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    Chapter 67 – Against All Odds

    “Great, thank you.”

    “No problem, would you like another margarita?” he asked, picking up her empty glass.

    “Umm, I better not.” Bette smiled shyly. The young man was just about to turn away with her plate when Bette stopped him again. “By the way, why are they closing this place? It seems like a really prime location.”

    “They’re expanding the Wave House. It’s right down the boardwalk. The owners are renovating the space to make it even better. It’s gonna be poppin’,” he answered, his enthusiasm was evident. Bette smiled at him as he walked away.

    Once the bill was paid and a hefty tip was left, Bette made her way downstairs to where the band was setting up.

    There was already a young crowd gathered at the foot of the stage waiting for the roadies to set up all the equipment. Bette suddenly felt out of her element and over the hill. Nearly every concert-goer was sporting a local college sweatshirt of some sort and decked out in flip flops.

    She was happy that she abandoned her typical designer threads and opted instead for a vintage Soundgarden t-shirt, a pair of jeans and sneakers. Anyone who didn’t know her would think she was just another young attendee blending in well with her hair swept up in a ponytail and groupie-like wardrobe. In fact, she caught the attention of quite a few other audience members, both male and female.

    Her eyes scanned the room, taking in her surroundings before they settled on a young guy near the stage, on his cell phone. He was dressed nice, with a dark blue, collared shirt, grey slacks and shiny black dress shoes. Bette watched as he stepped over the cords and wires from the music equipment making his way toward the back of the club, engrossed in his phone call.

    There was a CD of a local band playing through the overhead speakers as the din of the open venue increased in volume and more patrons made their way inside.

    Bette was still watching the nicely dressed man who had inched closer to her while giving whomever was on the other line a piece of his mind. She smirked as she was reminded of Luke Perry and Jason Priestley in Beverly Hills, 90210 because of the young man’s nicely trimmed sideburns. When did those come back in style? she asked herself. His proximity was so close to her that she couldn’t help but overhear his side of the conversation.


    1. kiwipit says

      Oooh, Mr. Collins. One of my musical heros. This guy could play the drums! Just listen to the drum part Tina gets into after “.. is against the odds and that’s what I’ve got to face…”. So great!
      That song was always on my set list whenever I sat behind my air drums ;-) And it got me through one or two heartaches as well.
      You picked the perfect songs to match Tinas mood and state of mind! Good choice with the Bangles.
      As sad as the situation is for T + B, Tina probably would not have given such a compelling performance if it wasn’t for their fight.

      Enter James. Another character of the show that I always liked. He’s like Bette’s sidekick.

      As for the locations that don’t exist anymore: with your story you kind of save them from being forgotten :-)

      • meloveslu says

        One of the greatest drummers, all right. His most impressive drum set is for the song “In the Air Tonight.” Literally doesn’t even come into the song until more than three and a half minutes in. It’s the greatest 2 minutes of a song that he’s ever composed. A musical masterpiece, for sure. Oh jeez, I must be showing my age. lol

        I happy you liked my song selection. Always wanted James to find happiness. Even knowing how tantrum-prone Bette was, he was always super loyal.

        And I like your perspective on keeping these old joints alive that have since vanished. But alas, I am only one person who remembers for now.

        Thanks for reading as always.

        • kiwipit says

          It was a brilliant decision to keep James on the show and have him follow Bette to the CU. He got more confident then and more relaxed with Bette’s tantrums.
          You gave him a last name :-) Or was is mentioned in the show?

          In the air tonight.. Absolutely! Very dramatic drum sequence that never gets old. I wish he’d still play the drums on this year’s tour but I don’t think so. Maybe he’ll play In The Air himself at least. If you enjoy his playing you might like Collins drum duet with Chester Thompson from the “The Way We Walk” live CD vol. 2. 5:40 of drum greatness :-)

    2. Therese_Belivet says

      Bibi28 is right : beautiful songs indeed – thank you so much for sharing, that’s great !

      My poor B&T, suffering both in their corners… Hopefully Tina will be able to hear her girl singing this one for her very soon :
      (well, here I tried to add the link but it wasn’t accepted so… just say it was a certain JB singing ‘One Girl in a Million’)


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