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    Chapter 7 – The Eleventh Wedding Anniversary

    Ten Years After – Volume 3 – Home Sweet Home

    Chapter 7 – The Eleventh Wedding Anniversary

    The next morning, Tina slipped out of bed and went down to the kitchen to prepared breakfast for her and Bette. She had a large pot of coffee, a large bowl of yogurt, fruit, granola and nuts. She also included a large glass of orange juice and a couple of bottles of water. She then set it on their private deck. She then went and turned Bette’s alarm clock off and gently proceeded to wake her wife up with kisses and stroking her arms. Tina had Bette’s robe and slippers and was coaxing her to wake up.

    Tina: Bette? Bette, it’s time to wake up. Come on. Time to get up. Come have breakfast with me. I have some hot coffee waiting for you. Do you want some?

    Bette: Aren’t we supposed to swim first?

    Tina: We are going to change our routine a bit this morning. Happy Anniversary Babe. Today, we complete our eleventh year as wife and wife. And I have brought you breakfast in bed. But I would rather have breakfast out on the deck. Will you join me? It’s all ready for you.

    Bette: Did you say hot coffee?

    Tina: Yes, I did.

    Bette: Let me go pee and where’s my robe. Oh, thank you.

    Tina helped Bette out of the bed and held her robe open for her to slide on. She then directed her toward the bathroom. Tina quickly found an extra blanket to carry out on the deck as it was chilly as the sun was rising. She then poured the coffee and added the cream just like Bette liked it. Bette came out to the deck and saw the breakfast set up and smiled.

    Bette: Oh, it’s chilly out here.

    Tina immediately threw a blanket around her shoulders and directed her to the gliding sofa and sat her down and then handed her a hot cup of coffee as she wrapped Bette’s feet and legs in the blanket. She then wrapped herself in a blanket and sat down next to Bette and enjoyed her coffee.

    Bette: This is good. Nice and toasty now. So, what have we here? This coffee is really good.

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