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    Chapter 78 – Alphaville’s Got a Hard-On For You

    Law Offices of Joyce L. Wischnia

    “But first, I would like to give you folks a crash course in the anatomy of a record deal.” Joyce continued. The thin, blonde woman flipped a switch on the wall near the door which lowered the projection screen. She pulled a small remote from off the top of one of her framed certificates on the wall behind Kit and pointed it at the projector.

    Joyce quickly went through a Powerpoint presentation summarizing key terms that a typical record deal contained, from exclusivity clauses, recording and release provisions to cross collateralization, production deals, royalties, accounting and publishing rights. It was a lot of information to digest, but the band had discussed some of the topics the night before with Bette.

    “Now then, we’ve got two offers on the table right now, folks.” Joyce informed them as she pulled out the documents and slapped them down on the table.

    “Two?” a surprised Bette asked. “We were only aware of one.”

    This made Joyce look up, causing her to silently congratulate Tina for coming clean with the stunning brunette across from her.

    “Really? I was under the impression the offers came directly here. Do I have a leak in my office?” Joyce asked with a single raised eyebrow. She didn’t want to overstep her boundaries in the off chance that Tina had not actually told Bette about the deal.

    Bette gave the attorney a knowing look. “I spoke with Tina this past week, Joyce. The band is aware of the offer for Kit only. We are prepared to make a counteroffer for the entire band and have a contingency plan in the event of a rejection.”

    “I see.” Joyce smiled, grateful that the young music executive had taken her Sapphic advice and came out smelling like a rose. “Before we discuss a counteroffer, would you like to know the significance of its terms as well as those of the second offer and where it comes from?”

    “Hell yeah!” Alice exclaimed.

    “I like your enthusiasm, Alice.” Joyce praised the quirky woman. “Okay. A $2 million/3 album deal for Kit is pretty freaking amazing. Alphaville’s got a hard-on for you, my dear, but who could blame ‘em.” Joyce winked at Kit again eliciting an embarrassed chuckle.

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    1. MeLL, my dear, there is absolutely no need for you to apologize for posting a short chapter. Never ever. You posted. And that is all that matters. 1519 words of a story is more than every only-reader-not-writer among us ever posted :-) Aside from that you gave us four chapters.

      That being said… another great one with the band and Joyce. And a nice scene with Tina and Dana, too. :-)

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