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    Chapter 6 – He Looks Like A Cryer

    Bette’s House – Friday Night: 7 days Until CD Release Party

    The band was rehearsing in Bette’s backyard while she filmed them using a handheld 4K Action Cam. She was planning on uploading the video to the internet to try to promote more attendance for the show next Friday.

    The last week was stressfully busy for both Bette and the band. Having landed the Planet account, Leonard had Bette working later than usual to brainstorm the marketing strategy after all the contracts were signed.

    As part of the deal to hire KDG, Marina and Bette had a side arrangement for the Planet to receive 25% of the cover charge for the show. Marina was happy to allow Kit and the band to play for free, but Bette had insisted considering the sizeable costs associated with KDG’s services.

    Kit and the band had cut a six-song demo within 3 days at the studio. This included recording, mastering, transferring, and duplicating the material digitally with the help of one of Nona’s experienced sound engineers. And none of it came at a small price. Every single band member including Bette had chipped in to cover the cost. But they had produced 1500 CDs to sell at the show.

    Max entered the backyard from the side gate as Kit was singing “The Real Thing” one of her older songs. Max smiled at Kit as he pulled his laptop out of his backpack and set it up on Bette’s patio table on the other side of the pool. Bette noticed Kit wave and looked back at Max.

    Once the song was finished, Bette stopped recording by fading out the picture.

    “Why don’t you guys take five and come check this out.” Bette said walking to where Max was sitting.

    “What’s up, Max!” Alice called out.

    “Hey guys. You sound great, can’t wait to see you guys playing for a huge audience next weekend.”

    “Well, I don’t know about huge, Max. But we’re looking forward to a few peeps checkin’ us out.” Kit was doubting their ability to pack the Planet.

    “Don’t be so modest, Kit” Bette said.

    “Yeah, Kit. You pack ‘em in for karaoke and Carmen packs the joint when she spins Radar. Add us to the mix and Marina’s gonna need to buy the businesses next door to expand the space.” Shane quipped.

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    1. Please keep in mind, I started this story in December of 2009. Facebook was slowly taking over the MySpace craze, Twitter was still in its infantile stages and not yet utilized by morons that are currently running my country; Soundcloud was still a very new platform and hadn’t even reached 1 million users until 6 months later. These days, if you start a band, it should be a no-brainer that you would promote yourself on all of these platforms (including YouTube).

      But as I stated in my comment on the first chapter, the music business has evolved since I began this tale. And it continues to evolve as technology changes at a much faster rate than it used to 15-20 years ago. I’m sure this story will be outdated by this time next year lol.

      This will be the final posting for this week. I am back home after a few hours on the road with (surprisingly) minimal holiday traffic. Now watching the Sunday night football game and relaxing before going back to work after a full week off. I want to thank everyone who has reached out so far to let me know that you are reading this book again. It’s nice that so many of you have enjoyed this story that I dreamed up so long ago.

      I look forward to posting another 5-6 chapters next week that covers the entire scene at Hit. Have a great week everyone!



    2. Hey MeLL,

      We should thank you for coming back with this incredible story!

      Man, Eric is such a baby and think that just because they love music that that is enough base to get married?!

      I am looking forward to the next chapters!

      Have a great week!

    3. Thanks for this multi-chapter-treat, MeLL!

      It’s astonishing how normal those things like self-promoting through YouTube and payed life streaming etc. read nowadays. When I read this the first time a few years ago the life feed that Max wanted to set up seemed like the coolest thing to do at that time, Time flies, huh?

      Btw I’m still laughing at Kit Potter and the Sprouts! How did you come up with that? Just great! :-D
      And “Tina Turner”? Hilarious! Why didn’t any of the screen writers came up with a comment like that in the show?

      Enjoy your week too

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