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    Chapter 8 Containment

    The ride to the gala was mostly relaxing. Alice immediately partook of the champagne that had been chilling in the mini bar of the limousine.  Bette and Tina refrained from joining her instead preferring to be lucid and not inebriated when they encountered the media on the red carpet. Peggy however was having issues with her cellphone. At least that was the case until it finally rang. She immediately answered upon seeing who it was

    “Helena darling” she answers..her brow furrowing at Helena’s panicked tone. She then realized Bette, Tina, and Alice’s gaze were on her as she listened to Helena recount the confrontation with Carol..she occasionally replied with  “I see” and “Interesting”. But inside she was furious that Helena once again had left a mess that she would have to go behind and clean up..

    “Very well Helena..See you soon” she says ending the call and turns to Alice who was pouring another glass of champagne “Alice dear ?”

    “Yes” Alice answers

    “Could you be a darling and pour me a glass?”

    Alice nods grabbing a flute off the bar and filling it with the bubbly liquid and hands it to Peggy

    “Thank you..” Peggy flashes a grateful smile at Alice and takes a huge gulp

    “You’re welcome” Alice says shooting a look toward Tina as she sets the champagne back onto the bar

    Tina shrugs her shoulders and Bette leans in to whisper in her ear.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Tina shrugs again and whispers “I don’t know but Helena has stressed her out since she showed up the other day at her office”

    Bette nods in agreement “Yeah..I’ve noticed”

    Tina chuckles “Who hasn’t”

    The limousine finally makes a stop and the driver opens the door allowing Peggy to exit first. Dozens of camera bulbs flashed as Peggy took her turn in front of the media and stopped for a question. Alice followed behind her waving and blowing kisses and was also pulled to the side for a brief interview.

    “Are you ready?” Bette asks as Tina nods.

    “After you” Tina motions to Bette who steps out offering her hand for Tina.

    They both step in front of the flashing bulbs. Bette is careful to stay slightly behind Tina as this is her moment and not hers. Tina let’s go

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    1. Okay, so Peggy gets Carol to back down on making a public spectacle at the gala. But Carol’s problem with Tina dating Bette is still an issue. My thoughts are that she will not give up on breaking the two of them up that easily. Bette and Tina know she is in Paris and that she is doing some rather strange things regarding Bette. Is an IRS audit enough to send her back to the states? Probably not. She is not a very logical thinker. Carol is still a very young woman at the age of what 38 and has a good many years left in the movie business. But if she makes a public spectacle against Bette and Tina, she will ruin not only Bette and Tina but herself as well. But she is risking everyone’s future with her behavior. Not a very nice person.

      Good move by Peggy…. let’s see how the rest of the week goes….

      Thank you for the update… please give us more as soon as you can….

    2. Well hearing Carol’s back story has not endeared her to me and I agree with Martha that she is not a nice person. Still finding the story intriguing and look forward to more soon.

      Thanks for posting, stay safe and well

      • Agree. It will be Tina’s choice but I hope she is not interested. I do not trust Carol to stick by the deal. She is determined to tell Tina. Plus she may be headed to jail soon for her financial dealings.

    3. I really like this story. Peggy is very formidable but I fear Tina is in for a stressful period. And I suspect it will be Bette who picks up the pieces. Bette knows Carol very well – sadly. Once the full story comes out attitudes may soften a touch regarding Carol but I doubt she can be trusted. Depends on how Carol behaves moving forward. She has certainly not started out very well. Whatever happens – it will have to stay out of the media and that will be very tricky. Carol has already blown it and shown little regard for Tina and caused a media frenzy. If she was telling Peggy the truth she should want this to remain quiet. Not a public spectacle. What is her true goal? If her end game is really to get to know her daughter she will not hurt her any more than she already has. Tina is still very young and probably not as in control as she appears. Peggy and Bette will be there. Enjoying this story.

    4. Great story!

      I love Peggy, she is fierce, doesn’t give a shit and isn’t fooled easily.

      Still doesn’t like Carol, sad story if true but she only cares about herself. I hope she will back off till she hears from Peggy if Tina is interested to get to know her birth mother. I am adopted and my birth mother was 15 years old and i never was or are interested to find her or want to know about her. But maybe Tina does want to know, it will be a huge shock when she hears Carol is her mother, it will be strange and she doesn’t care about this Carol, will that change when she knows the truth?

      Tina has great people around her who loves her dearly and will protect her fiercely and help in any way. And i think Bette will be her biggest support.

      Like SassyGran “Carol’s back story has not endeared her to me” and i don’t think i will ever like her. She already made a bad impression with her behaviour and caused problems, so no, she will not het my symphaty vote.

    5. Whewh! Now that Administrator has been able to retrieve & re-establish my creds, I can join in the commentary fun!!!
      Lovin’ this story, just the title alone signaled that we were in for a delightful ride.

      I have some thoughts on the Carol – Tina link, but let me go back and read all the chapters to see if my hypothesis has merit.

    6. B4 stating my hypothesis: Tina will NOT respond favorably to news that Carol is her biological Mom.

      And because I didn’t remember Tina having spoken of her upbringing nor of a longing to know her “ mother”. And so I had to go back and re-read to see if this was true. So the above hypothesis is my comment for this chapter.

      Thus far, we have not been given info on Tina’s past, her feelings, fears or relationships. We only know Tina as being an alpha-female, witty, bold of thought & speech and sensual. HeHeHe!!

      Tina doesn’t have a clue that the Bette who is endeavoring to peep over her emotional walls will soon have Tina’s number the more she is willing to reveal her “true” self. She will then be irresistible for the right reasons.

      They tickle me to no end as they go on & on about the contract and how it matters that they abide by it. Paaleeze!!!

      All they’re gonna end up doing with that contract is slapping the smirk off ‘ol Carol’s face!!!

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