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    Chapter 8 – The Funeral

    Bette woke early to find the beautiful blonde still cuddled in her arms. She wasn’t exactly sure what time the funeral was, so she kissed her lover’s warm shoulder and snuck out of the bed. She wanted to drive back to the beach house and pick up a suit.


    She put on her clothes silently and folded the night clothes that she had borrowed and placed them on Tina’s dresser. She padded to Tina’s office and found a notepad on her desk. She wrote a quick note and crept into the bedroom and stuck it to the master bathroom mirror. She sat down on the toilet lid and sent a quick text. She needed back up and Shane was probably with Carmen or at the beach house.


    She opened the medicine cabinet looking for some lipstick and found a red color. It was right next to a few prescription bottles of what she knew to be anxiety medication. Clonazepam, Prozac. She frowned at the pill bottles but noticed that none of the refill dates looked current. She shrugged it off, not wanting to think too much about it, and having no desire to judge Tina.


    She had no hang ups about mental health care. Kit had done really well after some setbacks in her recovery, thanks to good doctors and a medication plan. She just felt for the blonde, anxiety could be hard to deal with.


    Bette put on the lipstick and crept back out to the bedroom. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the Fit Bit tracker. She didn’t know why she brought it, but was now glad that she had stuffed it into her pants pocket. She crept over to the bed and placed it carefully on the sleeping blonde’s wrist. She leaned down and kissed her wrist just next to it, leaving a perfect lipstick mark. Tina stirred but didn’t wake.


    She tiptoed out and down the stairs, locking the front door behind her as she went. She scanned the street left and right looking for a vehicle. A set of lights flashed her and she nodded towards them. She got a text from Shane as she pulled her car down the street.



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    1. Great chapter. Feel sorry for Tina and Alice. Not really welcome at Dana’s funeral. How sad and unfair. Not really able to say goodbye properly. Glad Bette was there. So Helena Peabody? Well oh well. Stories either redeem her and she is portrayed as a loyal friend or she is a major villain. She is clearly the latter. And what is she up to? And with Eric? Clearly more than representing the company and putting a caring face on Dana’s murder. Bette certainly despises her. Bette also said Helena could not own the studio. Sarcasm? The plot thickens.

      A switch certainly flipped with Tina. She decided she wanted Bette and made her move. And Bette certainly made her feelings clear. Tina seems a little protective about her past. Perhaps because she was unhappy and hence the antidepressants? But she proudly shared the movie. And she certainly liked the limo and the motorcycle ride. Still, she does seem rather closed off. Bette is such an enigma. Tina will have to accept that she has a very colorful past. One can only imagine. But Bette clearly loves Tina and can quote poetry and wants to share her life with her.

      Cannot wait to learn what the inscription leads to. I’m sure there will be relationship bumps as well as danger and intrigue on the horizon. As I said before – Bette – yes you are madly in love but – guess what – you’ve got her – so keep your head in the game girl! Do not share too much or with the wrong people. Especially Alice!

      • Hey Billy,
        Yes, so sad for both Tina and Alice that they felt shut out at Dana’s funeral. Homophobia rears it’s ugly head as per usual.
        As for Helena, god I absolutely adore her character. And I really loved her growth from season to season. Definitely one of the better developed characters in the series. But, that being said, I needed a match for Bette, and had always envisioned her playing the part she plays in this story. But, just know, that this role has nothing to do with how I feel about her.
        As for Tina, yes, she is still riding her own rollercoaster of events and emotions. Retreating into Bette’s arms is like the valley in between her peaks, and we see her taking advantage of Bette’s openness and affection in a time where otherwise she would feel quite alone. And Bette likes to feel capable, so Tina leaning on her is something she’s completely comfortable with. And they’re falling in love.
        But Tina will have to let go of her past wounds and let Bette heal her heart. Then she’ll begin to open up. For now, everything is moving so fast for her.
        All will be revealed in the next chapter regarding the true prize of the Venus and trust will play a huge role in what happens next.
        So glad you’re enjoying it!


    2. This is a great drama….. intrigue and relationship building. Glad that there was no incident at the funeral. But the murderer could have been there. I suspect that Eric and Helena are in partnership to get the treasure associated with the Venus statue. Dana was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and she was murdered. Can’t wait to see what the transcription reveals.

      Bette is very uncharacteristically going to share the information with Tasha, Alice and Tina before she knows what it is herself. This move is because to the tantrum Tina threw yesterday evening. Personally, this is a big risk to the entire case. Until Bette is certain as to who she can trust and who the players are in this crime, I would think she would play things closer to the vest. The transcription of the message inside the Venus is not common information. It would not be a good idea for it to become widely known. I can understand her sharing it with Tasha as the representative of the FBI. But giving this information to Alice and to Tina serves no purpose except to satisfy their curiosity and it gives more potential to the information becoming public. What the investigation does not need is a whole slew of new treasure seekers trying to solve the rumors associated with the Venus de Milo and trying to find the golden apple. Until there is definitive leads on who murdered Dana, Tina, Alice, Helena, and Eric and Dana’s family should not have any information. When the investigation narrows down to a specific targets, then maybe they are entitled to some but not all information. Vigilante justice is always a possibility and the criminal could be tipped off and take evasive maneuvers to avoid prosecution. And the fact that there has been an attempt on Tina’s life may be another reason not to let her in on the findings until the authorities know who and why Tina is being targeted. Tina just needs to take precautions to keep herself safe. Allow the process work out and all will be revealed. The more people who know a secret, the less likely it will remain a secret. Tina needs to know only that which will aid her in keeping herself safe. She may need to know who, but she may not need to know why until the time is right.

      Bette is willing to share everything in her life including this transcription. Tina is being somewhat more obscure? Wonder why this is? She is still unsure about Bette that she cannot trust her with the secrets of her life? Bette ask for a single revelation and Tina had trouble coming up with one thing she wanted to reveal to Bette. How about I went to college at XYZ University, or I’ve been in the movie industry for x years, or I’ve never been married or I’ve only had x number of serious relationships. There are thousands of incidental facts about Tina which she could have revealed without revealing her life of secrets. The fact that she really struggled with that question is truly puzzling. That says a lot about Tina. And the fact that Bette is only somewhat aware of how Tina was struggling with that question makes me nervous about their future as well. I know their relationship is new and they have barely known each other for a few days and they have committed to exclusivity with each other and they are both truly smittened with each other. But Tina’s hesitancy to reveal much about herself is not a good sign at this point and signals problems in their future.

      I really loved the reaction of Bette asking Tina if she had slept with Helena. I think that would have opened Tina’s eyes to the fact that even though Bette has a past, Tina does too. Bette is just a capable of being jealous of a former lover as Tina. Except in this case Helena was not a lover to either, or at least not that Bette can remember or will admit to.

      I really like this story…. I love the way Bette and Tina are already under each other’s spell. I love Bette’s intriguing life and love of gadgets. I love Bette’s gallantry to try to protect Tina even if she doesn’t know how to handle it. I love the heat of new love and I actually like Shane and her admiration of Tina and Bette’s new relationship. I love that see’s Tina as someone special and compatible with Bette. I love that she is amazed that she watching something good and possibly permanent for Bette.

      Please post more when you can…..Thank you for this great chapter.

      • Hi Martha,
        So glad you like the chapter. Man, I wish I could tell you things, but then it would ruin it! Yes, I agree that Bette should be careful who she trusts with her secret, and you’re right, maybe Tina shouldn’t know right now, and definitely not Alice, but I don’t think that Bette feels like their knowledge of this secret will hurt her in the long run. Someone else has the information she’s about to discover anyway, so that’s her main focus and what she’s most worried about. So now it’s a race to find out where the next clue will lead. Don’t worry, Bette is pretty smart and she’s got a lot of resources to aid her in this. And if someone tries to double cross her, I’m sure she would be prepared to deal with that. But yes, we all know Alice has the biggest mouth. But, I have a feeling that Tasha is going to help out on that front.
        And yes, a little strange that Tina fumbles so hard when Bette asked her for just one thing about herself. I think that this is all happening a little fast for Tina and she’s not used to the way the Bette makes her feel. She wants to trust her, but she’s never really opened up to a lover in this way. Bette is so different than anyone she’s ever dated. And Bette is so self confident, while Tina is very much lacking in that area. I think she just needs some time to realize that Bette is not going to take from her and leave her high and dry and in love. And yes, I wanted to show Shane’s confidence in them as a new couple. She adores Bette and really looks up to her. She is so invested in her happiness. And she sees how Tina has come along and knocked her socks off. So, yeah, she’s pretty cute about her approval of Tina.

        Cant wait for you to read the next chapter!


    3. Thank you for this very intriguing, long chapter. It’s interesting how open Bette is willing to be with Tina, but the opposite with Tina to Bette. Tina’s hesitant to share her past. I truly enjoyed the scene between Bette, Tina, and Helena.

      The meeting about the inscription will prove to be interesting, I think. Can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

      Please post soon and stay safe!

      • Thanks Trecelovinit!
        Yes, Bette is all in right now. She’s used to going after what she wants and securing it as fast as possible, so in her mind this is just the natural progression of things. Tina, not so much. She’s been hurt and somewhat jaded by her previous experiences, so while her heart is completely Bette’s already, her mind hasn’t caught up yet, and is trying to protect her.

        So glad you liked the scene with Helena, gosh, I love writing her. She’s just such a fierce character. And if there’s anyone to go toe to toe with Bette, it would be her.

        Glad you’re along for the ride. There will be much revealed in the next chapter!


      all my favorite things in this chapter – the bike, the helmet where they can talk to each other, the Batgirl reference, Bette’s love of cool spy gadgets, the limo ride. DANG. you wrote a great chapter, very entertaining. I think Tina being reluctant to open up is natural – she just lost a very close friend in a horrible way, was almost killed in a clear attempt on her life and now has this amazing woman in her life that probably feels surreal in a lot of ways. I would be all tongue tied too. It will come, with time and being able to trust Bette more and more.
      SO glad you were able to get your laptop squared away and hope your work backs off so you can write more. Would you like me to speak to your boss? Tell her you have important art capers and heists to write about? Happy to. Have a great week, be safe…

      • Hi Bkkkkkk!
        So glad you were entertained by the chapter. I aim to please, missy. And yeah, Bette’s voice soft and sultry in your ear as your arms are wrapped around her on that rumbling bike. Yes please! And I thought you might like the limo ride. You know, they say that people do some crazy things after funerals. The body has a way of fighting off the thought of death.
        And yes, you soooo get what my Tina is going through. She evens says it to Bette when Bette tells her she wants to be in a relationship. She tells Bette just how surreal it is, and how she was plucked from her dreams and turned to flesh. Everything that’s happening to her is so far from her reality and she’s still reeling. And Bette is on another level. Acquire the perfect girl, make her happy and move forward. She doesn’t have the same baggage and scars that Tina has.
        Thanks for sympathizing about the computer. It was stress on top of stress this week. And about that boss, guess what, she’s me. I run a restaurant and some days and weeks are tougher than others. This being one of those. Especially in these times. But, no one to complain to but myself. The owner sure wouldn’t want to hear about it. He’s in his mansion on Martha’s Vineyard for the summer. But don’t worry, I’m definitely going to carve out more time to write… And now to read your story that I just saw was posted today! Yayyyy!

        Stay safe!

    5. Risky, yeah, you posted! Thanks for another entertaining part.

      Couldn’t Bette get any cuter? A love poem? Wow. And I will put the idea with the lipstick on the wrist away for future use. What an intimate message!

      Throughout the chapter it is amazing to see Bette’s soft side. So in love with Tina and so unsure how to do everything right. But she knows how to declare her love for Tina. Very sweet how she explains the Jeep and her need to protect.

      As for Tina, I don’t think she really realized that she survived an attack on her life and is still in danger. Still thinking that she has everything under control herself and doesn’t need help. In time she’ll trust Bette enough to share details about herself. Bad experience in the past might make her more careful before opening up to someone. Like Tina said herself “waiting for the other show to drop”. You don’t tell people about yourself when you expect them to abandon you soon anyway.

      It’s sad that Dana’s parents ignored her friendship with Tina. I forgot how hard it was for Dana in the beginning to come out to her parents. It didn’t feel like Tina got the chance to really say goodbye to her. That must weigh on her shoulders, especially since she feels responsible for Dana’s dead. Maybe she’ll find the time to have a little private ceremony, perhaps with Alice, to get closure.

      So Helena is part of it as well? Art crime? Wouldn’t put it past H. in her phase of showing her arrogant spoiled brat image. She would think that she could get back in Peggy’s approval for an art heist or something like that.

      Loved B + T on the bike again. LOL for Bette adjusting the rearview mirror to enjoy Tina’s dress.
      Tina and Ocean’s 8? Great movie reference. Love the gals.

      Are we learning more about the mystery of the Venus in the next chapter? Can’t wait to read more, Risky!


      • Hey KP,
        Love your insight into this chapter. You really get where I’m going with Tinas journey. And omg Bette. She is the cutest! I love writing her like this. So unafraid to be open with the beautiful, soft and affectionate blonde. Who is also bold as hell when she wants to be. Yeah, Bette’s got it bad, and she has no scars, and so completely unpracticed when it comes to keeping her heart safe. I think she’s found the right person to take care of it though.
        And I loved writing Bette’s thrill at Tina’s lingerie while riding her around town.
        And Helena, oh how I love her character. The dichotomy of the role she played in the series makes her so fun to write for. And especially for the way I want use her in this story. Glad you liked the Ocean’s 8 reference. It felt perfect for that scene. And I too absolutely loved the casting for that movie.
        The mystery will finally be revealed in the next chapter, and then the chase is on, well, after one more surprising revelation anyway.
        So glad you are on this ride with me!


    6. RiskAAAAYY!
      When I saw that you had posted, went grabbed a small goblet of 🍷 a little cheese and scrolled down to see how many pages and Oh shit 32!!!

      The others have already devoured the chapter and have stolen my thoughts so now I’m only left with a couple . . . Or three . . . Okay, S O M E 😜

      Is it true that Helena implied that she & Bette had hooked up even tho Bette says she was drunk and “didn’t remember”?? If so, then Bette didn’t tell Tina the truth, and knowing the Helena in this story means Helena will use that memory to beat Tina down emotionally if a cituation looks to be in her own favor. Helena & Eric are up to “NO good”.

      I 🤣🤣🤣when after Bette had seen Tina partially dressed, she eventually told Tina that she needed a bathroom break to “clean herself up”. Can’t even believed she admitted it outlourd🤣.

      I wondered why Tina wanted to take the bike but YET dressed in a short dress with hosery & heals . . . didn’t see her jumping Bette in the limo 🤣🤣. She’s very assertive when she wants to be!! Bette didn’t have time to take over the moment but had to just go with the flow. She got her jollies checking out Tina using the bike mirrors unbenounced to Tina. 🙃😜.

      Tasha! U work for the FBI, step up gurl !!!

      Totally AGREE that right now, “whatever” is discovered about the murder and theft, DOESN’T need to be shared with Alice. I don’t see her keeping info to herself, especially at the studio. 😖😶

      Lastly, using Oceans 8 as a film that Tina was involved with was pure Boss-ass KooL!! Love that movie and soundtrack. Never tire of it! HeHeHe🥰

      • Hey Dumplin!
        Ooh, a little wine and cheese to go along with my little old story, fancy! I love it. Yes, a lot of great comments on this chapter so far. As for Helena’s comment to Bette, I was hoping not to have to address that little nugget, so all I can say is that yes, there is something to it, but not ready to disclose just what that meant. It will be significant later, but yes, a bit of a red flag as to something in their past. And oh yes, don’t think that Tina will be spared from any mind games that Helena can conjure up for her. This is the Helena of the early years, and she in not to be underestimated.
        So funny how you picked up on the way Tina dresses after Bette saw her in the garter and stockings. In my mind, she puts on the dress simply because of the way Bette looked at her. Bette makes her feel sexy and wanted. And for someone who doesn’t always feel very confident about herself, that’s all it took. And Bette is a smoke show, she certainly wants to keep her interested. Still haven’t decided if I’m going to let her wear a flight attendants outfit for Bette in a chapter that I’m starting now. Cuz, she soooo would. And the limo, dang. She was so bold. She craves the effect that she has on the well put together brunette, so it definitely makes her feel good to be able to do that. It’s her way of controlling something when everything is so out of control.
        And ohhhh Tasha. A little bit out of her depth with this, right? I mean she’s still a badass, but Bette is a force and she doesn’t know just how deep in this she’s about to be. I think in a way, Tasha’s kind of used to being a loner, and she likes going by the book, but with all of these strong women around her, she’s getting caught up in the wave. She better start swimming or get dashed upon the rocks!
        And man, the consensus sure is “don’t tell Alice!” which cracks me up, because we all know her so well. I don’t think Bette is worried about who knows what at this point. Yes, it’s one huge secret that she has carried for years, but at this point, I don’t think she feels threatened by present company. She is extremely confident in her power to find this thing, and she is so well funded that I don’t think in her mind anyone could come close to pursuing this the way she can. And she knows much more than anyone else. And trust me, it won’t be easy for anyone to get there without her. Not even those who have a week’s head start. So happy you liked the Ocean’s 8 nod. Love love love that cast and loved the movie. And it really fit the moment so well. Can’t wait for you to read the big reveal in the next chapter!


    7. Sorry guys, one more thought . . . .
      Bette ordering up the Batmobile for Tina was a scream!!! Bullet-proof windows!! Y’all KNOW Bette ordered a 007 canon, flares and God knows what installed in the grille right? 🤣🤣🤣.

      Like that Bette admitted that she was “too much” to just get it out of the way

    8. I AM SO HAPPY WE GOT A NEW CHAPTER! Thanks RiskyKitty!
      OK…so much here! I love the little moments the most I think…when Bette wakes up and puts the fit bit tracker on a sleeping Tina with a kiss on her wrist…the love poem. These kinds of things shows Bette’s true heart. Wanting to protect Tina at all costs and how much she truly is falling for Tina, right from the heart (not googled!). 😄 I loved Bette wanting to know more about Tina…something about Tina just not wanting to share that much or being uncertain…I hope we learn why (does the anxiety meds have something to do with it?). The push/pull at the beginning of the chapter rang very true. There is still so much they are not sure about and they are working their way through it. Tina had to decide if she was actually going to stay mad at Bette. Bette was taking her cues from Tina and was all uncertain which is out of her comfort zone. Tina letting the hurt go and Bette just free falling with Tina (into love, choosing love) and just going for it is a big step. I loved that. a little concerned at the slight detachment from tina during the limo lovin’…but I suppose she needed Bette, to be lost in Bette so she can drown her sorrows a bit.

      OK, was there something between Bette and Helena? Were we supposed to read that as Bette got drunk and maybe something happened? Hmmm. Either way, I’m glad that they didn’t let the weirdness during the funeral fester and they got their questions out re: Helena. I felt so bad for Tina…having to be a virtual unwelcome guest at her best friend’s funeral. and Alice as well.

      I continue to love ‘batgirl’ Bette! her gadgets are all so cool…and I love her ‘lets go steady’ speech to Tina. SO ADORABLE! she now lives to make her girl happy and it’s so adorable…and sexy.

      THE INSCRIPTION! looking forward to finding out more about that inscription…and looking forward to our crazy kids (Bette and Tina) celebrating their new status. I heard all night and tomorrow from Tina so…I’m holding you to that. THANK YOU for a great chapter!

      • Hey BATHOSF!
        I love that you picked up on all the little things that made this chapter so special for me. Yes, Bette is sweet. And we get to see how her heart beats for Tina in all of the little ways she tries to take care of her. And I did want to show that push and pull. I wanted to show how Tina had to make that decision to let it go. And how relieved Bette was. And yes, it just makes Bette that much sexier that she’s this thoughtful and emotional absolute heartthrob. And she’s a little old fashioned. She wants to do this the right way. It’s her first time, so she’s a little childlike in her grand speech to ask Tina to be hers. Adorable.
        Loved all of the other little things you picked up on, but don’t want to give too much away. Yes, something happened between Bette and Helena one night long ago. But probably not what you might think.
        Can’t wait for you to read the next chapter!


    9. Risky

      I feel compelled to write something but everyone has already said it so well. Love the story, love the motorcycle and love so very much how you are unraveling their relationship, but I sense things are going to get complicated.

      Nicely done.


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