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    Chapter 7 – Tina Takes Charge


    Bette was still lost in the memory, the emotion and her admiration for Tina that she didn’t hear the repeated calling of her name from Dani.

    “Bette.” Dani calls louder for the third time. A perplexed look on her face.

    “Y…yes. What?” Bette answers as she redirects her attention and looks in Dani’s direction. Her eyes trying to refocus. Her mind and body jumbled.

    “Are you okay?” Dani asks. “Your face looks flushed.”

    “Jesus. Probably a… uh…hot flash.” Bette replies in a shaky voice, trying to dismiss the raging inferno in her veins at that memory from the past.  Fuck, calm down. She picks up her nearby battery operated hand fan, turns it on in an attempt to cool herself down. Get a hold of yourself, she thought.

    “You need something to drink?” Pierce asks.

    “Uh, no…no, I’m good. But thanks.” Bette forces a smile for her team. “Dani, sorry. Uh, what…what were you saying?”

    “I have a list of things we need to discuss about these events you want to attend. Q & A items, points you want to express. We need to get these done this afternoon.”

    “Yeah, Okay, okay.” Bette nods. “If you have them with you now, let’s get started. Uh, Pierce, you need anything else from me at the moment?”

    “No, I’m good.” Pierce replies as he stands to leave as well. “I’ll check in with Jason and give you a recap around 6.”

    Bette takes a deep breath. She needs to refocus on her campaign and get thoughts of Tina out of her mind for the rest of the afternoon. Yeah, right she thinks to herself. Turning toward Dani she tries to smile.

    “Okay, what’s first on the agenda?”

    Day 2 – Tina Meets Jordi that Afternoon

    Before Tina picked up the girls from their classes, she contacted the hotel and cancelled her reservation. She paid for the one night stay and a penalty fee for the cancellation, but she thought it was worth the money to stay with Bette for the next two weeks. It would give them the chance to talk about so many things. Maybe they could find some common ground and work on their relationship for the future.

    Tina had driven to Angie’s new high school and had picked up her daughter and Jordi. She wanted to get a better handle on who Jordi was and what she was like apart from what Angie and Bette had told her. Her sources had pulled up some Intel on the teenager and her family and found out that Jordi had some issues at the schools she had attended previously. From the report Tina had received, it appeared that Jordi’s parents had high paying jobs and spent tons of hours advancing those careers. Maybe that was why Jordi had rebellious behaviors and frequently got into trouble. But Tina wanted to hear Jordi’s story from her. Tina was determined to find out and set some rules in place for both teenagers.

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    1. That was a fantastic chapter!

      It gives me hope for their reconciliation! But yes, they have to take small steps and talk honestly go each other, that is what lacked between them. Proctection on Bette’s side, letting slide to much on Tina’s side.

      This is a perfect example ” Oh, I do remember your Mom and her lists.” Tina laughs at her daughter’s perfect explanation of Bette. She did know Bette very well. Previously, Bette would research any and every situation to the nth degree and make a list of positive and negative aspects of whatever the topic was. Then schedule a meeting to discuss and reevaluate.

      In the past, that personality trait of Bette’s had been both a blessing and a menace for Tina. She loved Bette’s willingness to exhaust all options to a situation and rationally reach a decision. On the other hand it drove Tina crazy on several occasions as she would just want more spontaneity with Bette and how they functioned as a couple. Many times, Tina felt Bette was analyzing her and not whatever the problem or situation was. Why didn’t I tell her that? Why didn’t I tell her how that made me feel sometimes? Tina asked herself. What had she been afraid of?””

      Yes Tina, why were you afraid to tell Bette about what you felt or needed?

      Bette started with honesty, tell Tina she want more than friendship and that she is still hurting about their divorce. She never wanted that but gave in because it was what Tina asked from her, and Bette only wants Tina to be happy.

      Bette has been described as a woman who thinks only about herself and is not willing to compromise, but that is not correct. She has proven several times that she not only thinks about herself, but can also relate to someone else. The best evidence is how she supports and releases Angie and is not on top of everything like a strict mom. And even better evidence is that she gave Tina the freedom by agreeing to the divorce while breaking inside. That’s the greatest gift she could give Tina, the freedom to rediscover herself at the expense of her own feelings of sadness and broken heart.

      Ok, enough rambling, i am happy they took a small step in the right direction.

      One more thing, it was a good conservation between Angie, Jordy and Tina. Tina did it very subtle and got to know Jordy a little bit more.

      Thank you for this chapter!

      Stay save and healthy ????

      • Hi Bibi,

        Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

        Baby steps for them, but much needed ones as well.

        Tina has much to ask forgiveness for. Bette has to own up for her part in the relationship also.

        Wanted Tina to find out more about Jordi that she can share with Bette and also to better handle the relationship between Jordi & Angie.

        Thanks for reading & commenting.

    2. Okay…. they certainly seem to have two separate ideas as to what this relationship is suppose to be and where its headed. Bette clearly stated she wanted more than friendship but Tina made no such statement. Does Tina want more than friendship or not? This is the first – lack of honesty. Tina’s intentions are not clear at least not yet. Perhaps in the continuation of the conversation.

      One of the first things they both need to do is to say things to each other which contain no judgement. Otherwise they are talking at each other and not to each other. Hand holding is a nice touch, but when Tina says I’ve changed and for the better – that is a judgement, which should be left for Bette to make when she sees and evaluates the changes Tina is talking about.

      I’m afraid that if I had heard Tina, I would have stopped listening when she said “Work on our friendship – Bette, don’t you think we could be friends?”. That statement is such a turnoff for a relationship which has stretched over more than twenty years. It was just absolutely stunning.

      I hope this is going to work out. But I am not seeing anything from Tina which would give an indication that she really wants a relationship with Bette nor a willingness to be vulnerable enough to allow it to happen. She appears to be so shielded from Bette, its hard to see a path through to her heart. The path may be long and hard, but at the moment, it appears to be invisible as well.

      Bette seems to be hanging on to hope despite the warning signs because that what she wants more than anything in the world.

      Thanks for writing this. I am enjoying the story and I look forward to more.

      Thank you for this chapter.

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks for all the food for thought!!

        Tina’s true intentions are about to come out in the open – yes’ she’s still guarded, but those feelings are coming to the forefront very soon.

        Thanks for your analysis of the situation. Bette is as love sick as ever for Tina. Tina is going to reveal to Bette the many reasons why she stepped away & how she has determined what she wants with Bette.

        Heard about the invisible path – their weekend will be very eventful for them both.

        They have to like each other before they can restart their relationship. They need to do all the ground work first that they seem to keep missing in all their past reconciliations. Bette is always quick to settle situations & this time she needs to look at herself as well to take her own responsibility for the failure of their long relationship. Tina needs to finally needs to tell the truth of things she has hidden from Bette all these years.

        Thanks for your comments.

    3. Such a good chapter. Tina is learning to say what she means and mean what she says … and making mistakes along the way but she keeps trying. I like her decision to cancel the hotel room and stay at the house. But I also think she needs to prove to Bette- not just with words- that she can be a constant in their life. She runs at the first sight of trouble and that needs to end.
      Great dialogue with the teenagers too, such a hard age to write. Mine spend their day rolling their eyes at me and talking in short, cryptic phrases. I actually think Jordie might begin to see Tina as a mother figure, kids may not say it but they like having fences put up around their behavior and that is exactly what Tina did
      Love the chapter, Collins… looking forward to more….

      • Hey BK,

        Thanks for the enthusiasm about the chapter. Tina still has a lot to learn & do, but definitely on her way back to Bette, She’s still cautious & guarding her heart, but will open up in the next few chapters.

        I know its a slow go. Just wanted to explain all about their inner feelings & motivations.

        Their weekend is coming & they will have more time to spend together & those old/new feelings emerge

        Trying to get into a characters mind it’s easy as you know as a writer yourself. I have had plenty of practice over the years from nephews that are 5o this year to nieces that are just out of their teen years. And yes, even though they like to do things their own way, they do crave the structure & want to feel that they belong. As you know, its a delicate balance for them.

        I choose not to make Jordi a negative influence on Angie. Think she’s a bit of a lost soul searching for a connection & someone to care. I got the impression from Gen Q that she had little supervision & was a ‘free spirit’. So I gave her a purpose & goals. Glad you liked.

        Tibette’s connection & true intentions coming up very soon.

        Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts.

        Stay safe.

    4. Thank you for the chapter!

      Interesting – am i only one who think how hypocritical from Bette was from all the yelling and preachment she gave to Angie for smoking drugs when Bette later do the same with Shane? What example she given Angie by this?

      And ok, if we leaving even the story with Angie in the side – what if some reporter take photo of her with joint – at after that all journal and TV would be with the news – “Candidate for mayor LA who on words fighting against drugs willing to use herself”? It would be much worse, that all the damage for campaign than the story with Felicity husband.

      • Hi Zhenya,

        Your welcome on the chapter.

        I choice not to write about any more of the vaping, drugs, drinking or behaviors that many of the OG characters partook of in the series. Just not going down that route. But I can see your point that if that had come out during Bette’s campaign, it would have been a determent to her candidacy.

        Shane has not always been the best at behaving inside the lines in relationships or with her admirers. But I don’t think she would do anything to harm Angie or participate in any of those types of activities with Angie around. Not to say that Angie is totally innocent – she probably knows the score about Shane, but respects her for Shane supporting both Bette & Tina all these years.

        Thanks as always for your thoughts.

        Have a great weekend.

      • Angie’s defense was that vaping and marijuana was legal. And Bette’s said basically not for 16 year olds! It is legal in California for those over 21. In addition she was concerned about skipping class. And I found the yelling to be absolutely minimal to what any other parent would have done. And no I did not find it hypocritical because the law is what the law is. There are parents all across this world who have prohibited that their children drink alcoholic beverages – why because they cannot legally drink it. But they themselves drink. Is that hypocritical? Or does it have to do with abiding by the law?

    5. One step at a time will be fine if they are all like the steps taken in this Chapter!

      Like how the relationships are all progressing and looking forward to moving through the story with you.

      Been 9 weeks in solo isolation and don’t see being released until July at the earliest so going a little stir crazy here!

      Thanks for posting, more please,
      Stay safe

      • Hey SG,

        Yes, nice & steady for our Tibette! They have a LOT to get through & figure out & plan for the future.

        We have the election day coming up for Bette also.

        I guest I’ve been home here in Texas for 8 weeks this week, My family reunion has been cancelled for this year also – just too risky of a situation for everyone.

        Plenty of stories to read on this site – so that should keep you busy!!!

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it tremendously.

        Take care – until next time.

    6. Collins

      Love the talk with the kids and the acknowledgement of how difficult it is to be a kid today. I am curious to see what you do with the Jordi/Angie relationship as we all know first love is always a roller coaster emotionally.

      Sigh…. poor Bette, with age she tempered but can Tina see that and begin to see what she found in Bette in the first place. Just friends…Yikes!!!


    7. Hey SuperK,

      Yes the kids are getting along great right now. All is smooth sailing. But you know how teenage romance can go. Angie will be getting that J O B Bette & Angie both want for her. What will that do to her relationship with Jordi. How will Jordi like Angie having other interests ????? You will have to stay tuned to find out!!!!!!!!

      Yes poor Bette. Can’t seem to catch a break. But Tina will reveal her true intentions in the next chapter & all Tibette fans will be happy. Hint – hint!!!!!!

      But I do think it’s super important that they are friends & can talk openly about anything – that’s what seems to get them in trouble every time – they stop talking, let situations fester, make assumptions about the other & then Tina ends up walking away. Need to set that groundwork first to build on that final rock solid foundation for the future.

      Lots more to come & thanks so much for reading and commenting. I truly appreciate the feedback.

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