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    Chapter 4 – Kit’s Club…and The Pool

    Tina went up to the master bedroom to take a shower. Bette was so tempted to join her, but she gave the blonde her space. She wanted Tina to come to her.


    Bette got the bags Shane had left downstairs for her and laid everything out on the bed. Shane met her on the stairs as she went down to get a bottle of champagne and Shane was on her way up to the roof deck. The two high-fived as they passed each other. There was a small apartment on the roof, which Shane stayed in when they partied or had work that they needed to be taken care of together. Bette liked Shane on a separate floor, especially when they both had company over.


    Tina loved Bette’s shower. It was almost its own room, with large grey stone tiles, dual shower heads, benches on both sides and jets coming out from the walls and the center of the floor. It reminded Tina of a fountain. It’s was luxurious.

    She used Bette’s body washes and shampoos, treating herself in the stunning beauties’ domain.


    She had stood under the water and imagined Bette stepping into the shower with her, wrapping her strong arms around her and taking her. She imagined the things she would do to her body. Her arousal and the steam were making her dizzy, so she decided to get out.


    She wrapped herself in a fluffy towel and stepped into the bedroom. Her mouth dropped at all the clothes laid out on the bed. Her clothes.


    Bette came in with a bucket of champagne and two glasses. She smiled nervously at Tina’s reaction to things she had Shane bring over.


    “I-I didn’t mean for Shane to clear out your whole closet. I…don’t expect you to stay here. I think that maybe she didn’t know what you would want from your apartment.” Bette sighed. “I know this a lot, Tina. And I don’t just mean the clothes.”


    Tina looked at this gorgeous, tanned goddess, standing in her bikini with a bucket of champagne and flutes who was hanging her head a little, nervous, waiting for some type of blow to come from her. It was so sweet it made her heart swell.

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    1. Agree. Whew is right!!! What a pleasant surprise to find your post. This is officially one of my favorite stories. Shane just oozes cool. Tina is so incredibly sensual. And Bette is sexy as….well you know. Their chemistry is off the charts. Really well written.

    2. Wow, just Wow… sizzling hot! I like that Bette decided to ask Tina to come home with her even though Tina has already indicated that she wanted Bette. Its was gallantry at its best. She is not making any assumptions and that is a good thing…. Very nice chapter. I love Kit. She knows this Tina girl is someone special… let’s hope that she is really special for Bette.

      Thanks for this chapter… .looking forward to more….

      • Thanks Martha,
        Yeah, Bette is no fool. She already knows that there’s something different about Tina. Something she’s never seen before. For Tina, it’s a sweet escape, a fantasy with this incredibly gorgeous woman. So, it’s infatuation right now for both of them, but not for long. We’ll get to see them open up a little bit in the next chapter, along with a few more steamy scenes. I mean, it’s Bette and Tina, young and passionate and just finding each other. Even if they don’t quite know what they’ve found yet.

    3. Risky, you didn’t promise too much. Bette on a bike with high heels and Tina on the back in a black dress – wow! Forget about Lara Croft, here comes Bette Porter.
      Tina and Bette both clearly understand the game of teasing and foreplay.

      Love the scene at the Planet. Great introduction of Kit. The bond between the sisters is palpable. Looking forward to the next moment with the Porter sisters.

      As for the pool scene, well, what they said (/me pointing to the comments above). Whew! Very ambitious for new lovers to get it on in the pool but we’re talking about Tina and Bette after all. Smokin’! I’d say the temperature of the pool climbed up a few degrees :-D

      Great chapter, Risky, can’t wait for the next one.

      • Thanks Kiwipit, yeah, Bette is definitely a force. Just as complex as we know her to be, just as driven, with a lot more financial freedom and a few cool toys. I think you’ll really appreciate the next two chapters, especially when Bette talks to Kit about Tina. But for now, I’m glad you liked the steamy pool scene. There’s a little bit more of that to come.

    4. Wow, that was sizzling hot!

      Their chemistry is off the chart and they both know excactly how to tease and turn each other on!

      I like how you brought Kit in the story and that she and Bette have a great bond and support each other.

      I can’t wait for the next chapter!

      • Thanks Bibi,
        Yeah, I definitely turned it up a notch with these two. And there’s more to come. While they can’t trust each other with their thoughts quite yet, they’re not shy about trusting each other with their bodies.

    5. Excellent chapter, I am still enjoying the pace of your story. I did have to stop and You tube Flume, so thanks for that, I will be checking out his other songs.
      I like how Tina is very confident and independent. My favorite part, by far is when Bette blew of Jodi.

      Looking forward to the next chapter.

      Thank you

      • Thanks bub,
        So glad you had a chance to find the song and Flume. The lyrics felt good to me with the mood between those two in the club. And yes, Tina is the one leading this love affair right now. She’s looking for some release and Bette is more than willing to provide it in a kind and respectful way. They just don’t know how deep this is going to get just yet.

    6. Riding in dress and on the heels on sport bike – hmm, not sure it’s a good idea. Never in my life saw a women in the dress on sport bikes. Why not on the bicycle then? :)

      What’s wrong with car? Or Bette just don’t have one?

      • Hey Zhenya,
        Yes, Tina wanted to ride the bike again and Bette is skilled enough to be able to do it in stilettos, so she agreed. However, she’s in pants. Tina is in the black dress. But hey, this is fantasy. I’m sure there will be a few times that what these two do won’t be the most sensible thing. That’s the fun of it though. Thanks for reading!!!

    7. Smoking Risky Kitty. I am surprised they got cold in the pool considering the heat they were generating. LOL
      I agree Kiwi, move over Lara Croft you have nothing on Bette Porter. Can’t wait for the investigation to start on the statue and seeing how this sexy relationship plays into the drama.
      Thanks for the chapter !

      • Hey BK,
        Yes ma’am, I’m sure that pool went up a few degrees. But you know how it is afterwards. Tina’s fire had been quenched by Bette and the pool water, for a little while at least . Lol. We’ll see what these two do with the rest of their late night/early morning in the next chapter. Spoiler alert: still pretty steamy.

        And yes, we’ll get back to the Venus in the chapter after next. The pace slows down for these two a little bit. But, I’m ok with that for now.

        Just about to sink into your post now. So excited!

    8. RK,
      Like that the Tina in this breathtaking story is assertive. She barely “knows” Bette but has the where-with-all to get in between anybody that thinks their gonna saddle up next to, or put their hands on Bette!! 😛. Tina knows she’s sexy and knows what to do to capture Bette’s attention.|. She’s like an anxious, prancing panther!!

      I loved how before they actually “met” they felt a magnetic pull toward how well one another names just rolled off of their tongue, “but didn’t know why”. So Cute🥰🥰

      I like that any personal insecurities that either one may have got shot down & swolloed up once they started “eye f*ckng” and getting it on in the pooL!!! Man alive they ALREADY are so in sync. ☺️ It will be sweet watching grow in sync to the point of knowing when each other may be heading toward danger.

      I’ll be curious to see if Tina really take seriously her need to be alert and diligent around Eric & Aaron. She needs to install camera in her office at the very least. This Eric is 100% slimeball who would take advantage of any compromised situation he finds Tina in. Tina may be the 😎 rock start Producer, but she needs to make sure quality folks are around. Perhaps nosey Alice could play a pivotal role in acciidently exposing stuff unbenounced to the perpetrators. 🤔🤔

      • Hey Dumplin’T!
        Thanks for your awesome comments. Yes, these two are very cute and very much into each other. We’ll see how long this particular infatuation can last. Eventually they are going to have to really get to know each other. But for now, let’s see what they do with the physical intensity. I hope you like the next chapter. It got away from me a little bit. Haha.


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