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    Ugly Christmas Sweater Party [Repost]

    Bette & Tina’s House

    The smell of brewing coffee wafted through the house on a crisp fall morning. But in the master bedroom, the smell of sweat and sex lingered in the air. The two occupants of the bed lied on their backs next to each other and panted through the afterglow of their morning lovemaking.

    “Remind me again why we don’t do this every morning?” the brunette woman asked her lover.

    “Because your sister doesn’t take our eight-year-old daughter Black Friday shopping every morning.” The blonde giggled.

    “She should. God, I needed that.”

    Tina smiled and looked over at Bette, whose eyes were closed and the back of her right hand was draped over her forehead. “I think we both did. Hosting Thanksgiving dinner is really fucking stressful.”

    Bette turned to look at her wife and returned the smile. “Thank you, baby, for being such a wonderful hostess last night. The food was amazing.”

    “And the table was set beautifully baby, so thank you.”

    They both giggled at Bette’s minimal Turkey Day responsibilities. “You remember what happened last time I tried to help with Thanksgiving dinner?”

    “Of course, I remember sweetie, that’s why you’re never allowed in the kitchen on Thanksgiving.”

    Bette rolled over on top of Tina and kissed her passionately. “I may not be able to cook in the kitchen, but I know how to get things cookin’ in the bedroom, right?”

    “Babe, you’re Top Chef in the bedroom.”  Tina cooed.

    “That’s because you’re easy to make a meal out of.” Bette winked at her wife, causing the blonde to roll her eyes and chuckle at her wife’s cheesiness.

    “What time is it?”

    Bette looked at the digital alarm clock display on the nightstand as Tina stroked her arms. “Almost 9:30. Think we have time for one more round?”




    By 11:30, Bette and Tina were both showered, dressed and sitting on the couch waiting for Kit to drop Angelica off at home after an early morning of Black Friday shopping. Bette was looking through the newspaper at the inordinate amount of store circulars while Tina channel surfed.

    “What does Angelica even want for Christmas this year?” Bette asked as she opened the Toys R Us flyer.

    “A Hoverboard 360.”

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