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    Chapter 57 – Lap Dance Sandwich

    Alphaville Records

    “Congratulations, fellas! Job well done.” Aaron praised Tina’s street team as she beamed at them from across the conference table.

    “Thank you so much, Aaron.” Oscar said with sincere gratitude. “This is such an amazing opportunity you’ve given us, we are so grateful.”

    “We won’t let you down, sir.” Esai added.

    “Ehhh, I’m not worried about that at all. I trust that you boys have learned from the best.” Aaron winked at Tina, giving her a light nudge with his elbow.

    The four of them sat in the very same conference room where Tina’s promotion was announced just two weeks earlier.

    “So when do you want us to start?” Esai asked.

    Aaron looked at Tina again as if she held the answer. Tina met his gaze, both her eyebrows raised in curiosity.

    “How about tonight?” Aaron suggested quietly. “Kennard, why don’t you take them both to the shows you have tonight and tomorrow? Maybe by Wednesday they can take your show calendar for the rest of the week.”

    “Okay, yeah for sure, but I mean, they’ve gone with me to shows before so I doubt they need training wheels for very long.” Tina informed her boss.

    “That’s true, I mean we just went to a show with her on Friday.” Oscar admitted.

    Both Aaron and Tina turned to look at him across the table. While Aaron’s face showed traces of puzzlement, Tina’s wide-eyed stare and slight shake of her head told Oscar not to say anymore.

    “I thought you guys were at the Third Wheel gig at the Roxy on Friday?” Aaron posed his question to the blonde as he glanced at her sideways. Luckily for Tina, she was able to face him with those wide eyes pursed lips as if her full attention was on him, which gave nothing away.

    “Hmm? Oh, yeah. We did. But before the show, I took the guys to some little restaurant not too far from the venue where some small time DJ was spinning.” Tina shrugged. Not entirely false, she thought. “Nothing too spectacular.” Sorry, Carmen. Just throwin’ him off our scent.

    Oscar and Esai shared a look but knew better than to correct their supervisor in front of her own boss.

    Happy with her answer, Aaron turned back to the guys. “Alright. Well, you guys can hang tonight while star searchin’ and maybe we’ll cut you loose tomorrow night.” Alphaville’s GM stood from the table and extended his hand to his newly promoted employees. “Congratulations again, men. I’ll leave you three to plan the rest of your schedule this week. See you all later.”

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