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    Chapter 7 Revelations

    Early the next morning Bette awakens to noise coming from the kitchen. She raises her head and sees Tina preparing herself a cup of coffee..Tina glances in Bette’s direction and grabs another cup from cupboard setting it down on the counter.

    “Good morning..Would you like a cup?” Tina asks waiting for Bette’s response

    “Sure..” She says getting up from the pullout sofa bed which was surprisingly comfortable Bette thought and grabs her robe slipping it over her to cover the sports bra and shorts she was wearing..She walks toward Tina

    “I’m not sure what you want in it..” Tina says handing her the cup

    “This is fine..Thanks” Bette takes a sip “Mmmmm..Just what I needed”

    Tina smiles taking a sip of hers “Mmmhmm..I would definitely agree…I was going to sit on the balcony..Care to join me?”

    Bette nods and they step out on the balcony and sit at the iron wicker style round table with matching chairs..A slight breeze was blowing

    “So what’s on your schedule today” Bette asks and watches Tina’s face fill with exasperation

    “What isn’t really…We have to check the final fittings today for the designers we will be walking for..The shows take place at different venues throughout the city…Tonight is a private gala for fashion models, designers and their staff, fashion magazines, etc.. It’s a kick off to fashion week”

    Bette nods listening intently

    “So what time do you have to leave?”

    Tina pulls her phone out of the pocket of her robe and accesses her schedule..”I leave in a couple of hours and I won’t return until later this afternoon to get ready for the gala. I have some dresses being delivered for you to pick out.  I guessed your size..Working around models of all different shapes and sizes you compare and I think I nailed”

    Bette smiles appreciatively “That was very sweet of you but I brought dresses that would be appropriate for a gala”

    Tina nods..”That you did but I’m just giving you a few more choices”

    “Well then since you went to all that trouble for me it wouldn’t hurt to check them out” Bette says holding her coffee cup out..Tina brings her cup up to clink against it and both take a sip

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    1. Trying to sort this out. So Bette is around 24 as she was 22 when she had the affair with Carol and that was two years ago. Carol was 35 then so she is 37 ish. Tina is 22. That makes Carol around 15 when Tina was born which means teenage pregnancy and probably put up for adoption. Never saw this coming. Both Bette and Tina are quite young and working in pretty cutthroat industries. Glad that they talked things through a bit and are back on track although I am not sure there was any reason for Bette to apologize. Carol seems determined to find Tina and blow up her world. Tina will need someone to lean on. Hopefully that is Bette. And Helena blew it. She had but one job to do but got sidetracked. Her history with Carol and dare I say ineptitude complicated her mission. The IRS bluff didn’t phase Carol. Yuck – Helena is sleeping with Tina’s biological mother. Who is around to stop Carol? Hopefully Peggy has a backup plan as she seems to realize her daughter is prone to blunders. Can Peggy hold her off? All eyes are on the gala. Would Carol really spill their beans at such an important event? So extreme. What is her goal? To stop Bette at all costs – including hurting Tina and quite possibly her career? Please don’t let Carol ambush them at the gala. What a quandary. Carol does not seem like a nice person at all and she is determined so this is not going to be pleasant for Tina. Tina may not even know she was adopted. Carol is facing legal problems if Helena could get her act together. Speed that along Helena. Do not see happy families in their future. Will Tina possibly believe the awful things Carol seems determined to say about Bette? I hope not. Having had a heartbreaking affair with Carol, will Bette unconsciously see Tina differently? Again – I really hope not. But the Carol and Bette affair just adds a super big ick factor. Bette was so young. Looks like Peggy is going to have to play some hard ball. The plot majorly thickens….again. So many questions. Please post again soon.

    2. Wow! Carol is Tina’s biological mother? What? Carol is looking for her next money cow. Carol is willing to destroy her daughter, Tina, to what end. Carol is certifiable.

      This is sooo good.

    3. Oh my god, i suspected something like this even before reading it!

      So Carol is Tina’s mother and is going to make this public. This is going to be a big shock to Tina and everyone around her. No wonder Carol wants Bette to break up with Tina. It is also a bizarre situation, Bette who has had a relationship with Carol and is now in a relationship with Tina, although it is fake for now. But why does Carol want to make it known now? Why not wait until they get back to the USA, what are her reasons for doing it now?

      And Helena, well done, you have completely failed your mission. How stupid can you be.

      Good that Tina apologized to Bette for her behavior the day before, Bette didn’t deserve that, but Bette also apologized for her reaction and behavior to Tina’s teasing. It shows that she is serious about working on herself. And now they face a huge challenge how to deal with Carol’s secret that she is about to reveal. I have every confidence that Bette will be a great mainstay for Tina and that this will only strengthen their relationship in the end.

      I am all set for the next chapter, I would like to read a new chapter of your other story but if I’m honest I’d rather have a new chapter of this story. You have completely captivated me with this story!

      • Hi Bibi28

        Thanks for your comment!..Not much else to say as your comment and thoughts pretty much follow the others. The whole situation is unconventional isn’t it?

        I really enjoy reading all these comments..We as authors write the story with our thoughts on how we see it playing out but I enjoy reading comments that gives the readers take and insight

        I appreciate you reading both stories..I will definitely be updating this one again soon so don’t worry..

        Thanks again!

    4. Love this story! I thought Carol had a connection to Tina but was unsure of the ages. What is Carol’s next step? Hurting Tina seems to be inevitable. Will Bette be the person to help soothe the pain? Please post again soon.

    5. Okay, So Carol is Tina’s biological mother. And Helena think she has foiled her mission. As an accountant, I known that once transactions are recorded and in the books, its damn hard to make them disappear. Most money goes through banks and in transactions with other entities who have the other side of the records – where there is a sale, there is also a purchaser and the money usually goes through a bank. So if you do not have the records, then records can be obtain from bank or other entities. Then it is only a matter of has it been reported to the IRS appropriately or not. And the IRS is the only entity in which you are considered guilty and must prove your own innocence. So if there is evidence anywhere that there is fraud and it is of any significance, they will pursue that fraud until innocence is proven, a compromise is reached or the taxes are collected. So Carol is the one bluffing not Helena.

      Now, I see why she does not want Tina with Bette. Although unusual, neither Bette nor Tina have any relationship with Carol. They did not meet through Carol. Therefore, I see no problem with Bette having a strong and normal relationship even if it is true the Carol is her biological mother. After all, But since Carol is a bit off her rocker, I would demand DNA test before I accepted anything she has to say. Being Tina’s mother could be something she just made up. And even if it is true, there is no reason Bette and Tina could not have a relationship.

      I find Tina’s apology for her behavior a bit weak. and Bette’s readiness to accept it and apologize for her own behavior irritating. I do not find Bette responding to Tina acquiescence to the Bette’s advances anything to be ashamed of. And I do not find Tina’s apology having any realization as to what she did. Walking around in a towel is not the problem. Not stopping her when she obviously was going to make and did make romantic advances is a problem. As far as being in front of each other inappropriately dress? That seems bizarre. They are sharing a room, they are going to be in their underwear and perhaps even nude in front of one another. They need to agree that when that happens, neither one will make any romantic advances unless specifically invited by the other. And if an invitation is issued and accepted, the clause in the contract which says no sex will be broken.

      Now… seems to me that if Carol shows up at the gala, Peggy would have some security in place which could have her removed without causing much of a fuss. I assume that these things are by invitation only. They usually do not let just anyone into a party for security reasons.

      This is a strange twist chapter… lots of information… look forward to updates as soon as they are availible….

      • Martha3128,

        Very intuitive and detailed analysis of the situation ..

        The apologies although coming from one of sincerity were more of masking their vulnerability….Putting a bandaid over it and let it heal itself without doctoring it so to speak ..They are not in a place right now for deep conversations and just want to focus on what they were brought together to do…It may not make sense they acted so lackadaisical but keep in mind they are young and neither one have ever been thrown in this type of situation…and rather than talk out right about their feelings they both just want to put it in a box for now..In their minds they are doing the right thing even though it isn’t solving anything…Sure there is nothing wrong with parading around in a towel or underwear in front of a roommate but feelings are there and Tina would rather just completely take away the temptation then rather it present itself again She thinks she’s doing the right thing..Bette wants to appease her and in her mind she feels she overstepped boundaries..and honestly wants to change

        As for the tax evasion of course there are records..Helena has it…Let’s just say that isn’t going to go away as easy as Carol thinks..Carol obviously wanted to rattle Helena..which worked at that moment

        And of course Peggy is prepared..She’s Peggy Peabody after all

        I really do enjoy reading your thoughts!..Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • Very good post Martha. Remind me to do my taxes. Or to never tell you if I didn’t. Carol’s gonna get it!!!! Could Carol be a nut job who is making the whole thing up? A crazy fantasy? Hmmm.

    6. Well well. The plot thickens and curdles and sours all at once. Carol is going to stir everything up and try to mess up the growing relationship between Bette and Tina. Looking forward to the next chapter – hopefully it will be titled “In Which Carol Meets an Untimely Death”


    7. Oh when Carol sit down behind Bette and said what she did I figured that Tina was her Daughter or hubby’s love child.. but then I remembered in first chapter you made a point to say how old they were then Bette in this one says Carol’s age. It all clicked…lol nice storyline. I love it. Can’t wait to see what happens at the Gala… Thank you

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