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    Chapter 77 – Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

    Tina’s House

    Once Tina was done explaining the latest Aaron-Ambush, Bette’s smile gave her away.

    “What?” Tina asked, eyeing her girlfriend suspiciously.

    The brunette smirked and shrugged, averting eye contact with the cute blonde sitting on the floor across from her. She reached for the glass of red wine on the coffee table behind her.

    “I guess that means I don’t need to take you to the airport so early in the morning.”

    “Yeaaaah. Aaaaand?” Tina’s suspicious glare was melting into a suspicious smile.

    Bette took a sip of her wine, and silently set it back on the table. She looked into Tina’s leery eyes. From her sitting position, Bette slowly and deliberately crawled the short distance between herself and her girlfriend. Tina was sitting with her elbows resting on her bent knees, her legs slightly parted, her feet flat on the floor.

    A tingle swept through Tina’s body as she watched Bette sexily make her way closer. Her arms dropped from her legs and she leaned back, putting her hands on the floor behind her. Bette slid between her legs and she reached out, grabbing the back of Tina’s neck, drawing her in.

    “Aaaand, it means we don’t have to go to sleep as early as we planned.” She whispered as she grazed her lips against Tina’s.

    The music executive was so turned on, her eyes closed, anticipating the kiss she desperately needed. But it didn’t come.

    Tina opened her eyes to a smiling Bette watching her closely.

    “You’re evil, you know that?” She whispered, making Bette breathe a laugh.

    The pressure against the back of her neck brought her close to Bette’s lips again. The two women shared a few breaths, intensely gazing at the other’s face. Tina felt Bette’s warm, wet tongue trace her full lips before sneaking inside her mouth, allowing her to taste the traces of wine still on her gorgeous woman’s palate.

    A soft moan was heard, neither woman knowing which one of them it had come from. Tina slowly laid back as Bette positioned herself between her legs, feeling the heat emanating from the blonde’s sexual hub even through the denim fabric of her jeans. Tina wrapped her legs around Bette’s, wanting to feel more pressure against her center.

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    1. Joyce is such a flirt!!!

      I liked her in the L Word!!!

      After next week only one chapter 😯, ok only if you promise that the chapters have at least 7 pages, one for every day 😂

      Thanks for the updates!

      • I thought it would be funny to have Joyce overtly flirt with Kit much to Angus’s chagrin. She’s just too fun to write like that.

        And no promises that the single chapters will be lengthy. Especially since they are already written. 🙃

    2. Joyce really is hilarious! Hitting on Kit. LOL
      I enjoy her scences. Always funny though intelligent, sometimes a little too blunt but thouroughly honest.
      In the show I didn’t like her when she was hitting on Tina but it was great how she got T + B to get their act together and come to a less aggressive solution for the separation and child care.

      Thank you, MeLL, for this week’s postings. A pleasure to read as always :-)

      How’s your car btw? All good again?

      • Car is back on the road so all good there.

        I felt like since they are in the same general age bracket, that it would be funny to have Joyce flirt with Kit while Angus steams in the corner. I did enjoy playing with her character in this fic.

    3. What, you really let us pending with this unfinished business scene ? And in top of that, your awful news about only 14 chapters left ? Really, dear MeLL, I didn’t figure you as being such a Machiavelian – even sadistic ! Here ist my most indignant and saddened pout…

    4. At least I can read again this adorable scene with our two favorite lovebirds and laugh once more with the gang’s banters… and Joyce’s irresistible nerve with Kit ! Your Bette is truly intoxicating, by the way, I’m more than ever addicted,

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