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    Chapter 56 – Very Classy

    The Planet

    “I just wanted to be the one to tell you before Alice tried to spin it into something it’s not, that’s all.” Shane said with her head down as Angus and Kit nodded in understanding.

    Kit reached for the young drummer’s hand.

    “Hey, girl, don’t sweat it. There will be plenty of other offers. I know Alice doesn’t see that right now. But we’ll be a’ight.” Kit reassured. “I ain’t mad atcha, Baby Girl.” She squeezed Shane’s hand which allowed Shane a small smile for the first time all day.

    “Shane, it’s cool. Everyone knows how dedicated you are to the band and we know that you would never do somethin’ to intentionally sabotage anything for us.” Angus stated. “In fact, I think what you did for Bette was awesome. She’s totally gaga over Tina right now.”

    “Uh, my sista is 100% Lady Gaga over that woman!” Kit agreed.

    Shane smirked and nodded her own agreement with Kit’s statement.

    “So you haven’t talked to Alice at all this morning?” The older Porter asked.

    “Nah, I left the house before anyone even woke up. Had to get some perspective by myself for a minute, ya know.”

    “I do.” Kit sympathized.

    “Everyone should be at work by now. But I’ll let you guys in on a little secret.” Shane lowered her voice and leaned over the table as her two-person audience did the same. “When I left this morning, Tina’s car was still in Bette’s driveway.” She raised her eyebrows up and down suggestively.

    “Little Porter, you dirty dog!” Angus whispered to his band manager as if she could hear.

    “Oh please, my baby sista has more class than to take a woman home and sleep wit’ her on the second date.”

    Both Shane and Angus gave Kit a look that told her she was only kidding herself.

    “What?” she asked defensively.

    “Kit, with Bette’s track record, a second date sleepover is very classy.” Shane said matter-of-factly with a smirk.

    “Maybe so, but here’s hoping Tina was able to ward off any of my sister’s advances.”

    “I don’t know Kitty Cat, my gut tells me that Tina was prob’ly the one who was puttin’ the moves on Little P.”

    Kit eyed Angus suspiciously. “And what makes your gut so sure, Smart Guy?”

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    1. I’m very much enjoying this ride you’re taking us on. Thanks a lot for all your work.

      So, Tina, the wild and crazy tigress, huh? Could be a pathetic meow if she doesn’t tell Bette about Aaron’s idea of a record deal for Kit.

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