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    Chapter 5 – The Judgment of Paris

    Tina pulled all the best things out of the fridge from earlier. The sushi platter was a definite no, it had sat on the kitchen counter for too long, so that was trashed. She pulled out the sandwiches and cheeses and meats. And especially the olives.


    Bette just stared at Tina as she went around her kitchen, opening and closing drawers and cabinets, orienting herself. And the whole time she was gloriously naked. She could get used to this, she thought.


    Tina put together a few plates for them and they stood around the kitchen island, chatting and laughing, touching and feeding each other, sipping more cognac It was so easy between them.


    Tina took the last olive and pushed it in between Bette’s lips, not quite letting it go.  She was staring at the brunette’s perfect mouth. Bette licked at it and then sunk her teeth into it, wrenching it from Tina’s grip, a triumphant smile, pulling her lips out wide as she chewed it. Tina’s heart fluttered.


    Bette ran upstairs to grab them some bathrobes. It was early hours of the morning now, and it was getting cold. She handed Tina a thick white robe and began picking up the empty plates and then loaded the dishwasher while Tina had a little time to think about the events of the day.


    The brunette saw that Tina seemed far away, deep in thought. “That’s a serious look. Wanna talk about it?” said Bette. She perched on the edge of a stool and leaned forward, elbows on the counter, hands folded, waiting.


    “Hmmm, yeah,” Tina said, her hand gong to the back of her neck, massaging. Bette noticed her slumped shoulders. She saw a lot in her posture. Bette frowned.


    “I don’t really know what I’m doing, Bette”, she sighed. “I’m a runner. I’ve always been a runner. When a situation becomes unbearable, I run away.” Tina shook her head slowly, her eyes closed. “You know, all that crap I was telling you and Shane, about how I grew up in the South, how I could handle myself. That’s all bullshit. Yes, I grew up hunting and fishing, fighting with the boys in town. That’s true enough. But, my family life was pretty horrible. My parents are super religious, and as I got older they knew that I was different. They were abusive, verbally and sometimes physically. But, I never stood up to them. I just took it and took it. For years. And when I had scraped up enough money and got into a good college, I ran. I ran to LA and little Christina was gone. I became Tina Kennard and was thrilled with my autonomy. I met Dana, and we became best friends. I created a new life, worked hard and went from a PA to a producer. Now at 27 years old, I’ve got a pretty solid career. I get to choose the right scripts. I have some respect in this industry. I’m good at what I do. But, then this happened. And then Dana was gone, and my production a mess. And I did……what I always do. I went to my boss and told him I needed time away. You know, I hadn’t stepped foot on the set until today. I was terrified.”

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    1. Wow RiskyKitty,

      I nead a shower just like Bette has!

      A truly awesome chapter! Beautiful written!

      I would love to visit all the houses that Bette has around the world. Just how much money does she have?!

      It was great that Bette opened up a little to Tina and that they are both so smitten with each other. And i love to read about the history about the Golden Apple.

      Thank you for this wonderful story and don’t worry about the lenght, it would have loved to read twice the lenght of this chapter!

      • Thanks Bibi!
        Yes, a dream shower! And Bette has quite a lot of money. We’ll find out how in the next chapter.

        And wouldn’t it be a dream to have all those houses! The resort in Goa is based off a real experience at a resort I stayed in where the cows actually did come down the hill every night at sunset and go in the Arabian Sea. It was so cool.

        As for both of them opening up a little, it’s a good thing. It will help them in the next two chapters.

        Thanks for reading my story. I’m having a lot of fun with it!


    2. RiskyK –
      SO I poured a nice large glass of wine and went to sit out on my front porch to read your latest installment. I must say, you did not disappoint. I want to spend the afternoon with Carmen and Shane, the salsa music, the banter, the way they know each so well…. and Tina fits right in! Lovely. I can’t decide who is rocking whose world more right now, Bette or Tina? Both.
      Please don’t worry about the length of the chapter, I highly doubt anyone will complain about that. It was an enjoyable ride, almost like an action movie with all the beating of hearts and need to breath and urgency. Love love love it.
      Sad day coming up for Tina but I suspect she will find that Bette is just as good at supporting her through Dana’s funeral service as she is at loving her. Please make that so.
      Thanks RK, I needed this on this crazy Wednesday.

      • Hey BK,
        Ahhh. A glass of wine and a good read. Two of my favorite things together. Yes, writing the pool scene was fun, these girls relate so easily and Tina does fit right in.

        My favorite part about this chapter was when Bette and Tina are talking about each other and what they’ve found. With both Kit and Alice literally pulling it out of them and them in turn gushing about one another.

        Everything is happening very quickly between them right now, so I pulled back on the pace of the story to really get into every thought, every movement, every breath.

        I’m glad you liked the long chapter, but my concern was not the length of the chapter itself, but the length of the very intense sex scenes that took up most of it. I tried to whittle them down, but I couldn’t actually do it. Ha!

        Yes Dana’s funeral will be sad tomorrow, but we have a lot to get through even before then. I think you’ll really like the next chapter. At least I hope you do!


      • Love this update, and please don’t worry about widdling down the love scenes, cause i think i just finished reading my very favorite one ever…this story is so interesting i find myself anxiously checking every day for an update. And also, Indiana Jones and the temple of poon??? Omfg i busted out laughing here at work and had to make up some bullshit reason as to why i almost fell out of my chair with laughter. Thanks so much for this story and keep up the great work!!!

        • Hey Alicia,
          I love that you busted out laughing at work. I’m curious to know what the excuse was now.

          So glad you liked the love scenes. They are precious to me. I find it very difficult to change them once they’re written.

          So you liked Alice’s jokes, huh? Funny thing is, those are actual porn movies. I was so proud of myself for thinking I came up with them only to find that they actually exist on the internet. Hilarious. So happy you’re enjoying the story.


    3. Wonderful chapter…. these two are smoldering hot with each other. Both have disclosed a lot about themselves considering they have only known each other for a day. The fact that they feel the need to disclose is a good sign.

      Young people and their drinks in the morning before breakfast even…. Bette and Tina should be starving right now. They did have a snack just after midnight, but Bette had not eaten all day. And after the love making, a donut or two is not sufficient to replenish the body enough to keep up with the demands of their life.

      Love the intrigue of the golden apple. But my bets are that Tina is right. The thieves are in search of the golden apple. Can’t wait for this mystery to be revealed.

      Love this story…. thank you for this chapter. Write and publish when you can. Anxious for the next chapter…

      • Hi Martha,
        Yes, you think like I do. They don’t eat enough. It’s funny because that gets addressed in the next chapter, or the one after, I can’t remember. Anyway, the donuts were just a quick snack before the chef brings out brunch. You actually clued me into the fact that the very last paragraph had been cut off on the last page of this chapter. Here it is….

        All of the women popped up from their floats as they heard the table being set. Brunch was ready.


        So yes, time to eat after their time in the pool. I would have never known it wasn’t included, so thanks for that!

        Can’t wait for you to read the next chapter. Things start to get real!

    4. That pool party sounded like fun. The good ole days when you could or wanted to drink at breakfast time. Enjoying your story. Can’t wait for the adventure and more lovemaking to unfold for Tibette

    5. Another great chapter!!!! Please – never apologize for posting a longer chapter as this was outstanding reading. I love that the normally calm, cool, collected Bette Porter has been thrown off her game a touch by Tina. Just not too much Bette – keep your wits about you. Whoever tried to kill Tina will undoubtedly be at the funeral. And the fact that Eric is looking for her. Warning. Warning. I really want to know how Bette became a billionaire at such a young age. And what is the secret Shane semi-blabbed about that resulted in the angry look from Bette? Oh how I love this story.

      • Thanks Billy, yes Bette is pretty sprung right now, and Tina is just basking in the attention. Gotta love these two. And man, Shane can’t keep a thing from Carmen. Haha.

        So glad you liked the chapter !


    6. Well I got my read and re-read done so now can say what’s moved me.

      First, this is the first story that I’ve read that has Bette & Tina getting down on it from the jump although when they initially hear each others’ name, they thought it would be a meeting with a “librarian” or such. No big deal right?

      The ACTUAL meeting however proved to be their undoing and these two alpha “professionals” found their responses to b 180 degrees opposite to what they expected. They couldn’t even gather themselves enough to “fake the cool”.

      And then there’s Kit. Totally love her banter and playful interrogation of Bette!! I howled in laughter when Kit said, “So which guest room is Tina in, I want to go say Hi” . . . . And Bette had to admit that Tina slept in her bed. Kit KNEW that the cute little blond had blown Bette’s socks off!! That she was a match for Bette sexually and had confidence in that arena bc Tina had been quick to invite them all to breakfast AT Bette’s pace. Tina expected to still be present the next morning 😛

      Tina had no idea that Bette was totally a “love ‘em” (for a very few hrs) and “leave ‘em (well before sunrise).

      Was funny that Bette had bought Kit a “throne” that wouldn’t capsize so that she could enjoy the pool😃. And I liked how Kit asked Bette for details about her meeting of Tina but didn’ have to have “down & dirty” details. Kit was interested in whether Bette now had a chance at a relationship where she would be nurtured and prioritized. She knew that “that” was really what was absent and sought-after in Bette’s life.

      What ever you do RiskyKitty please expand Kits’ character. Really enjoying Shane & Carmen together!

      Let’s see now . . . . I say Tina will invite Bette to the funeral and while there Alice (who will invite Tasha) will have her “reporter’s antennae” up and take note of any person/vehicle that shouldnt be there.

      • Hey Dumplin,
        Yes, I decided to play with them a little before their first meeting. Because one would think that an art history PhD and a movie exec. wouldn’t necessarily be that fun, am I right?

        Wrong. They knocked each others socks off. They’re like magnets, these two. Chemistry off the charts. Now we will have to see what happens when that isn’t necessarily enough. I have faith in them though.

        As for Kit’s interrogation, gosh, I loved writing that scene. I wanted to show that love for each other right away. She will definitely have more of a role in later chapters, so don’t worry.

        As for the funeral, we’ll have to wait and see, but we still have a whole afternoon and evening to get through. Which, going at my pace will take a little while. :)

        Thanks for your awesome comments! They make me feel good.


    7. Thank you for this chapter, no need to apologize about the many pages steamy sex. EVER!
      Hopefully Tina will locate the ropes that Bette has hidden on her bed and return the favor.

      Looking for to the next chapter, I will be interested in how Bette will handle being in a relationship.

      • Hey Bub,
        Thanks. I get carried away a little bit. Anyway, I’m not sure how Bette would react to being tied up, but Tina can certainly give it a shot. Bette’s given up quite a bit of control to Tina already without entirely realizing it. We’ll have to see what happens.

        Yes, a relationship between these two will certainly be interesting. I’m excited to share it.

        I hope you like the next chapter!


    8. Risky, what a great chapter! Yes, as you suspected I totally agree with Alice on her Indi and Lara Croft references. You had me cracking up at “temple of poon” and “womb raider”.

      For me the steamy scenes shouldn’t be any shorter. Their steamy night together marks an important change for both of them in the relationship department. The details how both took care of the other during their lovemaking shows how much they’ve bonded already. Within less than a day! That wasn’t just a random night of making out with an woman.

      All the confessions in between wouldn’t have such a significance had the scenes been shorter. First Tina’s confession of always running, not ending in bed with a lover that quickly, Bette telling her about her short-time lovers, her childhood, the uncertainties of Tina staying in a guest room or not. And their admissions of letting go in the heat of passion.

      I love their internal reflexions throughout the night. There are many quotes that I love:
      Bette opening up to Tina – “She just didn’t know how to express it. But she owed it to herself to try.”
      “…the two had shared a little of their souls with each other and it was like a balm to both of them”
      Bette “She looked herself over and let out a breath. It was showtime. But, this felt different.”
      Bette’s user manual to the coconut lotion – LOL, but she’s so right, isn’t she? Tina and the alarm clock or the next morning when Bette lists her estates and Tina only asks for the mention of relationship.

      I’m curious how the plot will thicken. Why is Bette angry with Shane? What did she reveal? Still thinking that Eric is behind it.

      Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend

      added: oh and one more thing! Am I the only one who fears that someone will try to attack Tina again at the funeral?

      • Hey Kiwi,
        Love your comments. Yes, I thought it would be a little cheeky to have Alice see her as that amalgamation of characters. She kind of is.

        And you’re right. I couldn’t pare down the love scenes at all. It wouldn’t have made sense to the reader as to why they were both feeling so strongly for each other. The intensity of those scenes anchor their confessions. They are so in their feelings right now. Completely overcome by one another, physically, emotionally, and even mentally with all of their teasing and verbal play.

        And hell yes to the lotion instructions. I’m sure Bette’s examined Tina’s nails as well. That’s just who she is. Haha. I get that. But, I also wanted to expose Bette’s vulnerability quickly after. Standing in front of the mirror, giving herself the Bette Porter pep talk.

        And then Tina fitting herself into Bette’s little kingdom. Snuggling into Bette’s side of the bed when Bette doesn’t even share her bed. I wanted to show Bette’s softness as she looked at Tina, at how cute she was. This is all incredibly new for her. And Tina is eating up the attention and the affection. She’s starting to realize what she has in Bette.

        Can’t wait for you to read the next chapter.


    9. Great chapter….wonderful evening read with a beer and a nice breeze on the porch! Never apologize for a lengthy post. I look forward to them. You are a very detailed story teller. I enjoy how you visually set up the the bedroom..Tina jumping on bed to check it out…the black sheets with 10,000 thread count..I chuckled reading through that. The details you share in your writing allows us to capture scenes not only visually but also shares the emotional happenings..their fears, joys, sadness and the excitement in new found relationships…friendship and love! Keep on, the story is engaging and I, as well as many others, am hooked!

      • Thank you so much, Finn. I’m so happy you like the story. Yes, I do my best to let you see them how and where I see them, down to every breath and every expression. I love writing these two. And I love to write the more playful scenes, like Tina testing out the bed and Bette trying to play it cool and failing. Can’t wait for you to read the next chapter!


    10. I just started this story and while I don’t usually read stories that veer too far from how the show presents Bette & Tina…I am really enjoying this one! Great action, and Bette is not a gallery owner here, but…a Lara Croft-like art aficionado mixed with a female Bruce Wayne quality (I dig that Shane is like her side-kick friend). It’s an engrossing story/mystery with very well thought out Bette and Tina…more bold, more passionate. and I love your description of…everything (the motorcycles, the house, etc). it truly paints a picture. Keep it coming!

      • House Of Stir Fry! I love that name so much! One of my fave scenes! Well, I’m certainly glad you took a chance on my story. I try to stick very much to the characters they developed in TLW OG, so that’s something you can expect from them. Everything else is just my fantasy of their meeting and their love affair under very intense circumstances. I’m happy you’re along for the ride! Can’t wait for your thoughts on the next chapter!


    11. Risky

      It took me forever to get the time to read this in one sitting. So glad I waited. Love the details and how you bring the characters perspectives on all level.

      I love your version of Tina, strong yet sensitive. Loving Bette’s comfortable intelligence that is not patronizing or elites.

      So much fun in this story.


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