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    Chapter 66 – Quite the Formidable Rocker

    The Planet – Wednesday Night

    Tina pulled into a parking space and killed the engine. Fuck, she’s not here yet.

    She leaned back in the driver seat with her head knocking against the backrest in frustration. Her phone sat in the cup holder of her center console.

    The blonde closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath, hoping against hope that Bette would make an appearance at Kit’s karaoke night.

    Tina found herself unable to sleep much the night before. The only reason she succumbed to a fitful slumber was due to the sheer exhaustion from her emotional state.

    It wasn’t a coincidence to Tina that last night was the first California evening where the weather was significantly chillier than the previous September nights. She was more than sure that Bette’s absence next to her in bed was the reason it seemed so cold.

    Once she got home, it took everything in Tina’s power not to get right back in her car and return to Bette’s in order to fix the problem she had created. She managed to exercise some self control and even refrained from texting or calling Bette, despite her dire need to hear that smooth, velvety voice whispering assurances that they would be okay.

    The rise of the sun, however, brought with it the death of Tina’s willpower and the onslaught of unanswered texts were sent, as were the calls.

    Now, out of the corner of her eye, she stared resentfully at the uncooperative communication device.  Finding the strength to resist the temptation of making yet another ignored phone call, Tina gathered the rest of her belongings and got out of the car. She straightened her pencil skirt suit in the shiny reflection of her BMW.

    Happy with what she saw looking back at her, she confidently strode towards the entrance of the Planet. As she got closer to the opened door, she could hear Kit on the microphone praising the most recent singer who had just stepped off the stage.

    Stepping into the club, Tina witnessed Kit introduce the next one up to sing.

    “Give it up, ya’ll, for Shameless Shaaaades McCutcheon!” Kit hollered into the mic.

    Tina saw a smirking Shane make her way to the stage. Wearing a pair of mirrored Aviators, purple patent leather pants, and a black bandana on her head, the young drummer looked every bit of the rock and roll star she was bound to be.

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    1. My, my, I’m quite mean, now, because reading your note I cannot stop to think about your car being crashed by the same “fucking salvage” than Bette in S2E3 ! Imagining you now, clutching the bald “fucking idiot” just makes me laugh behind my screen ! ;-) OK, so I’m officialy a TLW-addicted – or should I confess to rather be a Bette-addicted ? Guilty plea, Your Honor ! (LOL)

      Well, well, now trying hard to forget the “fucking dwarf” to begin to savour this new chapter…

      I wish you a much, much better week, my dear author !

      • No, he wasn’t a fucking dwarf and we both kept our cool throughout the situation. I have a dashcam that I typically have running everytime I drive. A review of the video clearly shows he was at fault, so I wasn’t too worried about it. He also took the blame right away so his insurance company is not giving me any problems.

        Remember, Bette ran a red light, so her accident had far greater consequences than mine since she was at fault.

    2. “It just takes an abnormal amount of patience to deal with Bette Porter”
      Oh, I always loved Kit’s character, so much kindness, tolerance and the way she’s always there for her Baby Sis and her soulmate…

      Right now, sit at the back of the Planet, listening to the Stouts and watching this poor Tina burying all hope to see her beloved brunette this night and the next ones, I cannot help but hear in my emotional heart the voice of my alltime favorite singer (please give me a magic wand, someone, and I’d go to her legendary Carnegie Hall concert in a heartbeat !) singing one of my alltime favorite songs I will gladly paraphrase here (well, just to change one essential word) :

      The night is bitter
      The stars have lost their glitter
      The winds grow colder
      And suddenly you’re older
      And all because
      Of the woman
      That got away…

    3. I am so happy that you and (your car) are allright and no injuries!!!

      It happened to me a few years back, my wife and dog were ok thank god, but my care was destroyed and i injured my neck, got healed after a few months, so you are one lucky lady!

      Wish i had a older sister like Kit, she is right, give Bette the space and her heart will lead her back to Tina.

      • Thanks, Bibi! I’m fine. Car is getting fixed next week, so I can’t complain. Things could have been much worse, but I am grateful that they weren’t. I caught a break for sure.

        Thanks again for reading. I don’t have an older sister, but I do have a “married with children” younger sister. Despite our pretty big age gap, she’s become my best friend over the last few years. I’m grateful for that relationship. It’s just her and me when my parents pass away, so I think it’s important that we have a close relationship. Both our parents and grandparents come from very large families. That’s not the norm anymore.

    4. Great night at the Planet! Shane “Axl Rose” McCutcheon :-D
      That song was on my playlist when I was in LA last year. And thanks for the BJ reminder. Those were some awesome concerts back then. Rocking and shouting out the songs until I lost my voice ;-)

      I love the Tina/Kit moment. Tina’s lucky to have Kit to talk about the mess she mostly created herself.

      Thanks for posting, MeLL. Sorry to hear about your accident. That sucks. I’m glad that you and your car still somewhat won the fight against your bigger ‘opponent’.

      • You were in LA last year? And you didn’t drop me a line to tell me that you were on my side of the globe? LA is only 1.5 hours away. Next time you’re here, I do hope you reach out!

        Sorry, but I had to read your “BJ reminder” line a couple of times before I recognized that you were talking about Bon Jovi. Those initials are a slang acronym for a sex act. So I hope you understand my slight, but temporary, confusion 😜

        Never seen any of the bands live in concert that are featured in this chapter. I’m sure those shows would have been a blast at the time.

        I always felt that Tina and Kit had a special bond outside of Bette. Perhaps because Bette was so cold to her, Kit welcomed Tina as her only link to Bette who began the show so angry at her. Kit knew that Tina was Bette’s conscience. I wanted to maintain that dynamic in my story.

        Excited that I will be getting my car fixed this week!


        • LOL, sorry for the confusion. My bad! But now you got me…. had to think for awhile what sex act that would be ;-p Well, *that* would feel kind of misplaced in a L-Word story. 😜
          Anyway thanks for making me laugh. Isn’t it great that there are so many different languages? Would miss this kind of fun if we all had (Star Trek’s) Universal Translators and wouldn’t have entertaining language difficulties like this one.

          I totally agree with you regarding Tina and Kit. Especially in S1. You captured their dynamic pretty well in your story!

          As for future holidays in Cali, I’ll make sure to give you a heads up :-) Maybe in 2020…I might spend my next milestone birthday in San Fran.

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