic is the announcement by Tina’s parents of any engagement with Eric during the event . The discussion with Jenny “the snitch” and her mother does not bode well …

      Excellent story, just wish you’d post more often !

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