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    Chapter 6. Restraint

    After an eventful flight and finally arriving in Paris, the limousine Peggy had arranged to pick them up from the airport was on its way to the hotel they would be staying for the week. The ride was quiet..Peggy and Helena avoided each other. Helena and Alice were acting normal after their encounter on the plane, and Bette and Tina kept glancing between the two trying to decipher what if anything was going on

    Bette leaned over and whispered in Tina’s ear

    “After we get settled in the room we need to get Helena to join us there pronto”

    Tina nods and whispers back “I agree”

    “Well hopefully we won’t have a problem” Bette whispers and Tina nods grabbing Bette’s hand and holding it in hers

    “You don’t have to hold my hand right now..It’s just us in here” Bette whispers in Tina’s ear

    Tina shrugs “The contract says I can do PDA as I see necessary…And besides I’ve grown to like how your hand feels in mine…It’s nice”

    “Well in that case you may hold it anytime you wish..You know…since the contract says you can and all” Bette whispers and shakes her head chuckling..But truth be told Bette was loving Tina’s affection be it because of the contract or she just wanted to

    The limousine finally pulls in to the drop off area of the hotel and parks. The doors open and Peggy is the first to get out followed by Helena, Alice, Tina and Bette. The doorman were busy putting all of the luggage on the luggage carts and Peggy lead the group inside  to the hotel registration desk. She spoke in French to the woman behind the desk

    “Peggy Peabody … J’ai trois suites réservées et une sous Tina Kennard avec une kitchenette avec demande spéciale … Assurez-vous que Tina Kennard et Alice Pieszecki reçoivent le forfait Platine dans leur suite.” Peggy says and the woman nods typing frantically on her keyboard

    Bette scrunches her face realizing she was going to face a challenge since she did not know a lick of French

    Tina chuckled at Bette’s flustered look and decided to come to her rescue

    “She was telling her that she had reservations in her name and one in mine and for Alice and me to get the platinum package…whatever that is..but she said something about a special request for my suite”

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    1. Well I really wasn’t expecting that. Ooh la la!! Tina is quite the tease. Glad that they are clearly so into each other but given Bette’s reputation, Tina is playing with fire. Really, Tina. You can’t have it both ways – total come on then pull out the contract? Tsk! Tsk! Cold shower time for Bette! Wonder what the connection is between Tina and Carol. If there is one. Of course Carol is lying to Helena about Bette. She either has some sheer hostility for Bette or is disguising her jealousy by pretending concern for Tina. Carol has a very clear agenda. Very interesting developments.

    2. Well, if I were Bette, I would do a little more than just shower. I would do a little DIY and makes as loud a passionate moans and cries that I could. It then would parade through the bedroom wrapped in a towel and dress in the room with the sofa bed. Oh and make sure Bette leaves the door open for a full view. Oh and I might even sleep sans pajamas… Two can play this game. Tina knows what she is doing and putting that kind of temptation and the leading on that she is doing does not make life easier for either of them. When she allowed Bette to approach her without stopping her was not in accordance with the contract. She purposely teased and entice Bette – not a very ethical thing and not in the spirit of the contract. I can see that Tina will be in the room in a towel or in her underwear and may be observed by Bette. But when she knowing that her approaching her to be romantic and not stopping her, well that is being a bitch. By the same token, if Bette is in a towel or her underwear and Tina approaches to be romantic, that is not in the sprit of the contract. The contract was not a license to drive Bette crazy with desire for something she couldn’t have. It was designed to change Bette’s public image by providing her with a stable appearing fake girlfriend. There needs to be a level playing field when in private…. Needless to say, I am very upset with Tina’s behavior here.

      Carol seems to me to be just psycho. Tina probably turned Carol down for an affair and therefore if she can’t have her, then no one can have her…

      • Martha3128

        I agree..That certainly was a bitch move Tina made..It shocked me as well and I’m the one who wrote it..

        As for Carol let’s see what she’s up to next chapter which I will be posting probably before the night is out..It will be the last one for a few days while I start posting updates for my other story

        Thanks for reading and commenting

      • Staying with the naked idea, Tina certainly got Bette thinking about sex. Bette Porter with a naked woman – and not just any naked woman. Not sure what Tina was thinking but agree that a naked Bette sometime in the near future is appropriate payback. Also agree that the scales have been tipped regarding the agreement and Tina is definitely NOT helping Bette right now. The image of Tina’s body is forever imprinted in her brain and other places. What is Bette supposed to do about that? Thought Tina was supposed to be a good and somewhat calming influence. She needed to put the breaks on much much sooner. We all know they are well on their way to falling in love but Tina seems to have skipped a step or two.

    3. Oh Tina, you are such a tease and then bringing up the contract, tssk!

      I don’t trust Helena, is she two timing? She seems to be already involved with Carol before she agreed to the plan?! Why doesn’t want Carol Tina being in a relationship with Bette? Is she interested in Tina herself?

      Wonderful comments from Martha and Billy!

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