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    Chapter 9 – The Legend of the Venus

    Tasha paced irritatedly back and forth along the window of the small conference room. Bette Porter and Tina Kennard we’re late and she didn’t think she could take another minute of Alice’s cute little ‘hahaha’s’ and ‘oh really’s’ to every single thing coming out of Agent Torres’ mouth. 

    She didn’t understand how damn interesting working down in Science and Tech seemed to be to the little reporter. It was like Torres was doing an interview on the inner workings of her whole damn department. 

    She had stepped out of the room twice to freshen her cup of what she was sure was the bitterest coffee in all of Los Angeles, and each time she came back it was ‘no, I had no idea’ and ‘oh, that sounds dangerous’. Pshhh…Torres barely even went out in the field and when she did, she was stuck inside the damn van.

    Tasha checked her phone again and resumed her circuit in front of the windows, her head tilted to the floor, hands in her pockets, her lips a hard line across her face. 

    The door to the room opened and Tasha breathed a sigh of relief. “You’re late” she spat at them. 

    Shane and Tina looked quickly at Bette who put her helmet down and pulled out a chair for Tina. “Yes”, she said with a brilliant smile, her eyes never leaving Tasha’s as she motioned for Tina to sit down. 

    Shane sat down next to Tina and the two stole a quick glance at one another and then looked away. 

    Alice didn’t even notice the moment of tension in the room. She had been enjoying her conversation with the very cute and flirty Agent Torres. “Damn TK you look like….well, you look…good” she laughed. “Professor Porter, Shane”.

    “Actually, it’s Doctor, Al” said Tina, annoyed. “Wait, it would be, wouldn’t it?” she said softly to Bette. 

    Bette winked at Tina as she sat down next to her. She took her hand under the table, squeezing it lightly. 

    Bette looked at the petite Latina, sitting in the corner. Her striking dark eyes were wide and her eyebrows were raised in amusement at the scene. 

    “Good evening, ladies. Sorry we’re late. Tasha, shall I make my own introductions or would you like to…” but Bette was cut off by Alice.

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    1. Just got home and logged and what to my wondering eyes should appear? A new chapter from the Riskiest of all Kitties. So once I take care of the small humans in my house known as my children I will sit down and read this chapter properly. And revel in the story you are spinning. Best –

    2. Bette really is NOT judgemental is she? Having a new girl friend who is taking an unknown drug is unsettling to say the least. When she does confront Tina, Tina puts up the equivalent of Fort Knox in defenses and really hurts Bette. But Bette brushes it off and chooses to believe that Tina really does care about her and that this is not just something temporary. It is obvious that this is not temporary for Bette. And then at dinner when Bette explains how she is responding to the Xanax, Tina is somewhat overwhelmed with regret. Tina is in a whole new ballgame and this is nothing like anything she has experienced before. Trust does not come easy for Tina obviously, but this little incident should show Tina that Bette is trustworthy…. really trustworthy. Tina can trust Bette is speaking from her heart and soul.

      Okay…the Venus. So there is a missing arm which has a missing diamond in the hand of some enormous unknown value. And all trails lead to Paris. So are all of them going to Paris? Bette, Tina, Tasha, Alice and maybe Eva? Why would Alice even be in this meeting? And in reality, why would Tina? And now that Shane has given warning that everyone’s life is in danger, why are they not trying to figure out why Tina has had an attempt on her life? Whatever Tina knows, she found out in LA. and most likely at work. So when are they planning to have Tina answer a few questions – like retelling what she did and heard for the week or so before the murder. And possibly have Alice answer a few questions too. She is Miss Big Ears…maybe she heard something. With the security guard showing up dead, that makes two. Shane makes the point that they do not know what Tina knows but everyone goes on their way for the weekend? Hhumm.

      The trail to the arm and diamond appears to be hot but does not feel as close as Bette seems to think it is or Bette and Tina would have been on their way to Paris instead of San Francisco. Love the Bette’s plane already. And I really like Bette a lot. She has a great set of values and she treats people fairly even those who others consider her underlings. She really is a very sincere and honest individual. Tina? Well, Tina has some problems which are going to cause problems with her and Bette in the future. Hope she gets some of that reconciled within her own life before she gets too involved with Bette.

      Fascinating story… the drama of the murder mystery, and the antiquities search and the drama of Bette and Tina forming a new relationship. Cannot wait for more….many trails to follow and many mysteries to solve. Give us more…..Thanks you.

      • Hey Martha!
        I love your comments, so sorry for thIs long reply. Yes, Bette is pretty terrific. I guess it’s fair to say that she’s not very judgmental of Tina because she’s so enamored with her. I think she’s less concerned about what Tina is doing to her, and more concerned about what Tina is doing to herself. She knows that Tina has been through a lot, and she’s willing to put in most of the work right now. Though I don’t think she would tolerate this type of behavior for long. Yes, Bette loves to rescue beautiful pieces, and Tina is a little lost and a little broken, and definitely (in Bette’s mind) in need of rescue. Her wheelhouse……
        As for Tina, it has nothing to do with trusting Bette. Bette is the one who thinks that Tina won’t open up about herself or specifically what Dana’s parents said at the funeral because Tina doesn’t trust her, but Tina doesn’t feel that way at all. I think she knows what she has in Bette, she’s just self-sabotaging because she feels like she doesn’t deserve it. Or can’t possibly keep it. And when they’re walking onto the plane and Bette says that she’s traveling 9 or 10 months out of the year, that overwhelms her. And then again when she sits on Bette’s bed wondering about all of the other women who have been there with Bette. She feels like she can’t compete with that lifestyle, And that she won’t be enough to keep her. But don’t worry, Tina is going to start to believe in herself and become a true partner to Bette. She’s just not there yet.
        As for the Venus, yes it’s true, Tina nor Alice needed to be at that meeting. Tasha is struggling a little bit with how much of an alpha Bette is. She let Bette set the meeting, invite Alice, and of course Bette was going to bring Tina. Don’t forget, Tasha thought Tina was cute and may have had a tiny crush on her the first time they met, and then at the second meeting Bette walked in and had Tina in an instant. And when the two of them walked in to this meeting I think not only was she annoyed at Alice and her flirting, but also a little bit annoyed at how Tina and Bette are so loved up, helmets in hand, windblown, smiles on their faces. And late. So she’s mentally given up some control to Bette without realizing it. That could be a reason why she hasn’t interrogated Tina with Bette around. And Bette hasn’t asked Tina since the evening in the jacuzzi when Tina asked herself the question of ‘why would someone want to kill me?’.
        Yes, we know that Tina knows something, but we’ll have to wait a tiny bit longer for that to come up.
        As for Bette. She’s not concerned about the people who were in that room knowing this much about the legend of the Venus. She doesn’t feel threatened because she knows more than anyone about the diamond and truly believes that she’s the only one that can find it. And I think it felt natural to her to say, ‘we can’t do anything more about this tonight’ and then jump on her plane. She’s used to working from anywhere, so it’s not going away for the weekend when that’s where she lives.
        I’m so glad that you’re enjoying this.
        Again, I apologize for the lengthy response, you just pulled out so many awesome things for me to want to clarify.


        • Thank you for your response… I guess I was under the assumption that most professionals are able to set aside their personal attractions of people long enough to conduct their business or profession. Tasha’s attraction to Tina or Alice and her jealousy of Eva’s firtation disrupting her ability to do her job is a surprise, especially for an FBI agent. I have dealt with FBI agents and when on the job, they are all business and they are always in pursuit of information and to catch the bad guy when they are on duty. I think they are trained to turn off their personal life and put their professional life first and foremost and take control of any situation. According to the FBI, they are the ultimate law enforcement officers and they do not allow anyone else to take charge without direction from headquarters. They generally only bow out when handing a case over to a prosecutor and then the FBI has completed its investigation. Tasha cannot take control of a meeting, much less Bette, her entourage, methods and plans. I can see that Bette will not cooperate with Tasha unless she has free raine, but I also see that Tasha would have exerted a little more authority to the fact that she was in charge. Tasha is a reminder of Barney Fife when Thelma Lou comes by the sheriff’s office – a pretty girl takes her attention away from her job and she is lost her control. Perhaps that is why Bette invites Alice? To distract agent Tasha Williams? And Bette then takes control completely away form the entire FBI as a result. And that is a surprise!!!

    3. “One more fact” said Shane, quietly, still staring at her computer screen. “Is that everyone in this room is in danger now, because of what we know. We still don’t have the slightest idea what Tina knows, and yet someone already made an attempt on her life.”

      Shane states the obvious but that’s the end of it? I understand that Bette has fallen hard for Tina and is more than a little distracted by her emerging feelings as well as the quest for the Venus. And Bette is not FBI. Also it is not Shane’s place to do it. But has no one talked to Tina? Sorry but Tasha seems a bit incompetent. She IS law enforcement but seems more concerned about Alice and Papi flirting than finding a killer. The chapter begins with Tasha pacing and irritated and then taking her anger out on Bette. But Bette is not the only source of her frustration. She needs to get her act together. It is fine and good and right to trust Bette’s thinking about the Venus as this is Bette’s area of expertise but there are now two murders with direct ties to the studio and one attempted murder. Murder is Tasha’s domain. Yet she seems too distracted by Alice. Based on the call Alice takes it seems Jenny is about to enter the picture. That can’t be good. And let’s not forget Eric and Helena.

      Agree with the other comments about Bette. This is one of my favorite Bette Porter’s. So exciting and brilliant and loyal. Tina is definitely her Achilles heel. Bette is falling in love with a very guarded Tina who could not bring herself to share what Dana’s family said to her. And then needed a pill and alcohol to lighten her mood. She is clearly still very distraught about Dana. Is Tina going to be able to discuss what led up to the attempt on her own life? She is going to have to. And very soon! She knows something. She saw something. Time to finally ask her.

      Lastly, Tina said some unintentionally hurtful things to Bette especially insinuating that what they are doing is not real. She also has some unhealthy views about relationships. Bette is clearly all in. Tina – lose the mood altering Xanax. Bette is very real. Sadly, Tina attributes Bette’s understanding and kindness to her never having been in a relationship before but Bette is treating Tina with love and caring and respect – positive traits you want in a healthy relationship. Is being treated badly in the past all that Tina knows? If so, how sad. I don’t think that Tina truly believes that Bette is not real so she needs to learn how to start trusting and sharing. Bette has genuinely put herself out there. She also seems able to recognize the need for give and take and just as she needed to ask for forgiveness she is also able to forgive. Bette might not have any relationship history, but she is a kind person and knows that they both need to be open and honest with one another, and she loves and respects Tina a great deal. Hopefully Tina is able to believe that Bette loves her and wants to be with her – and more than just for sex or a temporary fling – the real deal – and can respond in kind.

      P.S. Visited Paris last summer and did a private tour of the Louvre. Got a wonderful lecture regarding the Venus statue. Really fascinated by the mystery you have created. Love your back story. Just great. Hoping that Bette has the edge as she thinks she can get the answers about R.V.

      • Hey Billy,
        I went to the Louvre in 2016 and had a similar experience. And I wrote Bette’s love for the Venus based on my own. I was fascinated by her. Seeing her for myself was so much more exciting to me than the Mona Lisa, that’s for sure. And I’m also a huge lover of Greek mythology, so she being the representation of Aphrodite was special to me. I’ll never forget it.

        As for the frustration with Tina, I feel ya. Nobody has asked her a thing, and you’re right it’s Tasha’s case, her responsibility. But, as I said to Martha, she’s feeling a little inferior to Alpha Bette. I don’t think she has it in her to interrogate Tina with Tina at Bette’s side. So although we know that Tina knows something, I don’t believe that they think Tina knows anything or she would have said it by now. Very frustrating, I’m sorry. Yes, Tasha looks pretty incompetent at present. Hopefully she’ll redeem herself.

        And Bette, god I love Bette. She is wonderful. She’s brilliant and driven, she’s loyal and kind, noble and protective. She is putting in all of the work, while Tina appears to just be throwing it away. Tina just does not feel like she is enough to keep Bette, and it’s sad. I promise you that she will come to a place where she is actually worthy of all of that love from Bette and that she will realize it before she really hurts Bette. And honestly, the way that Bette is feeling, she’s eventually going to demand more emotional expression during sex. If Tina can’t get past her insecurities and can’t engage on an emotional level, she’s going to ruin it.

        Such wonderful comments. Thank you. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.


    4. Wow! I absolutely love this story. I love the mix of art with history, two favs of mine. Bette is the real deal. She has a strong moral compass which always points true North and never wavers. Despite Bette’s past tragedies, she has managed to come out on top. Brave, strong, stable emotional IQ, driven, extremely intelligent. Tina is a epitome of an enigma. She certainly has a highly, stressful job in a male dominated industry. She is driven to go for what she wants but at what cost? Her mental health and stability and escapism is never a good course of action. Tina needs to make a shift. Yes, Bette made a mistake but what matters was she shared her information.

      Alice is a good person but hides because her journalism or curiosity to be nosy in matters of life and death. There is certainly a mortal threat to the gang. Be aware…evil lurks around every corner.

      Great story.

    5. Thank for all the research you did for this exciting chapter.

      If I were Bette I would be very cautious of Tina at this point.

      It seems to me with all the secrets that she has, she might be the reason why Dana was killed.

      Looking forward to your next post

      • Thanks Bub,
        Yeah, Bette should probably be more cautious with Tina, but she’s all in. She’s not often wrong about people and she sees something special in Tina. Let’s just hope that Tina doesn’t hurt Bette before she gets her act together.


      • Thanks SG,
        I’m so glad that you’re still enjoying it. Sorry about the cliffhanger, but if I didn’t cut the chapter there, it would have ended right in the middle of something else. Yes, more and more drama. Haha.

        Stay safe in this crazy crazy world!

    6. Yay! You posted a new chapter! But…I think you left out the last 10 or so pages from this chapter. ???? Thank you for the research and the fascinating Art History lesson. I love how Bette is the…naive one? about relationships? Not naive in a bad way, but she doesn’t have all the baggage because she never committed to anyone the way she has with Tina. I understand that it’s very early on with these 2 (what is it day 3 of them knowing each other?). Tina has clearly been through some stuff and has some insecurities and anxieties that require medication but with Bette? I would like her to realize that having this person, her person, to talk to and carry the load a little may help and will take the place of those meds. As of now, while I think Tina’s feelings are also real, she’s going through some hurt and it’s also not allowing her to open up the way Bette wants her to…a part of her can’t believe Bette is real (she’s literally a dream girl for Tina!)….so she treats her a bit like…wanting to make the most of it because it all could disappear? am I reading that right? I hope Tina can be present…and not think that just drowning in Bette and the mind-numbing (hmm, maybe mind-numbing is what Tina wants?) sex they have will erase her insecurities. and Bette…is being wonderful, she wants to be there for Tina…if only Tina will let her. You have started something really wonderful. Can’t wait to see where the chase for Aphrodite’s “heart” takes our couple…and where their own chase for that relationship that they both want leads them. Again…I think you missed posting the last 10 pages or so of this chapter so, I’ll be waiting for that. Heehee. ???? Thanks RK!

      • Yep, it definitely could have been a longer chapter, my friend, but I had to cut it somewhere, and I didn’t want to go from one drama right into the next. So glad you liked Bette’s story time. It was so much fun researching all of the history and then finding a way to attach the fact to the fiction I’m trying to create.

        Yes, while Bette isn’t necessarily naive, she certainly doesn’t have any of the baggage that comes along with past relationships. So, it’s a very pure love for her right now. She doesn’t have that emotional heaviness that comes with investing in a new relationship. She’s never had a failed one, and that makes her very different from Tina.

        And you are definitely reading it right. Tina does feel like Bette is literally a dream come true. And while I know that she is starting to feel that Bette could actually be real, she still feels like it could disappear at any moment. And that is terrifying to her. She’s lost so much in her life already. To get close to Bette and then to face losing her is something that she doesn’t think she could recover from. But, she’s going to have to realize that the kind of love she is being offered is well worth the risk.
        And yes, the mind numbing sex….Man, she’s addicted to Bette, that’s for sure. She may not be able to handle her emotionally yet, but physically, she can’t get enough. And Bette is so playful in bed, which is a huge reason that she feels so comfortable there. We’re going to have to wait and see how she handles it when Bette requires a little more emotional availability as opposed to just a fun romp.

        Exciting stuff ahead! Can’t wait for you to read the next chapter!


        • I can’t wait to read the next chapter…no, really, I can’t. ????

          the thing I love about reading Bette and Tina fan fic and the fan fics I really like, like this one, and BK’s ‘The Beginning’ is that…Bette and Tina are their own worst enemies when it comes to any problems in a relationship. It’s NOT ABOUT CHEATING on each other. That doesn’t happen. But…it is about them as individuals. Their layers. Their faults. Their insecurities. THAT makes these stories so interesting to me and keeps me interested. WHY? Isn’t it easier to just make drama like them cheating on each other? (what is this The L Word? lol). Sure it’s easier. It’s also lazy. It’s also not in character really. It’s much harder to write the insecurities and the emotional issues…but it’s also the most fulfilling because overcoming those issues and insecurities BUILDS CHARACTER (which I love). Anyway, I see Tina has some insecurities, and Bette has some to an extent but not as dire as the ones Tina seems to have. I can’t wait to see them work through it together.


    7. RKKKK
      Fantastic chapter my friend. I agree with Billy in that Tina seems too fragile and not trustworthy in her responses and interactions with Bette. She is clearly in for the sex (who wouldn’t be? I would be in just for an hour in that shower lets be honest) but she does not appear to match Bette’s level of openness and honesty. So far she –
      *overheard a snippet of a conversation and ran off thinking the worst about Bette and Helena, putting everyone in danger
      *hid her use of an anxiety medication
      *hid a conversation with Dana’s parents that not only may have information related to the case but also would bring her closer to her new girlfriend
      *lashed out with hurtful comments and then tried to cover up said comments with being overtly sexual
      *generally not in the same space as Bette relationship wise

      Pull it together Tina! Bette is everything in this story – strong, funny, talented, cool, sexy. She is clearly in the relationship for the right reasons and would provide a level of security and safety that frankly Tina needs right now. Embrace it Kennard.
      I love this story, I have a feeling our friend and author Riskay Kittay has a plan for Tina evolving into someone that Bette can count on an equal partner. Clearly there are some issues with Tina.
      Oh, and if I can’t have an hour in the shower, I want the car Bette got for Tina. I will be strong and settle for that. You know, take one for the team and all.
      Keep writing RK ! I am not so patiently waiting for the next chapter and a trip to Paris!!


      • Hey BKayyyyy!
        Yes ma’am, Tina is fragile. And doesn’t have any idea how to handle how utterly amazing Bette is. Except for the sex part. That she seems very willing to accept with open arms. And by arms, I mean…well, you know what I mean.

        Yes, her insecurity over seeing Bette with Helena was cringeworthy. Even though Bette felt the same. She has her reasons though. And the Xanax! Amazingly dangerous when mixed with too much alcohol. Oh, Tina…. And yes, when she got caught she tried to seduce her way out of it. Yikes! And then hurt Bette when she lashed out after realizing that Bette was not going to just let it go. Ouch!

        Yes, she’s flailing. And she better pull it together before she loses Bette. Which is the thing that she is most terrified of. Because she already knows how rare Bette is. I think this realization has come throughout the whole day. From waking up to the sweet poem and lipstick mark and then Bette’s support before, during and after the funeral, to the bad ass car for her protection, to Bette asking her to go steady in the sweetest way possible, to the fun bike ride, then to Bette’s mea culpa at Tasha’s office (necessitated by her if we’re being honest) and finally to the surprise trip to get away from LA. Bette is perfect! It scares the hell out of her so much so that she dives off that cliff edge feeling compelled to royally and spectacularly screw it up. Ta da! And then in her moment of shame, sitting in that sweet private dining room that Bette arranged with a Michelin starred Chef and a 5 course tasting menu, again, Bette is there to make her feel ok about it. Dang it, Bette!

        But don’t worry my dear BK, she’ll pull it together and become worthy of all that good lovin’.

        I hope you like the next chapter. Wish I could let you borrow Tina’s new ride or Bette’s sick shower, but they’re mine! All mine!


        • Dearest RK
          No worries here! I trust you with this story and appreciate the insight to your thoughts as you wrote the chapter. Bette will continue to show Tina how much she loves her and one day Tina will wake up and reciprocate in a more healthy way.
          So now I will wait for the next chapter and idle my time away thinking about what cool gadgets will make an appearance as they travel to Paris.
          A clocking device? Hidden communication tools? Medieval weaponry? I think Bette needs to strap a dagger to her thigh or have a secret knife in the heel of her boot. Lara Croft has nothing on Bette Porter,….

    8. Risky

      Wow, love the jet. I think it is interesting how you are characterizing the girls. Tina def scarred by her history and Bette innocent for the lack there of. Seeing how they maneuver around each other and respond to each other knowing each other’s situation.

      Nicely done.


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