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    Chapter 68 – I Miss You Too

    Bette’s House

    The chirping birds coupled with the warm rays of the rising sun made Tina stir and open one eye. She groaned in response to the fierce pounding in her head. Blinking a few times before rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she rolled over on to her back.

    That was when she caught a whiff of Bette’s perfume. Her hands stilled over her eyes and she immediately sat straight up and looked around. She was alone but it only took a moment to recognize her surroundings.

    The gleaming sparkle of the blue pool water through the panel windows was the same she had awakened to earlier in the week. There was something very soothing about the sight, but also very melancholy for Tina.

    The blonde was parched and looked toward the nightstand where a bottle of water and a bottle of aspirin were waiting for her. Propped against the bottled water was a handwritten note from Kit instructing her to wake the neighbors when she was ready to hitch a ride back to the Planet to pick up her car.

    Attacking the water and pills, she stretched and lied back down with the bottle of liquid tucked protectively under her arm. She gazed at the empty pillow beside her and reached out to stroke it. Scooting over, she pulled the pillow in towards her nose and inhaled deeply.

    Instinctively, her eyes shut as she breathed in the familiar scent of the brunette’s lingering shampoo. She abandoned her grasp on the water bottle in favor of the soft cushion that was a poor excuse for the real thing her olfactory sense desired.

    Memories of last night began coming back in hazy flashes making Tina burrow further into the pillow in utter embarrassment. “Oh my god.” She muttered.

    It was then that Tina realized she wasn’t wearing her wardrobe from last night. She cringed at the thought of being so sloppy that someone else had to dress her in the tank top and running shorts she was now donning. She gathered that it was probably Kit, and no doubt, her drunken demeanor would be fodder for discussions between Bette and her sister.

    Noticing her suit and purse neatly draped over the sage-colored lounger near the window, she extended her arm without getting out of bed. Linking her finger through the strap, she pulled her purse onto the bed with her and rummaged through it in search of her phone.

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    1. Agree – again ! – with Bibi : Jodie totally matches this portrait of a bitch indeed !

      Now here, looking through my window, I enjoy the view of my quay’s trees, along the Arve – one of my city’s rivers – and as so often happens, my heart’s delighted that I’m lucky enough to live near such a lovely haven of greenery…
      You’re so right, alas, about climate, and I truly congratulate California and other cities and states to act against this bad-joke-of-president lack of consideration for Nature.

      Finally, you make me smile with delight reading our well named “Bette Sexy Porter” and “Tina Hot Kennard”‘s messages exchange ! Way to go, my dear lovebirds – now I’m waiting for your reconciliation :-)

      • The Arve? Are you in Australia, mate? 😁

        Yes, our President is a moron But then again, so are a lot of folks in my country. It pains me that this administration is so careless with our environment. And some people just don’t care. Priorities are different for everyone though, I suppose.

        I thought it would be cute to show how they keep their crush’s contact info in their phones since no one but them would see it.

    2. I take the Aspirin *before* I go to bed after too much drinking. Waking up the next morning is so much easier then ;-)

      You captured Bette’s reflective, introverted side very well. Looks like the distance to Tina was exactly what she needed. Well, there’s truth in the saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder, isn’t it?

      “held out as long as I could….” – so cute.

      Thank you for posting! I save the next chapters for the next days.
      ’til then, cheers

      • Yes, aspirin before bed is usually my plan of attack, as well. But in those instances where I forget, it’s a big swig of pickle juice in the morning 😜

        I do believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Smothering relationships, those where you are together all the time, so wrapped up in each other that you can forget yourself which is detrimental to relationship. Co-dependency makes for an extremely tumultuous situation. I firmly believe that two people should have their own interests, separate friends, and a life outside of their significant other. I’m not saying they should lead separate lives, but rather, they should live WITH one another as opposed to FOR one another. Does that make sense? Am I rambling? It’s probably because I decided to respond to comments after drinking a little booze tonight with some coworkers.

        Sorry. But I’m glad you’re stretching out the chapters over the week. That will get you used to the reduced postings in the weeks to come.


        • No, you’re not rambling at all. I’m with you 100 %. I think it is important that both partners pursue their own interests without the other to grow as individuals. With those experiences they bring new impulse into the relationship – to nurse the relationship.

          Now I hope that I’m making sense. Difficult subject to write about in English … and that without booze… I might edit my comment later tonight after I enjoyed a glas of Cabernet Sauvignon ;-)
          Thanks for the tip with the pickle juice! Didn’t know that.

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