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    Chapter 84 – You Owe Me a Car Wash

    Tina’s House

    Bette had followed Tina home taking only the surface streets through the city instead of the congested freeways. It was likely that the hour it took to finally pull into Tina’s driveway would have been the same, if not longer, had they opted to travel the jammed up freeway system, so neither of them were too frustrated with the drive.

    However, Bette knew that it was her desire for Tina that was really driving her Cadillac. It was pretty obvious what was going to happen once they got back to her girlfriend’s house. Just the thought of Tina’s naked body pressed firmly up against hers was enough to get Bette’s heart pumping faster than normal. I better get my blood pressure checked. This woman is going to make me keel over.

    The tall brunette’s pulse only quickened as she pulled her car into Tina’s driveway. The music executive had already parked her car in the garage and waited for Bette to join her before entering the house.

    Bette finally emerged from the Cadillac and stepped into the garage. She watched with lusty eyes as the blonde’s fit frame leaned back inside the car to hit the remote button to close the automatic garage door. She paid particular attention to Tina’s firm ass accentuated by the tight gray fabric of the trousers she wore.

    “You’re lucky you’re not wearing a skirt or I’d throw you on the hood of this Beamer and have my way with you.” She warned her sexy girlfriend.

    Straightening her form as Bette neared and shutting the driver’s side door, Tina let out a deep, sexy chuckle and shook her head. “I think you should pretend I’m wearing a skirt then.” She challenged with a single, lifted brow, knowing how horny it made Bette.

    Wasting no time, Bette enveloped the blonde in her arms and quickly pulled her into a wet kiss. Tina’s hands lost themselves in Bette’s wind-blown hair, and she moaned as their tongues fought for the heavyweight title.

    Walking the blonde backwards, Bette’s hands slowly stroked down her back to get a tight grasp of Tina’s buttocks. Once she had the hold she needed, she lifted Tina up and placed her atop the hood of the car without breaking the kiss.

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    1. What a nice surprise on a Sunday! A hot one with a new definition of having car sex. LOL
      Thanks for posting and spicing up my Sunday.

      Sorry to hear about your injury. Get well soon!
      Best wishes, MeLL

    2. As always, a great chapter. I really enjoy your stories and I’ve read most of them. I’m a few days late, but I hope your tongue is doing better. That sounds extremely painful and seems like it’ll make eating a pain in the butt. No pun intended, I really meant food lol.

    3. My poor MeLL, I really think you and I have had our share of dental treatments for now !!! God, I cannot imagine how painful must be a sliced tongue… I hope with all my heart that you’ll feel better and better with time !

      Now these pages were truly molten lead, I must say ! And our beloved two’s passion and tenderness will always act as the best medication for me… Thank you so much – and please take extra good care of you !!! :-)

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