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    Chapter 6 – Did She or Didn’t She ?


    “Yea, you’re right.”

    “Um, remember if you need anything, I’m here.”

    “I know.” Bette responds trying to keep her emotions in check as well. “Thank you again for everything.”

    “You are my family you know. You always will be.” Tina states as she longingly looks in Bette’s expressive dark eyes. A trace of a smile on her lips. “I love you.”

    “I love you too.” Bette answers honestly, unsure of what to do next. Her expression a mix of wonder, hesitation, amazement and love.

    “Come here.” Tina can’t resist her feelings any longer and finally reaches out to Bette. Just like she had done thousands of times in the past. She knows Bette can’t resist her request. She takes her into a loving embrace.

    They both wrap their arms around one another and feel their deep bond again. Neither wants to let go. Memories from their past flood back for both of them.

    Bette strokes Tina’s back and tightens her hold on her ex-wife.  Her long arms wrapping around Tina. She presses her hands along the top of Tina’s sweater and rubs her shoulders. She leans into the side of Tina’s neck and inhales her scent.  That warm vanilla spice again. She presses her body the full length of Tina. Wanting that physical connection. She closes her eyes and savors the feel of Tina in her arms again. She doesn’t ever want to let go.

    Tina can feel Bette’s warmth through her sweater and she feels so good in her arms. Bette had always been an inferno with her body heat and it warms Tina to her core. Bette’s scent of earthy musk fills Tina’s senses.  It’s intoxicating as it always has been. She holds on tight and circles her arms around Bette’s neck. She feels so right in Bette’s arms. Where she belongs. They just fit together, they always had.  Like they always would. She softly caresses Bette’s curls with her fingers.

    Bette feels Tina’s slender body and shivers at her touch. She has one last request for the evening.

    “T, Please. Please don’t go.” Bette whispers in Tina’s ear. Her voice deep and thick with emotion. “Please.”  

    The Next Day

    “Mama!” Angie shouted as she walked into the kitchen the next morning and gave her mother a big hug. She was surprised, yet happy to see her first thing in the morning. “When did you get here?”

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    1. Hi Collins,

      Great chapter!

      So Tina did stay and even slept with Bette in her arms. Tina is a beautiful and great woman, knowing Bette so well and will always care and nurture her in time of need. She question if she is still in love with Bette, of course she is! Why else will she hope that Bette will give her a change to work it out.

      Bette had a important revalation about her and Tina. That is a very good sign, with that she can work it through with Tina and give her the space she needs.

      It is so clearly that Bette is still so in love with Tina and the memory she had was sweet and sexy. That is the Tina she fell in love with. Confident and sure of herself.

      Tina is a great assest to Bette and her team. She can be the one that makes Bette win the election. It is clearly she is respected by Bette’s team and i think Dani realizes too that they need her.

      I love this story!

      Thank you for the update. Stay save and healthy ????

      • Hi Bibi,

        Thanks so much for your continued support.

        Tina definitely knows her woman. Yes, this is the Tina that Bette first feel in love with. She is portrayed as a strong character here and she will go after what she wants. She has much to atone for, but now she’s not afraid to speak up. Her self-worth is back.

        Glad you are enjoying the side trips down memory lane!!

        Tina has always been successful in her career and can offer anyone business advice. She’s been a top executive in several companies. She wants Bette to win on many levels – for Bette herself, to honor Kit, for Angie to prove to teenagers that you stand by your convictions no matter how hard the situation is.

        Tina & Bette’s team will have another event to collaborate in another chapter. Great fun.

        Thanks for sharing & keep safe as well!

    2. I agree with BiBi, well said. Love how Tina supported Bette and cared for her. With all their history, she knew exactly what to do to get Bette over the pain of the day. Looking forward to them talking and clearing out some of the hurts so they can salvage what is left. Thanks for the lovely chapter

      • Hi BK,

        Thanks so much for reading.

        Lots more to talk about between these two – as that has been a major stumbling block for them throughout their history – they tend to talk at each other instead of to each other & then on top of that they avoid discussing the hard topics & situation or problems never get addressed.

        They have a long way to go yet & will have to deal with some painful topics. Both need to be able to be genuinely sorry for the pain they have caused the other.

        Have a great upcoming week.

        Thanks again

        Love your story too!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Thank you for this chapter!

      I always enjoyed how Bette and Tina working together. Unfortunately we didn’t see it too often in TLW (s1 with Faye Bucley interview and maybe in s6?) So maybe your story filling the gasp and we would read about them working together more.
      And of course nice flashback.

      • Glad that you enjoyed this chapter.

        I agree with you that we didn’t see enough of the Tibette relationship & how they worked together to help each other outside the bedroom or wherever they had sex. OG missed it’s chance to create an even better couple & relationship.

        So the writers on this site will have to do it!!!!!

        Yes, I am trying to fill in the gaps that we didn’t see & give them more depth. For them to have known each other for 24 years & been in a relationship together for nearly that long, there is a LOT of situations to explore.

        Thanks for reading & some more flashbacks to follow!!!!!

    4. Very nice chapter…excellent dialogue and even with some comic relief.

      I always find that things people see in others are generally the same things that they know of themselves subconsciously. Tina wondering what it is that keeps her in a push-pull type relationship with Bette is more than likely keeping Bette in a relationship with her. The dominance Tina recognizes in Bette is something which she familiar with as it occurs in herself. Relationships are a process and a stream of communications. And it is hard to maintain relationship when both stand and fight for it. Its impossible to maintain if one throws their hands up and flees.

      Thank you for this story….look forward to more….

      I look forward to more.

    5. Happy Weekend Martha,

      So pleased that you enjoyed the chapter & some humor.

      I agree with your statement – they are well suited & very much alike in many ways. Two powerful women who just so happen to love each other with all that they have in them.

      They’re just starting the journey of forgiveness and acceptance. Much more to unravel.

      Thanks for your support & take care.

    6. I am now caught up!

      I so agree with BibBi and BK (as usual!) and would ‘Ditto’ their Comments!

      I love the personality you have given Tina, such a strong woman. Love her and love this story.

      You make me laugh and you make me cry in almost equal levels, thank you for the post.

      Stay safe and well and please post soon

      • Happy Monday SG,

        Thanks for reading & am glad you are all caught up with this story.

        Tina is strong & will need to be as she seeks forgiveness from her family.

        Glad you saw some humor in the telling of the story. There will be some tears shed too as Tibette discusses their past & what lies ahead for them.

        Stay tune for Chpt 7 soon!!!!

        Thanks so much.

    7. Collins

      Nicely done. You have a blank slate and are doing well with the rewrite. You are so capturing the nuances of a relationship that had not run its course. It is interesting how you are capturing Tina’s doubts and questions her decision for a divorce. Divorce is so final, but it can always be undone. Love is defined by those involved and a piece of paper has little impact if the parties want to be together.

      Look forward to where you take us.

      • Thanks so much for your kind words.

        I believe there is still a lot of their relationship left that they can salvage & build a future with.

        I honestly believe that if given better writers in OG & now Gen Q, this couple won’t have suffered through all this strange & unlikely drama they have been forced to endure over the years. Even if you consider the needed drama of the “soap opera” mentality of IC, how much do you think a couple could endure?

        I still stand by my belief that IC never wanted Tibette to last & tried several times to make their breakups permanent. If not for the campaigning of JB & LH, who knows what would have happened.

        I like that Tina is a strong character here. She has so much to offer to Bette

        The next few chapters will lay the ground work of their relationship and what avenue they go down.

        Love can work wonders, especially if the two people involved truly desire to come to an understanding,

        Thanks for reading & commenting. I enjoy the conversations.

        I am enjoying your story also!!

    8. Collins

      Oh please don’t get me stated on IC. She had a great idea, now she needs to just walk away. SMH

      It is interesting what GQ is doing with the characters. I like the strong Tina in your story. If we go with nonsense of finding yourself later in life then her coming into her own as a strong women makes so much sense.

      GQ totally missed the mark on both characters. They made Bette all wish washy where is our alpha girl and Tina just became yucky. Strong and supportive as she usually is and then twisting around in the wind. SMH again.

      The stories going right now about this situation all take a different approach, but at least the characters are believable. SERIOUSLY!!!!


      • Hey,

        Yes, wish IC would just go away & her pick of Marja was so wrong.

        How about if Tibette to have their own show!!!!
        If only – we can always hope.

        I think all the characters in Gen Q suck. The newbies are terrible & their acting is very poor. Just because they’re younger than the 4 OG characters, doesn’t mean that we will like them. PLEASE!!!

        It was super great to have Tina come back & then they blew with the marriage idea. Really??? Just by watching you could tell that they still love each other. Sure hope JB & LH can convince them to get Tibette back together.

        Loving all the stories being written now.

        Thanks for your support.

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